Friday, May 30, 2008

Rich People Are Stupid

Just in case you've ever wondered what happens when people with more money than sense meet ecoloons, here's the answer.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Children Abused After Ninjas Screw Up

Oops - did I say 'ninjas' ? I meant 'social workers':

Actually, I'm one of those people who think MbP is the era's 'demonic possession' - but without the hard science to back it up. Still, in so far as the children really were poisoned, you'd think this family might merit a little scrutiny.

Again, as ever, I emphasise the key point: social workers aren't just being criticised for bad judgement:
The report by the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board said that child protection procedures were ignored and no safeguards were in place to prevent harm coming to the youngsters.
In other words, by their own criteria these people were blindingly incompetent. That's what happens when child protection takes second place behind sticking it to The Man.

Abortion: The Final Answer

There's been a lot of talk recently about changing the law on abortion, for example reducing the limit down to 22 weeks or even 20 weeks. Few topics are more controversial, but fortunately I've come up with a brilliant plan to end the debate once and for all.

Forget all this talk of time limits, medical necessity and the like, I have the answer right here: we simply pass a law asserting that all women have the right to 'reasonable termination'.

Is that brilliant or what ? Obviously, we'll need a legal framework to decide what's reasonable. I'm figuring it should work something like this: as soon as the woman in question is in the recovery room, two cops should start interrogating her while she's still under the influence.

Next up, the cops should arrest her and hold her for 72 hours, while their colleagues start searching her house and questioning friends, acquaintances and bitter co-workers. Chief constables will always find the money for this, especially the ones who've given speeches warning of the dangers of a 'Chinese style' culture of infanticide.

Once they've dug up enough dirt, the police will carry out a series of interviews in which the suspect is asked questions like 'I notice you have "Silence of the Lambs" on DVD, do you like films with killing in them ?'. Or maybe 'I've heard you used to hang out with a couple of feminists, I bet you girls had a few laughs talking about how you'd like to abort a kid, right ?'.

After the 72 hours are up, the police can let the suspect go on bail, and pass the file on to an independent prosecutor. Obviously, the prosecutor's ultimate boss will have also given speeches warning of the dangers of a 'culture of death', but that doesn't mean the decision won't be made based purely on the facts of the case. In fact, there's a good chance that after a few months, they might even let the suspect know she's been cleared.

Then again, some of these cases will go all the way. In fact, some of these women will have to be held on remand, just to make sure they don't have any more abortions. Still, they'll all get their day in court... eventually. Like, maybe, fourteen or so months later. The jury might clear them, in which case no harm done. They might even get costs awarded. Legal costs, of course. Nothing for stress, time off work or anything like that though, that'd be stupid. As long as some of them get cleared eventually, no one can say we're anti-abortion, right ?

See, it's a brilliant idea! I came up with it while I was reading this comment thread over here.

What Was In The Judge's Cake ?

Say what you like about this case, but few people are better qualified than judges to talk about toxic fruitcakes. Come to think of it, adding rat poison to a cake mix might just be the perfect metaphor for what liberalism has done to the legal system.

At risk of stating the obvious, the legal reasoning on show is a train wreck, not least because the defence of provocation only applies in homicide cases. Equally, no matter how badly and how often Little Miss Cyanide was beaten, she herself admitted that she was motivated by a desire to punish her husband for his affair (and, besides, no one 'just snaps' and bakes a cake).

Still, it gets more bonkers:
Judge Jamie Tabor....
Judge Jamie ? Gravitas! I'm guessing Judge Roz and Judge Mikey will be following on later.

Judge Jamie Tabor said he was being lenient as Yvonne Godwin had been in an abusive relationship.

"In my judgment (this) meant you weren't seeing things straight at all.
Given that the poisoning was, as even the offender admitted, not motivated by the abuse, it's worth asking just how wide-ranging this licence to poison is ? What if this former NHS cook had pulled a Shipman in her old job ? Wouldn't the novel 'not seeing things straight' defence apply here too ? If not, why not ?

But that's not the best of it. Here's 'Jamie' again:
You've been a mother to several children. You've worked hard in several places of employment.
I take it all back! She's a heroine!

Hell, if having several kids and plenty of ex-employers means you can poison your husband... well, let's just say I guess we won't be seeing Brad Pitt round here any time soon.

Now, for the cherry on the top, 'Jamie's' final comment:
You are not a criminal in any shape or form.
Well, except for the poisoning thing, of course.

The husband might be a wife beater, but what did the English language do to deserve this pounding ? She's been convicted of poisoning someone, she's a criminal. Words have actual meanings.

This is why the culture war matters. Liberals aren't just intent on introducing wacky laws and ludicrous interpretations of existing ones, they want to undermine the whole basis of English law. Once you have judges denying people convicted of offences are criminals, the law - as an objective body of work - has ceased to exist in any meaningful sense. There's no underlying principle at work, it's all about how liberals feel.

Three Great Reviews

They throw themselves on grenades so you don't have to:

The SAU reviews a book of Gordon Broon speeches (really!). Sample quote: 'Close your eyes and picture an overall-clad Gordon Brown driving a forklift truck into your hallway and removing your assets. Now there's no need for you to read this book'.

Hot Air does the remake of the Andromeda Strain. Sample quote: 'Maybe we could send a message back that said, “HEY! WE’LL STOP VENT MINING WHEN YOU QUIT PLAYING WITH KILLER ORGANISMS! LOVE, GRANDMA AND GRANDPA”'.

FInally, AICN reviews the SATC Movie in their own, inimitable - and filthy - style. Sample Quote: 'Imagine, if you will, a Rob Schneider movie, a Ben Stiller movie and an Adam Sandler movie teaming up and slipping Rohypnol to the BRATZ movie, pulling a train on her sorry, barely legal ass, then leaving the unfortunate spawn of that unholy union in the LA sun for 40 years until it rotted and leathered to the point that it was attractive only to gay men and other women. That’s the Sex and the City movie.'

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obamamessiah Latest

In so far as we've about eight years now of the MSM ramming hilarious - not really - Bushisms down our throats, you'd think Obama's verbal diarrhoea would be worth the odd comment.

Just this week we've had the uncle in the Red Army....

Then there's the dead rising screw up.

Note that second one. Unlike Bushisms, which prove Dubya is barely coherent, but not much else, Obama's gaffes frequently suggest a more profound ignorance of basic facts. Which may be why he comes out with loopy policies like this.

More Fun With The Talibin

The council wants to increase fixed penalties from £50 to £110 for those who put bins out early, fail to recycle, overfill wheelie bins or put the wrong rubbish in the wrong containers.

They are asking each household to nominate one person as responsible so it will be easier for them to prosecute without having to prove who put out the offending bins.

The council is also considering interviewing suspected bin offenders under caution in procedures similar to the way police question criminals.

The draft letter, which has been seen by opposition councilors, also asks how many people live at each address, whether they have any medical conditions and if their families use disposable nappies.
So, nothing objectionable there then. Just consider what it says about modern Britain that someone can use the phrase 'suspected bin offenders' outside the field of comedy.

