Thursday, May 29, 2008

Children Abused After Ninjas Screw Up

Oops - did I say 'ninjas' ? I meant 'social workers':

Actually, I'm one of those people who think MbP is the era's 'demonic possession' - but without the hard science to back it up. Still, in so far as the children really were poisoned, you'd think this family might merit a little scrutiny.

Again, as ever, I emphasise the key point: social workers aren't just being criticised for bad judgement:
The report by the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board said that child protection procedures were ignored and no safeguards were in place to prevent harm coming to the youngsters.
In other words, by their own criteria these people were blindingly incompetent. That's what happens when child protection takes second place behind sticking it to The Man.

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