Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Boris Johnson Is Your PM And Solo Lost Money

Now that we've got that whole 'election' thing out of the way, it's time to move on to the really important issue, namely the release of Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker.

Hey, I'm only half joking. Politics really is down-stream of culture, and - as extensively documented by Itchybacca here - Disney Lucasfilm have never made any secret of their desire to use these latest movies to push a social justice agenda (hence the two alternative names suggested: Ruse of Soywalker and Star Wars Nein).

Consider the history of Disney Star Wars since they bought out George Lucas. The first film, The Force Awakens, was a mostly inoffensive remake of A New Hope, albeit the decision to portray Han Solo as a deadbeat dad should have tipped us off. Ditto, stand alone movie Rogue One was a good entry to the series.... but then came The Last Jedi...

This is the movie where one of the characters says 'let the past die, kill it if you have to' - as fine a statement of SJW philosophy as you'll find. The trouble was, as it always is with these guys, that the film established that Disney Lucasfilm  really, really hated Star Wars, but also that they had no idea what to replace it with. They made Luke Skywalker a bitter loser and a coward (really) but couldn't create a single memorable character to replace him with - or at least memorable for the right reasons. Absurd super women rubbed shoulders with borderline moronic male characters while spewing out sub-Titania McGrath talking points, but none of them came within a country mile of an actual plot. The movie opened big but then set the record for the biggest drop off from week one to week two once word got around. Ditto, merchandising - always a big factor for Star Wars - was a disaster zone.

And that's how Solo lost money! $70 million lost on a Star Wars movie - who'd have believed that even five years ago? True, Solo was relatively woke-free, if you ignore the coolest character in the Star Wars universe getting continuously chumped by women, but The Last Jedi had already killed the golden goose, plucked it, then set fire to it and thrown the ashes in the river by the time Solo came around.

Now it all comes down to Rise of Skywalker to make or break a franchise Disney paid $4.05 billion for. Hence why the people who wanted to kill the past have suddenly decided to make the Big Bad Emperor Palpatine - aka the guy who got killed in 1983s Return of the Jedi.

And then there's the desperate attempts to cram in footage of the late, great, Carrie Fisher, left over from The Force Awakens (leading some to call the movie Star Wars Plan 9 From Outer Space). Consider what it says about these people that, even dead, Carrie Fisher still has more charisma than the dullsville wokeling drones they've inserted in the new movies.

The irony is that Disney Lucasfilm have succeeded in pushing a political message, just the opposite of the one they were hoping to push. They tried to ditch actual Star Wars in favour of woke nonsense that only vaguely resembled the world George Lucas created, smearing anyone who objected as a racist, misogynist, homophobic Nazi. All they succeeded in doing was ditching existing fans in pursuit of a new, woke fanbase that may or may not exist.

Of course, this new movie might still make a shedload of cash - it is the biggest franchise in the world after all - but the desperate attempts to row back on the uber woke Last Jedi, even to the point of virtual necromancy, already speak to the failure of Lucasfilm's New Girl Order. The more they trashed Star Wars, the more it emphasised how much better the original films were than their PC garbage.

All of which brings us back to the wider political point. Disney Lucasfilm justified trashing their own franchise with the claim that it was [current year] yo! They didn't need old white guys like Luke Skywalker when they could replace them with cool new, sexually ambiguous, characters of various ethnicties like.... you know, that one, the one who did that thing...

SJWs always dismiss their critics as squaresville losers but it's them who always seem to struggle with getting normal people through the door. Consider the latest entries to the ledger entitled Get Woke, Go Broke:

Ghostbusters 2016
Terminator: Dark Fate
Dark Phoenix
Charlies Angels 2019
Black Christmas 2019

All of them were attempts to 'reimagine' (i.e. rip off) older, more successful movies/franchises, but with more wokeness, and all of them imploded.

In so far as we can judge from what real people spend their money on, it's not conservatives that are out of touch with the public.

Monday, December 16, 2019


Lest we forget, last week Boris Johnson not only won a bigger majority than alleged electoral super genius David Cameron managed in two attempts, he managed to get a bigger majority than both attempts combined. In fact, you can add in the majorities for savvy, safe pair of hands, Theresa May and world famous statesman John Major, and still come in with a lower total. It was a big win for the Tories but an absolute thrashing for the cucks.

Consider just some of the ways the Tories ignored the conventional wisdom::
  • Refused to pander to the eurosnot wing of the party even in the face of them floucing off and whining about extreme extremism
  • Refused to ditch the - supposedly - toxic Dominic Cummings
  • Quietly sidelined Jacob Rees-Mogg without any kind of public flogging
  • Based policy on what the public wants, not what goes down well with supposed influencers and other snoots
  • Refused to get distracted by stupid stunts and professional victims
  • Prepared to face down the snoots by aiming at sacred cows, like the justice system, if need be
  • Refused to apologise to the offense archaeologists digging up years old quotes
  • Refused to pander to the MSM demanding BoJo present himself as an Aunt Sally
Take the London Bridge attack again. A rehabilitated terrorist went on the rampage and the PM said what pretty much everyone else was thinking. The left tried to shut the debate down by wheeling out a professional victim and instead of cucking, the Tories stayed on message. The smart set was outragously outraged, but the public loved it.