Apparently, householders aren't part of the solution, not part of the problem. Ditto, don't expect the civil libertards to rouse themselves. The only way Liberty and the rest of the freaks would ever take an interest is if terrorists are hiding in the bin. Until then, Mi Bin, Su Bin.

And now the punch-line:
Officials from the Conservative-run council hope the information sent back by families will make it easier to prosecute or impose fixed penalties.
Yep, it's Dave's Happy, Fun Party that's doing all this.

Tories: this is why we question your party's bona fides.

The BBC: Dhimmi 4 Ever

For evidence of just how long the BBC has been in the tank for the multi-cult, consider this letter sent to Mark Steyn:
Being unable to sleep after reading your book, I remembered that when I was a "Boy Producer" with the BBC in the 1980s and spent a year or so in BBC Birmingham, I was first introduced to LDS: "Liberal Denial Syndrome".

A small unit had been set up in the BBC to investigate the large number of Muslim women who had died in "accidental" kitchen fires. The suspicion was that their husbands, tiring of their spouses, had murdered them and torched their bodies. The grieving widowers would then scoot off to Pakistan and Bangla Desh and get themselves a fresh woman - but more importantly - a large dowry as well. Suddenly the unit was shut down and the project canceled. No one could explain it - but the rumor suggested that they had struck paydirt - too "sensitive" to expose. It's no accident that Pebble Mill (the BBC's old Birmingham HQ) was also the home of the "Asian Unit".

This Is Why They Call It 'Mugged By Reality'

These people are just scum. Just nasty, horrible people getting fired up with drink and drugs and not realising what they're doing to people's lives.
Some of us have been saying that for years.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Outrage D'Jour: Liberal Patriotism Edition

While libs ostentatiously hand-wring over whether or not arresting Mack the Knife will antagonise the yoof, some yutes don't qualify for the libs' special sensitivity program.

I guess this was offence under the 2006 Flag Offences (England) Act. Oops - I've just checked and, no matter how much they might want to, libs haven't yet succeeded in outlawing the English flag. Like I've said before, if the sight of some guy flying a flag sends you into a rage, it might not be the guy with the flag who's racist. That's goes double if it's a Chilean flag and you're in Santiago.

Urban Renewal

Now, here's a scheme we can all get behind.

Question D'Jour

Khyra Ishaq: Real Victims Found

Apparently, social workers keep screwing up and killing the innocent because there's too much accountability in social work. Clearly, if only we allow them to screw up without consequences, they'll stop screwing up.

How come this never works in other contexts ? How about we can't clamp down on tax evasion, lest the pressure drive people to evade their taxes ? But no: it's only where the unhinged left are involved that the solution involves doing the exact opposite to what any sane person would do.

This is what's really annoying about their endless mantra. Lessons are never learned, because it's always everyone else's fault. Even when a young girl has died in the most hideous of circumstances, it just proves people are too tough on social workers. Whatever the situation, their response is the same: squealing hysterical self-justification and claims of victimhood - and we trust these people to find dysfunctional families ?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Labour Policy: No Llamas

How crazy was Labour's campaign in Crewe ? This crazy!

Imprisoned In The Sense Of 'Not Really'

Note the sleazy sleight of hand here. They claim to have suffered psychiatric damage as a result of imprisonment even though they were free to leave at any time. The only thing they couldn't do was enter Britain proper - they were free to go anywhere abroad.

This is how terrible their imprisonment was - almost as bad as living anywhere else in the world.

(H/T to the insanely productive DWE)

Quote Of The Day

Ed doesn't dig the literary scene:
And what is post-modern twee? It is the denial of anything outside the acutely vulnerable selfish obsessions of post-modern western sensibility, the historically one-eyed, geo-politically ignorant, fey yet avaricious closed circle of sheepshearers we call our educated literary classes.

New Frontiers In Femiloon Victimhood

While their colleagues were busily employing a time-honoured misogynistic slur against a genuinely high-achieving woman, the BBC's femiloon contingent were tied up inventing a whole new victim group.

Yep, the patriarchy is discriminating against female celebutards. But hang on: isn't the whole celeb thing kind of, well, girly anyway ? It's not like Frank Lampard's on the list.

True, the Rat Milker is there, and she does indeed has an almost supernatural ability to remind men why their divorce was worth every penny - hell, she even reminds me of my ex-wife, and I've never been married - but it turns out the rabid sow is the Rosa Park of celebutards:
Her emotional stances on press intrusion and the specifics of her divorce battle, not to mention her defiant drenching of McCartney's lawyer, facilitates her categorisation as the traditional hysteric, with the resultant labelling of Mills as an attention seeker encountering established cultural prejudice concerning 'unfeminine' behaviour.
Or it could be she's a rabid sow.

Incidentally, that quote was from "Aberdeen University academic [and clearly Category 5 mangina - DJ] Alan Dodd". So if you're wondering why petrol is so expensive, it's because of the money the government's raking off to employ people to write papers on Heather Mills.

There is a serious point here:
In another abstract for the upcoming conference, Salford University's Kirsty Fairclough writes: "Celebrities including Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rumer Willis, Mischa Barton and Kerry Katona are routinely condemned for their perceived excessive lifestyles in terms of their disregard for the apparent rules of femininity through extreme diets or weight gain, drug abuse, supposed lack of fashion sense/style, and an 'unfeminine' need for fame and attention.
Perceived excesses ? Plus when did being a smackhead get to be a gender thing ? Do these women really get worse publicity than, say, Pete Docherty ?

Call it a hunch, but the rise of girl gangs and the like might just have something to do with a liberal establishment that not only refuses to criticise dysfunctional lunacy, but even goes as far as to cast the lunatics in question as avatars of female empowerment.

Yep, I Think We All Saw This One Coming

Don't be shocked, but the new BBC drama about Lady Thatcher includes a stupid smear. Specifically, it casts the young Lady Thatcher as a slut trying to sleep her way to the top, featuring a scene in.....


Sorry, dropped off there. Doubtless, the Jules and Rozes at the BBC think this constitutes radical program making. It isn't - it's just pathetic.

Yep, Lady Thatcher might have beaten the left senseless all through the 1980s but they'll get their revenge now, by making a nasty program about her. That'll teach her. Apart from anything else, a woman trying to seduce Ted Heath ? Was she on the rebound from Liberace ?

I guess the BBC prefers to lavish praise on women who've succeeded on their own merits.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Why Social Workers Suck

They can't diagnose dysfunction because the liberal concept of the family is so screwed up in the first place.

Exhibit A (Key line: 'The Glasgow-born doctor argued that insanity was a perfectly understandable reaction to the madness of society and famously linked psychosis to bad parenting - while fathering ten children with four women.')

Exhibit B (Key line: 'From the age of 13, I spent days at a time alone while my mother retreated to her writing studio - some 100 miles away. I was left with money to buy my own meals and lived on a diet of fast food.')

We shouldn't let liberals keep cats.

