Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Neo-Prohibitionists Not Getting Any Smarter

I've never been particularly worried by Tesco's alleged death grip on British retail. No matter how powerful companies are, they manage to self-destruct sooner or later. In fact, Tesco appears to be going for 'sooner':
Parents shopping with their own children are being refused alcohol by over-zealous supermarket staff - for fear they are supplying drink to minors.

Workers have been told not to serve adults accompanied by children in the latest crack-down on underage drinking.

However diligent shop staff are applying the letter of the law and refusing to serve parents who are on weekly shopping trips with their children.
Well, quite. I guess parents are meant to make a special trip, just to buy their booze.Or they could, just as a last resort, tell Tesco to shove it and shop at Asda. Hell, I don't even have any kids, and I want to tell this bunch of snivelling weasels where they can stick their prohibitionist-fluffing lunacy.

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