In other words, the Tories ignored just about everything the supposed experts have ever said about electability, and then they got elected. There's a message in there.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Assumption of Superiority

It's five days since the London Bridge attack - which is to say the second London Bridge attack - and the latest scores are in. So far, we've had 257 softball MSM interviews with David Merrit versus... let's see.. none whatsoever with literally any other relative of anyone killed in jihadist attacks.

I wonder what it is about the Corbynista Tory hater that attracts our unbiased broadcasters?

At least the Tories haven't cucked though (for once). Like I keep saying, the whole debate about the rehab industry is the perfect example of how the left pushes its agenda. Take the left's own attack line: if you think there's something gone badly wrong with our justice system, you're politicising the issue, you evil scumbag!

And if you think the system's just fine the way it is? Nope, that's not politicising things at all, that's just something all the smart people agree on.

Consider the sheer smug entitlement of that position. They don't want to win the debate, they want to ban it and then call everyone else names.

And that leads to the wider issue. A week ago all the smart people were telling us that Usman Khan was totes reformed, you guys. Anyone who wondered if it was really that simple was labelled a moron and a bigot. And then, as if by magic, the jihadist did some jihading, and now the left are insisting we can't talk about it.

Just last week believing that Usman Khan was now a pillar of the community was proof of the Very Special Genius of these guys. Now it turns out their theories were total garbage, but they still think they can run your life better than you can.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

My Invite Must Have Got Lost In The Post

You can tell how devastating the London Bridge attack has been for the left by their desperate attempts to stop anyone talking about it.

Just a thought, but if we're going with the whole Absolute Moral Authority thing, shouldn't we at least hear from the girl's parents as well? Plus there's the families of those killed in the first London Bridge attack, then the Waterloo Bridge attack and the....

Nope, apparently there's victims and and then there's victims. 

I'm not unsympathetic to their loss, but here's the thing: Jack chose to put himself in harm's way. The people living next to 'Thomas' never got that choice. In fact, the state worked overtime to stop them even getting fair warning of who was next door.

Tom's been rehabilitated, don't you know?

The issue here is the same as it ever was. Supporting the rehab industry is the ultimate class signifier for the left. As Britain's most brilliant blogger put it on the occasion of a previous rehab industry disaster:
The fact that every time normal people get to peek behind the curtain of the rehab industry we see something that looks like Scientology, but without Tom Cruise or the high moral standards, isn't a problem for the left, it's the whole attraction. It just proves that only the truly sophisticated can understand the genius inherent in a toxic mess of Marxism, new age psychobabble and outright fraud.
To borrow a line from Douglas Adams, for modern leftists supporting the rehab industry is an opinion held by all right-thinking people, who are largely recognizable as being right-thinking because they support the rehab industry. People who think Jean Piaget was a painter nevertheless are quite certain that the rehab industry is based on solid science. No, they can't actually explain how rehabilitation is meant to work or what techniques are used, but they're sure that anyone who says things like 'you can't rewire evil' is clearly some kind of dummy dumb-dumb low-life who probably voted leave.
The rehab industry didn't get where it is today despite being based on pseudo-scientific garbage, it got there precisely because it is based on garbage. The whole phony baloney clown show succeeded because it convinced liberals that supporting it was a sign that you were a cut above the common rabble - you know, like Tommy's neighbors.

Hence, we have today's designated baby seal denouncing critics of the rehab industry as 'vile' - jihadists are lovable scamps who've gone a little off the rails, but the common rabble questioning their betters?

That shall not stand! 

Consider this: a bunch of snoots met up with a bunch of convicted jihadists in a fancy place in central London. Well, of course they did. They were never, ever, going to be meeting with Leave voters, were they?

Monday, November 25, 2019

There's Inflammatory And Then There's *Inflammatory*

Just in case you wondered why the MSM was being unusually honest in its coverage of Birmingham's 'Movies And Machetes' Day, the answer is carefully buried in in paragraph 7 of the BBC's follow up - which is to say three paragraphs after the claim it's all racisss:
"But during the first 24 hours of the film over 25 significant incidents were reported and escalated to senior management in 16 separate cinemas," it said.
So, not actually just Birmingham then, after all.

Hey, it's probably just a coincidence how all these violent incidents keep happening at the same movie except I can't help noticing that the MSM and the left - but I repeat myself - seems a little more sensitive when it comes to speech from the right. Lest we forget, these people were outraged about use of the H-word:
He described her intervention as "humbug" and repeated the word again.
The SNP's Nicola Sturgeon said there was "a gaping moral vacuum where the office of prime minister used to be".
And then there was that time the MSM ran with ludicrous stories of Nigel Farage inspiring Brexiteer death squads to ethnically cleanse Essex...

So for those of you keeping score at home, the current rules are as follows:
  • Question the ludicrous claim to victimhood of a deranged leftisit MP: Stoking up hate!
  • Suggest Britain should leave the EU: Toxic rhetoric!
  • Make A Movie Celebrating Violent Insanity:  Diversity Yo!
Needless to say, the BBC was fearless in holding the filmmaker to account for his exercise in social arson.... by quoting from his Instagram account without comment:
Blue Story's writer and director, Andrew Onwubolu, said Saturday's disturbance in Birmingham was "truly unfortunate".