Rainbow World Postponed Again!

Modern Britain In Microcosm

JulieM points out this snapshot of modern life.

Yep, six kids disappear and it's a yawner, but don't call them insensitive: they've spiked the music concert. Isn't that just the perfect exemplar of what forty years of liberalism has done to Britain ? They'll let the innocent die through indolence and apathy, then weep buckets at the graveside.

To paraphrase Theodore Dalrymple, it looks like these people don't bear grudges - they can forgive themselves anything. All they really need is a bit of ostentatious emotionalism, and then everyone can 'move on'

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Outrage D'Jour: Too Sleazy For The BBC Edition

Not liberals - we always knew they were sleazy - but I thought Sky had more integrity than this. I guess the schedulers will class it as a 'comedy-drama' - it sure as hell won't be factual.

Still, don't liberals already have a publicly-funded broadcaster ? Could it be ? A show too bent even for the BBC ?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Starvation As A Eurocentric Concept

We may as well start the clock on just when Comment Is Futile will post an article claiming that this case shows that all of us who criticise social workers for persecuting the innocent are totally wrong.

Well, no. There's the obvious point that if these freaks didn't spend all their time tormenting respectable families with bogus abuse claims then they'd have the time to deal with real abuse, but there's more to it than that.

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that the victim in this case is a young black girl. Sort of like Victoria ClimbiƩ, Toni-Ann Byfield and Trycia Balhous, but with an Islamic angle as well this time.

What we have here is a perfect barometer of what really drives the activists in the (badly misnamed) 'child protection' industry. No one just snaps and starves their child to death. It's a long and hideous process, albeit apparently not long enough for social services to react in time. Nope, they were probably too busy probing the backsides of young children whose married, native, parents had taken them into hospital with a fever.

Above all else, social workers are driven by a hatred of traditional British values. That's why they'll go to almost any lengths - and employ any kind of junk science - to try and 'prove' traditional British families are guilty of abuse. On the other hand, any family that is sufficiently 'not British' gets a pass, no matter how dangerous, dysfunctional and outright sadistic. As this case proves, there is nothing these families can do that will provoke social workers to 'impose western values' on them.

An Ever-Expanding Series Of Defeats

Ace notices something about the MSM's coverage of Iraq:
One of InstaPundit's readers made a brilliant point. During WWII, Japan's government and media always claimed Japan was winning every single battle. But careful listeners could divine the way the War in the Pacific was really going by noting the locations of each of these "victories" -- each of these "victories" seemed to be occurring closer and closer to the Japanese mainland.

In a near-exact reversal of that situation, the American media laments each and every American "defeat"... but careful readers will note that the "Zone of Quagmire" seems to be radiating farther and farther out from US power centers and closer and closer to the heart of Al Qaeda/insurgent/Sadrist control.

Steyn D'Jour

On post 9-11 lawsuits:
According to the Times, many of the bereaved are angry and determined that their loved one's death should have meaning. Yet the meaning they're after surely strikes our enemies not just as extremely odd but as one more reason why they'll win. You launch an act of war, and the victims respond with a lawsuit against their own countrymen.

Shocka! EUnuchs And Thugs Opposed To Air Power

EUtopias experiment with post-modern warfare continues. All of which means the left's latest talking point doesn't quite have the impact they might be expecting. It's like Sir Elton coming out of the closet.

Ditto, with the rest of these nations. Are we really supposed to be impressed with the news that Fourth World hell holes are trying to hobble western air power ? They're opposed to the use of ballot boxes too. When exactly did we start letting North Korea dictate allied strategy ?
But Simon Conway, a former soldier and the Director of Landmine Action, said: "Every time these weapons are used, they have killed large numbers of civilians."

The M85 killed 300 civilians when used in the Lebanon by Israel in 2006, while M73s launched by US helicopters were used in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Yep, they're using evidence from the Lebanon war. What could go wrong ?
Mr Conway said: "The Government needs to take a much harder line on these issues. We need to prevent these weapons from proliferating. We need to stop the arms race developing and the way to do that is if we come up with a strong treaty that stigmatises these weapons."
That'll do it! If only we'd manage to stigmatise sawing heads off, suicide bombing and flying aircraft into buildings.

But no: it turns out that the folks in Beijing somehow manage to go on, even in the face of whiny criticism from Eurotrash liberals. Indeed, this campaign is something of a smart bomb itself, perfectly targeted to hinder western powers, even as they leave the Republic of Insania's war-fighting capabilities intact. Or, to put it another way, the left's position is objectively pro-totalitarian. Again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terrorists, And The Liberals Who Love Them

People said my plan to lace cocaine with sodium penthol was stupid, but look what happened when we dropped a crate of the special snow at Channel 4 HQ:
We think it is an awful situation in Guantanamo but we had exactly the same situation here [i.e. the imprisonment of IRA scumbag Bobby Sands - DJ]. Let's remember we were doing this before Guantanamo.
Exactly the same ? The one thing you can't say about Bobby Slimfast was that he was held in legal limbo. He had his day in court - and this being the UK, doubtless 64 appeals and 14 retrials as well, all in civilian courts, with the full protections of the criminal code.

Apparently, it isn't the specifics of Club Gitmo that so offend the left after all. Civilian trials or no civilian trials, they're outraged that people can lose their liberty just for being murderous scumbags. All of which is by way of saying that there's no point trying to pander to the left's choir insensible. All that yammering about human rights is purely tactical. They're not defending principles, they're defending killers.

Don't Mention The..... Anything

Who'd have guessed that the Democrat primaries would end up with Hillary as the sane, middle of the road candidate ? Meanwhile, Obama is such a strong candidate that we're not allowed to discuss anything about him.

Amongst the things we can't mention are his middle name, his foreign policy and his wife's goofy speeches. Actually, I understand why the Democrats are doing this - it's a natural strategy when the polls show your party's most consistent candidate is 'Generic Democrat'. Once the public gets wind of just how plain weird the average Democrat candidate is, their support collapses.

This is part of a more general phenomenon. Liberals don't do well once the public understands what they actually believe, hence why the left is obsessed with closing down debate with laws on hate speech and the like.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Nu Tories: The Party For Your Right To Fight

As I believe I may have said once or twice before, the thing with the Nu Tories is that they're not just consistently appalling, they're always appalling in new and innovative ways. Take these comments on the Manchester riot as the latest example:
Scottish Conservative deputy leader Murdo Fraser initially said the decision to deploy riot police was an "over-reaction" which may have inflamed the situation.
Let's check the timeline here: police notice the situation is going sideways fast, deploy riot police and a riot breaks out. Coincidence ? I think not!

Seriously, these people are insane. You just know that if the police hadn't deployed the riot squad, the usual suspects would be berating them for being unprepared.

But it gets better:
But [Fraser] was later forced to temper his comments after viewing the CCTV footage.
Yep, he hadn't - in the strict sense of the word - seen what actually happened, but he thought he'd go pig hunting anyway, based on general principles. Clearly, he has a golden future ahead of him in the Dave Party!

(H/T to the commentators at Coppers Blog)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Left Is Eating Itself (Part II)

Crivens! There's trouble in Liberaland. The smug, sneery, elitists have got into it with the femiloons.

The argument's all about what the femiloons call 'medical rape' which - shockingly enough - turns out to be absolutely nothing like actual rape. In fact, you can't read too much of the femiloon's charge sheet without being reminded of Viz's Milli Tant and her claim that firework displays involve big explosive penises that skewer and rape the virgin female sky. What it boils down to is that doctors involved in child birth can be kind of heavy handed, ruining the whole experience for women.

Actually, what's noticeable about the whole thing is that not one of the femiloons ever mentions the third party in all this. Sure, there are women and there are doctors, but isn't there someone else with a dog in the whole 'birth' fight ? Little, bald folks, not very talkative ? No ? Forget all this talk of '24 weeks' and girls raped by their fathers - even when femiloons have already gone into labour, it's still all about them.

Still, howlingly insane though these people may be, they do actually have a point - albeit not that man-hating one they're trying to cobble together. Take the discussion in that comments thread about whether or not it's acceptable for doctors to allow students to examine the genitals of unconscious patients without their consent. Crippen does get the right answer eventually, but a profession where the rights and wrongs of sexual assault is a live issue is surely overdue for some accountability.

The trouble for the femiloons is that all the things that make doctors so obnoxious are things that in other context, these people accept as central tenets of modern leftism. There's the grovelling to alleged professionals, the idea that the victimisation of individuals can be excused by the needs of the collective, the belief that the citizen is the fortunate recipient of government largesse - no matter how much tax she might have paid and so on. Short summary: doctors are trash, but are they really worse than, say, social workers ?

Reading through the comments, it's hard not to conclude that both sides deserve each other. Both perfectly exemplify just why liberalism is such a toxic ideology. There's the femiloons with their wallowing in victimhood, even to the point of claiming that anything can be rape, if only a woman thinks it is like an actual rape, and there's the doctors, radiating absolute contempt for the people who pay their wages. They deserve each other.

The Left Is Eating Itself (Part I)

FR brings news of further fraticide amongst the race hustling classes:
"The management was made up of black Africans and they discriminated against me because I was the only black Caribbean," he told the panel sitting in Reading, Berks.
I'm with FR in having approximately zero sympathy for the folks being sued, but I don't have any for the claimant either. The guy was discriminated against because of his racial background ? Is he sure it wasn't just affirmative action ?

As a race hustler himself, this dude was down with discrimination when it was aimed at the natives, so it's way too late for him to come down with an attack of scruples now. Still, you have to enjoy this statement from the respondants:
Mr Tolani, also a trained solicitor, has vehemently denied the allegations. He described Mr Victory as a "gold digger" who was using "spurious and frivolous" accusations to get more money.
Yep, there's a lot of that going round....

Check this out though:
Mr Victory, who was employed as a race equality officer on a one year contract funded by the charity Comic Relief which ended in December last year, said one of his bosses, Nigerian-born Patrick Tolani, screamed and shouted at him as he hammered on a door at the offices in central Oxford.
Helloooooo ? Red noses for race hustlers ? Since when did racial arson count as charity work ?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Parody Goes Down In Flames

I've said it before, and doubtless I'll say it again: the one solid achievement of modern liberalism is to render the reductio ad absurdum obsolete. There are no scenarios too absurd for modern Britain.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dhimmis D'Jour: Dhimmis Gone Dental Edition

I want to say something sarcastic about this, but parody has had its head sliced clean off.

That's a free clue right there: yes, if an ideology dictates the correct way to maintain dental health, it might conceivably be considered a little totalitarian. This used to be the sort of thing the left opposed, but now liberals think maniacs who claim God gives them tips on dental hygiene are cute, and so we have the British state abasing itself before thuggish theocrats community leaders (say, do you think the government's constant grovelling to these scumbags encourages or discourages 'moderate Muslims' in their fiefdoms to break ranks) ?

Hey, it could be worse. If only this guy had thought to convert to Islam, liberals would have hung on his every word.

Liberals Get Slapped Again

Don't be shocked, but another group of liberal thugs has just caved when faced with actual resistance:
A couple rejected as foster parents because they refused to condone homosexuality have won a major victory...

The couple had provided weekend respite care for troubled children from 1996 to 2000, when their catering business began to take up too much of their time.

They re-applied this year to resume their care work expecting that the nationwide shortage of around 8,000 foster parents would help support their case with Derby City Council.

They fell foul, however, of anti-discrimination legislation. The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation), which came into force last April, makes it illegal for any business or organisation providing a public service to discriminate on grounds of an individual's sexuality.
And if you think that's despicable, wait until you hear the next bit:
Mrs Johns, from Oakwood in Derby, said: "They were asking us: 'What would you do if a ten-year-old child came home and said they had been picked on because they were homosexual?'".
Disappointingly, these folks were too nice to give the obvious response, namely 'what kind of degenerate pervert thinks about the sexuality of ten year olds' ?

Note this next bit though:
Their fostering application was halted until lawyers from the Christian Legal Centre began preparing a bid for a judicial review of the refusal. On Saturday they received a letter from the council saying they could reapply.
Yep, another grass roots effort. But, of course. After all, the Nu Tories have already surrendered in the culture war. Well, who needs them anyway ?

Actually, that is the question. Who does need the Tories ? The Cameroonatics believe they can throw the right under the bus, since we've got nowhere else to go, and besides, they're the only hope of ridding ourselves of Nu Lab. But do we care ?

If the Tories can't see what's wrong with requiring Christians not only to disavow their religious beliefs, but to actively propagandise against those beliefs, why does it make the slightest difference whether or not they win? Meanwhile, as this case shows, for the right, the action's anywhere but Westminister. Before this case, Christian's were discriminated against, now they're not. That's a win, a successful pushback against the left.

The British right can continue to delude itself that replacing one set of Metropolitan elitists with another bunch will bring forth a new age of conservatism, but winning the culture war means supporting those groups that are actually fighting it.

Victoria Climbie Redux

It's getting to the point where every time I hear someone on the radio mention the phrase 'lessons have been learned', I wonder who the social workers have killed now.

Apparently, even some social workers feel the same. A new breed of reformers are driving through real change to prevent that happening again - yes, they've invented a whole new excuse.

It's a good one though. How were they supposed to know this charmer was dangerous ?
An Old Bailey judge today criticised social workers after a mother stabbed her young daughter to death days after a police doctor raised questions over her mental health...

One psychiatric report later suggested her use of cannabis may have triggered her "episode of mental illness".

Five days before the stabbing Ntsimbi had been arrested for harassing a mini-market shopkeeper.

A police doctor examined her and concluded she was suffering from a "fixed delusional disorder" and needed further attention.
Yep, a mentally ill, druggie criminal murdered her daughter. Who'd have thunk it ?

Of course this is the point where these freaks usually shout 'A-ha! You just got through condemning us for acting too quickly, now you're condemning us for acting too slowly. We just can't win'.

Well, libs, yes you can. Here's how: stop using junk science to manufacture bogus abuse cases, and use the resources freed up to deal with real abuse.

Of course, that all depends on how you define 'abuse'. Look at the cases where social services have turned a blind eye. There was Victoria Climbe herself, then Tori-Ann Byfield, now Trycia Balhous....

You know, it's almost as if there's some kind of pattern here.

If you ever doubted that the race hustlers are naught but a subsidiary of the left, consider their somnolent reaction to the parade of dead, black girls. Native families get the full range of junk science deployed to try and prove abuse, but when the victim is black, well, who are we to say that 'murdering' children is 'wrong' ?

That's what's really wrong with social workers: they're driven entirely by ideology. From that all else follows. Femiloons and other associated idiots have argued for years that the traditional family is practically a gulag, so naturally social workers will go to any lengths to find evidence of the abuse that they know must be happening. On the other hand, these people will bend over backwards not to impose eurocentric concepts, such as 'murder', on the vibrant community. Doubtless, some will say leaving black girls to be brutally murdered is a 'bad' thing, but it's the price you pay for fighting racism, right ?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's The People's Broadcaster

While the BBC's top brass make out like pigs in a trough , their legal team is protecting the public from the real threat: unauthorised knitting.

Not everyone gets it though:
Richard Taylor, a copyright expert with media lawyers DLA Piper, said: "My advice is that trademark and copyright owners should try and be generous to their fan base."
Except, of course, where the copyright owner receives a guaranteed income, in which case they're free to stick two fingers up to the fan base. Ditto, with highly-paid BBC executives grubbing for freebies. Back in the day, public servants might have had some qualms about being seen to exploit public office so blatantly, but all those years free of accountability have produced an organisation that's more than usually shameless.

Neo-Prohibitionists Not Getting Any Smarter

I've never been particularly worried by Tesco's alleged death grip on British retail. No matter how powerful companies are, they manage to self-destruct sooner or later. In fact, Tesco appears to be going for 'sooner':
Parents shopping with their own children are being refused alcohol by over-zealous supermarket staff - for fear they are supplying drink to minors.

Workers have been told not to serve adults accompanied by children in the latest crack-down on underage drinking.

However diligent shop staff are applying the letter of the law and refusing to serve parents who are on weekly shopping trips with their children.
Well, quite. I guess parents are meant to make a special trip, just to buy their booze.Or they could, just as a last resort, tell Tesco to shove it and shop at Asda. Hell, I don't even have any kids, and I want to tell this bunch of snivelling weasels where they can stick their prohibitionist-fluffing lunacy.

More On What Social Workers 'Actually Do'

What was most objectionable about Cameroonatic Tim Loughton abasing himself before the Milli Tants was the way he endorsed one of their most objectionable defences, namely the claim that the public are just too darn FICK to have a worthwhile opinion on the actions of social workers.

Never mind the essentially fascistic nature of this argument, the biggest problem is that the more we find out about the facts of a real case, the more it turns out that everything the critics say is right. Take this case - it sounded bad enough anyway, but the actual specifics are even worse.

For starters, there's the judge's comment about the lessons of the Cleveland scandal not being learned. You might have thought he was talking about general attitudes or approaches but no, he was talking about the self-same discredited techniques:
The doctors in the Eighties had relied on the discredited sign called Reflex Anal Dilatation (RAD), said to indicate sexual abuse.

Last year, the controversial sign was condemned as unreliable by the Government's chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, who admitted that its use had led to mistakes in Cleveland...

[American paediatrician, Professor Hegar] has examined 40,000 children for suspected abuse during a 28-year career.

"[RAD] is a common finding in up to 49 per cent of children who have not been abused. There is no research ... that supports the use of RAD as a sensitive or specific finding for sexual abuse."
So RAD is RIP, right ? Not exactly.
This time, the paediatrician conducted a physical examination, which included RAD. He wrote in his report afterwards: "I feel that the time has come for me to involve social services, because I am concerned about the possibility that she may have been sexually abused."
Since the point seems to evade alleged conservatives like Tim Loughton, let's spell it out: this kind of junk science would never be accepted in a real court.

It doesn't get any better:
Overwhelmed with worry, Craig and Donna were advised to get an independent second medical opinion on Jodie's condition. Therefore, their GP arranged for a doctor called Ruth Skelton to examine their daughter. This proved to be a disastrous move.

Dr Skelton had been trained by Dr Hobbs. As Mr Justice Holman commented in his judgment: "In my view, the selection of her was deeply regrettable. Dr Skelton lacked the complete independence that is required for a second opinion in these sorts of circumstances.

"She was being asked to review the previous opinion of someone who was a more senior colleague, then working daily at the same hospital, and who had been her own teacher."

It emerged that Dr Skelton had discussed Jodie's case with Dr Hobbs before the so-called independent examination took place in March last year.

Dr Skelton concluded that she could spot RAD.
Again, this is a use of the word 'independent' as recognised by no court outside North Korea. Consider too that this independent examination used the self-same technique - in other words, they were using a finding of RAD to corroborate a finding of RAD. Never mind the law - apparently, these guys don't even respect basic logic.

Lest it be argued that this case reflects badly on the medical profession rather than social workers, remember that Hobbs, Skelton and the rest of their loony cult would just have been a bunch of deranged ranters, absent a social work establishment keen to lap up any pseudo-scientific garbage they could use to conjure up bogus evidence of abuse. These doctors certainly wouldn't have been able to have this lunacy taken seriously if they'd had to advance their dingbat ideas in open court, rather than hidden from scrutiny in the family courts.

This is the central point that keeps recurring again and again. It isn't just about judgement in individual cases. The system is structurally corrupt. Forget all this talk of the public's alleged ignorance - there are no set of circumstances in which it is acceptable for an 'independent' examination to be carried out by an acolyte of the original examiner. Ditto, usage of a diagnostic tool which is only 1% more accurate than tossing a coin. This is why we hate them.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quote Of The Day

Honey or vinegar? Jesus, who the hell wants flies to begin with?
KS on reaching out to the exploding community. And she's just getting started.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Officers In Pursuit Of No One In Particular

Down in the comments, Lurker points out the distinctly anorexic description issued by PC Plod following the killing of Jimmy Mizen. Not 'arf - apparently the suspect is a 'male youth'.

Well, that ought to narrow it down.

In its own way this case marks a new low even for the Met. This is why the culture war matters. A police force service prepared to risk a dangerous lunatic running free rather than break the dictates of PC at least serves as an accurate barometer of where we are after forty years of liberalism.

I'll take a shot in the dark, and tell you this case'll get a lot worse. In so far as the suspect is almost certainly one of the brudders (75% probability), I'll state here and now that the guy who killed a random white boy in an unprovoked attack not only won't be charged with racially-aggravated violence, but he'll get off even the basic murder rap with a claim of diminished responsibility (you know, sort of like this guy )

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It Don't Mean What It Used To Mean

Let no man say Obama is detached from American life:
I've now been in 57 states. One left to go.
I'm just glad Dubya didn't come out with this one. Still, shouldn't elitists be a little more, y'know, elite ?

Shelter: Helping Perverts Kill Since 1966

Lest anyone still be under the illusion that alleged homelessness charity 'Shelter' is anything other than a left-wing front group, consider their role in helping convicted rapist Michael Clark stalk and kill a young girl.
Officials had tried to turn down the registered sex offender's request to move 40 miles away to Leeds, but they were forced to back down after representations from the homeless charity Shelter.

The organisation warned the council it was breaking the law by not letting 40-year-old Clark, as a "homeless" person, jump to the top of the housing queue.
No room for misquote there. Shelter - a 'homelessness charidee' remember - pitched in to help a guy who already had a house, but just wanted to move somewhere else. Not only that, but they even helped him get priority status for his free house. Say, do they do that for everyone, or is it just a special service for sexual predators ?

That's the key point here. Not only were Shelter aware that they were pitching in to help a violent pervert, they actually knew his objective was to move to somewhere where he could pass as Joe Citizen. Next thing you know, he's using his new found respectability to stalk and kill a young girl. Who'd have thunk it ?

If a private company had behaved like this, liberals would be demanding the execution of the board, but we're talking about our classy liberal friends, so they offer this instead:
Shelter last night blamed the council for allowing the Zommers to live near Clark...

"Questions need to be asked as to why this young girl and her family were housed next to a known sex offender."
Yep, liberals use legal chicanery to allow predators to set themselves up in a fresh hunting ground, and it's everyone else's fault for allowing prey into the area.

As ever, a vote of thanks too to you-know-who. A group of moral cripples have enabled a sadistic savage to kill an innocent young girl, but no one's answering the phones at Femiloon Central. I guess this whole 'zero tolerance' deal works purely in the abstract.

(H/T to an equally appalled DV at ATW)

Where's The Exit Strategy ?

Looks like libs have found another country they want to invade.

Robin Hoods on Crack

See, I told you: it's only been four days since Jacqui Smith asked the police to target thugs, and already the usual suspects are turning the hysteria up to 11.

How come liberals become born again fiscal conservatives every time the topic is national defence or law enforcement ? It's not like we have to hire in the cops specially. We already have the odd one or two or 125 000 round here somewhere.

Still, consider the chutzpah. The country is plagued with yoof workers, social workers, probation officers, therapists and all the rest of the folks making a life and a living on the Therapy Nation gravy train. How come this is never subjected to 'any kind of analysis' ? The closest we ever get is freaks like dear old Ally assuring us that the best way to fight crime is to keep shovelling the taxpayers cash at him and the rest of the unemployables (although, on the plus side, if PC Plod does need some more cash, I think we've found a whole bunch going spare).

Of course, it's all a sham. Ditto, the liberal claim that they do oppose crime too, it's just they think the best way to fight it is do the exact opposite of what any sane person would advocate.

Libs don't oppose targeting criminals because they think it won't affect the thugs, they oppose it becuase they know it will. Let's hear it from the leech's mouth:
Anyone who has talked to or worked with persistent young offenders will describe some recurring common attitudes. Anger at the world is normal, as is a sense of persecution and injustice. There is a nihilistic indifference to their own fate and a belief that, whatever they do, life will inevitably kick them in the teeth - all of which combines to make self-destructive, antisocial behaviour and criminality a no-brainer.
Yes, we can't do anything about violent thugs, otherwise they'll.... do what exactly ? Indulge in violent thuggery ? Still, it does raise one interesting question: everyone he meets is like this ? Is there some kind of common factor here ? Maybe the destructive insanity may somehow be related to the entourage of social workers following them around, drip-feeding them victimhood and flattering them as rebels or avatars of working class authenticity.

All of which brings us to the real reason the usual suspects are panicked about Operation Leopard and the like. Liberals tell us that crime is caused by society/poverty/climate change....blah, blah, blah, but hang on a mo' - we're talking about a single estate here. If it was really the environment wot done it, you shouldn't be able to choke off crime just by targeting a minibuses worth of people. Operation Leopard proves that even on a notorious sink estate only a tiny minority of the population account for virtually all the crime.

Apparently, the thugs are neither victims nor authentic representatives of anything much. They commit crime because they want to, making life hellish for everyone around them, and liberals get paid to enable them. It's a good gig - if you're completely amoral - but now with the success of Operation Leopard, they've all been busted.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Judge: What's This 'Age of Consent' Thing I Keep Hearing About ?

Actually, I can see a certain logic in this story. After all, judges spend so long making up new laws, it stands to reason they have to make room by throwing out some of the old ones. Still - as ever - you have to note the sheer weirdness of liberals electing child molesters as their latest baby seals. Apparently, they'll do anything for 'for the children' except jail perverts who prey on kids.
A paedophile who molested an 11-year-old girl escaped jail yesterday when a judge ruled the victim had "welcomed" his advances.

Judge Robert Atherton triggered outrage when he told Manchester Crown Court the child had invited Jon Dixon's attack as she had a "sexual awareness" that would make someone twice her age blush.
Yes, I know what you're thinking, but that isn't a misattribution - that really is the judge speaking and not the defendant.

Not to hammer the point home, but the whole point of the age of consent is that below that age, the victim can't consent (the law isn't as complex as libs would have you believe). Judge Atherton hasn't conjured up a wacky interpretation of the law, he's completely ignored it.

Forget the specifics of this case - horrific though they may be - if this judge had downloaded the relevant statute, printed it off and wiped his backside with it on Parliament Square, it wouldn't have been as blatant a constitutional outrage as this. Just where is the MP prepared to grow a spine and start providing their end of the 'checks and balances' bargain ?

(H/T to JulieM in the comments)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another Case For The Style Police

Also creating a degree of scepticism about the left's desire to get tough on criminals is this case:
A convicted criminal has had his curfew lifted because the electronic tag he was forced to wear did not look good with his shorts.
It doesn't get better:
Aaron Morgan, 22, from Chudleigh, Devon, had been tagged for six months after admitting supplying heroin...

In January he admitted supplying heroin to a friend who later died of an overdose.
Yep, he was just helping a mate out by giving him some smack. Junkies are always helping each other out like that. That's why they call H the 'neighbourly' drug. It's just a pity his mate later died - possibly from a llama attack....

Spare us! Wherever you sit on the drug war, right about now a smack dealer who sells hot loads is exactly the type of person who is supposed to be sent down. Instead, not only is he out and about, he doesn't even have to wear the tag which was the whole reason he got out early anyway.

(H/T to anonymous in the comments)

Steyn D'Jour

On the Minority Report-style justifications for 'hate speech' laws:
I've been hearing the same line for five months in these nutso "human rights" complaints up in Canada: Steyn writes a book to promote his "ideas"; Adolf Hitler wrote a book to promote his "ideas". And we know how that turned out...

It's interesting that the same people who object to the doctrine of pre-emption with regard to, say, the Iranian nuclear program are quite happy to apply it to radio hosts and columnists.

When You Say It Like That, It Sounds Stupid

I'm getting a mixed message here:
Youths who persistently misbehave and intimidate others in their communities should be "harassed themselves", Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said...

She said she wanted police in England and Wales to "turn the tables" on those who would not "live by the rules".

This could include repeated home visits and checks to identify benefit fraud or council and road tax non-payment.
Huh ? That ain't harassment, that's traditional law enforcement. If this sort of thing has fallen into disrepute, it might have something to do with a political establishment which calls checking tax discs 'harassment'.

Even if you ignore the inevitable outbreak of girly hysteria should a police force service actually adopt this policy, who exactly is going to carry out this harassment ? There are few enough police officers out there anyway, and that's without considering that liberals - in uniform and out of it - have spent years disparaging this kind of policing.

Liberals firmly believe that the average police officer is either an undermotivated waster or an idiot. Hence the rise of the high-flying police manager, with maximum qualifications, minimum experience and a firm belief operations can be run by remote control. Initiative is out, hitting the numbers is in.

No doubt these managers would be down with letting the police harass low-life, but not if it meant they missed one of this month's performance indicators. As it is, the chances of one of these MBA-totting control freaks releasing a team for a free-wheeling sweep through bandit country is approximately zero.

More Impudent Proles Harrying The Enlightened

Free clue for the Cameroonatics: when your policies are to the left of the moonbats on the bench, it's seriously time to think about calling yourself something other than 'conservative'.

Yep - we've found another judge who doesn't understand what social workers 'actually do':
A girl aged ten was taken from her parents by social workers for no reason, a High Court judge has ruled.

But, the judge said, the children had been damaged by the intervention of the doctors, the social workers and the state.
Well, quite.

Again, as I said last time, this isn't about bad judgement. The social workers didn't make a bad call. They knew full well the evidence wasn't there:
Doctors found small amounts of blood in several examinations and subjected the girl to eight examinations.

They decided that the girl's condition meant she had been abused.
I'm all for double-checking, but after the third time, you're no longer checking the evidence, you're trawling for it.

Seriously, can you imagine this kind of evidence being accepted anywhere outside the bizzaro world of social work ? Can you imagine what would happen if the prosecution put a guy on the stand to testify that he couldn't match a fingerprint the first seven times, but the eighth time: BINGO!

The case would be tossed so fast the clerk of the court would have to duck to avoid a ricochet. More to the point, can you imagine what would happen to a police force that tried that sort of thing ?

That's the bottom line here, and at least m'lud almost gets it - which is more than the weasel Loughton does:
Mr Justice Holman said that the case was a warning that the lessons of the Cleveland child abuse controversy of the 1980s have gone unheeded by doctors, social workers and the courts...

"Even 20 years after the Cleveland inquiry, I wonder whether its lessons have been fully learned," the judge added.
No, of course not. Why should they be ? There are never any consequences. You can have quacktavist doctors conjure up bogus medical evidence and use it to persecute the innocent without risking so much as missing lunch if it all goes horribly wrong. Hell, if you can keep it in the family courts and out of the real ones, you'd need not even face public scrutiny. Like I said, why shouldn't we hate them ?

100% of Neo-Prohibitionists 'Full of It'

Tempting though it would be to say that a third of British employees being hungover explains a lot, that sounds high. Except - of course - it turns out that what our prohibitionists friends really mean is that a third of British employees have been hungover at least once in their entire career. PAAAAAARTY!

Not only that, but having a hangover can impair performance. Yep - that would be kind of implicit in the whole 'hangover' thing. If you don't have any symptoms, how are you hungover ?

Still, it occurs to me that these guys have only found the tip of the iceberg. Not only do hangover affect efficiency, so do illness, fatigue and, most of all, the soul flaying misery of working in a corporate culture dominated by miserable, finger-wagging puritans obsessed with screwing the last 0.000002% out of the galley slaves as the natural consequence of their inability to make any more positive contribution to the bottom line.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How Times Change!

Then: We need immigration to support our booming economy

Now: "When we have difficult economic times, we need to search all over the world to find the people we need"

It's The People's Game!

Very rich people, as it turns out.

Return Of The Pathological Conservative Again Part II

New research has thrown new light on the age old question: why are conservatives generally happier than folks who spend their entire lives marinating in a mix of vimtimhood and entitlement ?

Don't be shocked, but the answer turns out to be that the right are insensitive pigs. Again.

Also, Socialists Aren't Called Tamsin

In so far as some MP taking his lad to the hill over his consitutency and saying 'some day, son, all this will be yours' is pretty much the antithesis of socialism, Guido and pals make a good point here:
Tamsin Dunwoody is of course the privileged daughter of the Labour MP who held the seat until her death last month...

UPDATE : Guido's co-conspirators comment that Tamsin's grandfather, Morgan Phillips, was the General Secretary of the Labour Party, and her grandmother served as a minister in the House of Lords before being made the Lord Lieutenant of London. Tamsin is hardly working class.

Hollyweird: Still Desperately Seeking Relevance

Sometimes just one line can sum up a whole project:
To underscore the heinousness of this crime, Morris (who’s famous for his dramatic reenactments), stages an ominously lit slo-mo shot of a Nerf football bouncing off a prison floor set to score (by Danny Elfman) usually saved for the last reel of a Halloween flick.
I not sure whether or not Nerf ball bombardment rises to the level of torture, but satire sure is taking a pounding.

Still, it will doubtless be a big hit amongst the usual suspects. All of which raises the question: are the folks convinced that the actions of a half-dozen chavscum are proof positive of the degeneracy of AmeriKKKa any relation to the ones jabbering about the 'vast majority of peace-loving Muslims' ?

I say there's more encouragement of violent sadism in the Koran than in all the US Army field manuals that have ever existed.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feel The Love! (Or Be Fired)

Personally, I always enjoy how these people transition so smoothly - and so stylishly - from twittering about freedom to demanding the persecution of their opponents.

Even leaving aside the thuggery, these people are hardly a modern day version of the civil rights movement. They're closer to all those idiots for whom inarticulate, violent morons like Ian Wright are avatars of black authenticity.

These people are pushing a brutal, animalistic view of human sexuality, where excess and depravity are proof of gay authenticity. I give it two years tops before they start denouncing less insane gays for 'acting straight'.

Life Imitating Satire

I guess he's going to be lecturing on the three 'Rs' - robbing, race hustling and running like hell.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Today's 'Benefit Of Open Borders Story'

They're taking the school places the British just won't take!

Hmmmm.... any chance the open borders lobby will include the cost of thousands of extra school places in their calculations ? Any chance at all ?

Interdependent - Like Lions & Hyenas

Multiculturalist: a guy who respects every culture except the most successful of them all.

Oops - They Did It Again!

Just in case anyone thinks a Tory government would make any real difference, consider that Cameroonie Tim Loughton thinks we're all being too hard on these people.

Hmmmm.... I guess even High Court judges don't understand what social workers 'actually do'.

Whatever you think the rights of chav sperm donors should be - and it's worth remembering that if things had gone differently, he might have ended up on the hook for child support for eighteen years - note that we're not talking about social workers making any kind of judgement call here. There aren't arguments on both sides. They just plain decided to stick two fingers up to the law. Again.

It is possible that social workers are, in fact, paragons of virtue, albeit with a weird psychological compulsion to break them law at regular intervals, but it's kind of unlikely. Or, to put it another way, if PC Plod kept getting caught like this, the MSM would be running ten page specials, complete with 'culture of corruption' graphics. As it is, the rest of us are left with one simple question for apologists like Loughton: why shouldn't we hate them ?


Just to ram home how critical the judges were, here it is:
Senior judges have attacked the "disgraceful" conduct of East Sussex social services over the adoption of a child against the wishes of her father...

Lord Justice Thorpe said East Sussex County Council "was out to gain its ends by means more foul than fair" by rushing through the adoption case.

Worst Attempt At Victimhood Evah ?

A soldier given a nickname ? It's practically a lynching!

Not to give aid and comfort to the enemy, but I'm thinking that claims of racial victimhood probably work better when the designated victim doesn't sound like a racist nut himself:
The Daily Express newspaper reported that Hylton, a chef with the Welsh Guards, finds the nickname offensive because he considers Paris Hilton "a white woman with a low reputation'.

We Lost

Typical - you can't trust the left to do anything right. As Melanie Philips makes clear, this was a Labour defeat far more than a Tory victory. Still, whatever the cause, it looks like we're doomed to live in a Davocracy. Is there any hope ?

Well, there are a couple of thing. First up, while the local election results tend to reflect national trends, it's worth noting that the actual elections were fought by exactly the type of grass roots members the Cameroonatics despise. Ditto, as Ross reminds us, if Cameron had had his way, there would have been no Boris Johnson candidacy in the first place.

Come to think of it, the London Mayoral result is hardly an unequivocal endorsement for Cameroonacy. Here was a middle-aged white dude who never saw a PC landmine he couldn't step on. If Johnson had been almost anyone else, he'd have been sent to the gulag by the Cameroonies long ago.

Even the one thing Cameron should be able to take from it all, the sight of the public electing a fellow toff, isn't as clear cut as it should be. Johnson is certainly upper-class, but his public image is the polar opposite of Cameron's. Johnson has almost single-handedly waged a campaign to bring the word 'buffoon' back into common use. Yes, it's all an act, but it's a lot more attractive than the Cameroonatics continuous attempts to convince us that The Dave is the Smartest Man Evah!.

Johnson wears his learning lightly, even when he is actually talking about academic subjects, while Cameron uses his supposed genius like a battering ram. We're supposed to be so impressed by Cameron's background that we don't notice that his education apparently passed straight through without hitting any vital organs. Gaffes or no gaffes, Johnson's approach is preferable to a tightly-wound elitist who refuses to shake hands with his supporters or even talk to his own candidates. The end result is that Johnson comes across as likeable, while Cameron comes across as Norman Bates at the end of 'Psycho'.

But this is all cry-baby stuff. We are screwed. It's 1995 all over again. Cameron could eat a live cat on national TV, and the MSM would pay tribute to his bold attempt to reach out to the rodent community - admittedly, a key recruiting pool for the MSM.

All we can do is put down stakes in the ground - after all, we didn't have the Blogosphere last time round. Now, we can keep careful track of all the Cameron-coddlers out there in the MSM, 'cause sure as eggs is eggs, in no time at all they'll be busily claiming 'wisnae me'.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The World's Most Expensive Paper

This guy is writing about the US, but the same arguments apply here.

Come to think of it, if a bank advertised their investments the way universities advertise their courses, the Financial Services Authority would be calling in air strikes - and that's without the bank targeting teenagers and encouraging them to fund their investments by borrowing tens of thousands of pounds.

Just Folks...

Apparently, all that ethics training the Beeboids are supposed to have had hasn't taken. Here's John Hawkins on how the BBC's selects the subjects for its 'man in the street' interviews.

Hmmmm.... if that bunch of freaks will pass off the owner of as Joe Public, who knows what kind of freaks they're putting up on the left side ?

Lawyers Against The Law

At least they're honest:
But U.S. legal experts are increasingly converting their skepticism about human rights into a growing appreciation of its use, as environmental justice attorney Monique Harden puts it, “to break out of the chokehold of domestic law.”

Today's 'Creeping Sharia' Story

No-go areas ? What no-go areas ?
A COUNCILLOR today called for more control over advertising posters in "culturally sensitive" areas of Birmingham...

Coun Talib Hussain made his plea after a billboard on the corner of Sydenham Road and Golden Hillock Road, in predominantly Muslim Sparkbrook, was defaced...

Coun Talib Hussain (Ind, Sparkbrook) criticised the vandalism but said it was a result of the lack of action from city council bosses. He said: "I condemn the people that did this but at the same time it's wrong for companies to put that kind of advert in sensitive wards.
Same ol' same ol'. Mr Moderate in no way supports those naughty old extremists, but thinks we should surrender to them anyway. See ? It makes perfect sense.

It's Like Hillary Vs Obama, But With Explosives

The one crumb of comfort from the success of the left's population replacement strategy is that once those pesky white man are driven out, it becomes obvious that the left's Coalition of the Whining lacks any identifiable ideological spine, save for an unhinged sense of victimhood and entitlement.

Look at recent events in Nottingham:
The chief executive of a race equality group has made a formal claim for racial and sexual discrimination.

Aneela Asim, who is in charge of the Nottinghamshire Black Partnership, said she had been undermined by Pakistani members on the group's board...

Although I've come into a leadership role with qualifications and experience, they feel they can talk to me the way they might talk to a woman at home because the Asian community have never seen women in a leadership role
Personally, I'd have more sympathy for her, if only she'd drop the slippery euphemisms like 'Pakistani' and 'Asian'. In fact, she's goes even further the other way:
Ms Asim, herself a British Pakistani, said if she had been a man, or a white woman in the same senior position, she would have been treated differently.
Yep, they're all about respecting the Infidel, these people.

It gets better. Turns out they're not down with the brudders in the hood, neither:
In a council report reviewing the group, leaked to BBC East Midlands, the organisation has been criticised for "damaging community relations".

It found that while staff have delivered their work professionally - which includes resourcing for health and crime prevention - the organisation's board has been divided, predominantly between Asian members on one side and African-Caribbean members on the other.
Hmmmm.... looks like at least some of the homies be answering the clue phone.

Still, consider the piquant irony of a group of race hustlers being criticised for damaging community relations. Back when they occupied themselves composing paranoid screeds about the evils of the natives, or the patriarchy, or - best of all - patriarchal British culture, libs were down with all that. It's only now, when the self-same rhetoric is being deployed against fellow members of the CotW, that liberals find themselves shocked - shocked! - to find that these people are racial arsonists.

(and a tip of the popcorn holder to JulieM)