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the rapper-turned-filmmaker wrote: "Sending love to all those involved in yesterday's violence at Star City in Birmingham.

"It's truly unfortunate that a small group of people can ruin things for everybody.

"Blue Story is a film about love not violence.
Yep: it's all about the love except somehow people keep seeing it as a call for homicidal madness.

So, you know, it's basically the Koran of movies.

Of course, there is one other reason why the BBC is busy claiming to be shocked - shocked - to find violence going on here:
The movie which was written by Andrew Onwubolu, a rapper and YouTuber who also goes by the monicker ‘Rapman’, was produced by Paramount and BBC films. 
Public Service broadcasting FTW!

Although admittedly it must be hard to turn down  the creative genius of a man who raps under the stage name 'Rapman'.

I guess it was a tough decision for this guy whether to go into music full-time or stick with his job at NASA.

All of which brings us back where we started: literally everything people on the right say is outrageously outrageous but meanwhile the BBC is blowing our license fees on an inner city version of 'Triumph of the Will'.

Why is anyone on the right still taking these people seriously?

On the plus side though, there is one moment of unintentional humour from Badmovieman. File this one under 'Missing Persons':
He said he wanted the audience to see past crime statistics and headlines about knife crime, to understand how a "good kid" can lose their way.

"They didn't come from child abuse or neglectful mothers. What kids go through in the school playground is so intense, it all starts there."

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Leavers Vs The LARPers

Can't say I'm the biggest fan of Unherd - it always seems too pleased with itself and pretentious (starting with the name) but this post  hits on an important point.

It's true that the core of the Remoaner tendency is smug, well-off gits who quite like the idea of living in a country where 48 is bigger than 52, providing that it's the right 48 if you know what I mean and I think you do but their yoof wing is full of folks with more debt, less job security and lower wages than most of the people they sneer at as losers.

It's not just that they slavishly follow the attitudes of the elite, it's that their attitudes are the only elite thing about them.  It's politics as part-LARPing, part cargo cult.

Back in the day, I heard a cinema manager say that Star Wars fans and Sex And The City fans both came to their respective movies dressed as their favourite characters, but only the Star Wars fans realised they were watching a fantasy world.

Now it's worse than ever. We have a whole demographic of Nathan Barleys trying to convince everyone - most of all themselves - that they're just one retweet away from stardom.

(No one tell them that all those breakout stars who suddenly come from nowhere, you guys, all somehow seem to always be from a very specific demographic.)

They'd be mortally offended if you told them they'd be better off teaching geography in Norwich - but, if they did, they be richer and with better prospects. Instead they stay in a dream world, trying desperately to fend off the cognitive dissonance. Hence the key point:
But millions of young Everywheres are on their way to realising they are not counted among the elite any more. That, in fact, they never were, except on a subscription basis — and even the cost of those subscriptions is slipping from their grasp. We can expect a political reckoning to follow.
Yep, it's a £1,000 note lying on the ground ready for any conservative politician who can get these people to look clearly at their lives and what liberalism have actually done to them. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Martin Luther Sterling Dropped, MSM Hardest Hit

Now that Raheem Sterling has been dropped by  England for attacking a team mate we need to ask the obvious question: who knew Joe Gomez was a racist?

He must be one of those non-white white supremacists. They're the worst sort.

And that's how England slumped to a 7-0 victory!

Still, I don't think this will damage Sterling's public image too much. His race hustling is too useful to the MSM as figleaf for their own class-based hatred of the average football fan.

Besides, it's not like these people don't have form for this sort of thing.

Hence why the same people who claim that some fat chumps booing black players at the footy leads - inexorably - to the next Stephen Lawrence murder will nevertheless claim there are no wider issues with people booing the victim of an assault.  We know the idiots booing black players are racist morons, but what of those who have sided with a thug? Any wider cultural implications to that?

The MSM keeps hailing the heroism of Stirling's serial race hustling - but can never actually tell us why it's heroic. What is he actually risking? An excessively glowing profile in the Guardian? He's a fearless truth-teller, if by 'truth' you mean 'absurd racial conspiracy theories'. But don't ever ask if there's any downside to casting a snarling, race-hustling low-life as the very model of black authenticity.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Hey, This Seems Vaguely Familiar....

Now, I wasn't going to mention Fraudy Nick Robinson again, but this is just too perfect.

Yep, that must be that vitally vital scrutiny he's so proud of: offense archaeology aka that thing liberal losers on twitter do for free, but he has somehow managed to convince the BBC to pay him a six figure salary to do.

Ah well, it's only licence payers cash.

The one thing it isn't is actual scrutiny. As this case shows, the topic could be life on Mars but conservative commentators would still get stupid gotcha questions thrown at them. The actual issue under discussion is irrelevant. It's all about trying to take down conservatives. Hence, why there's no point even trying to engage with these people.

Monday, October 28, 2019

So Where's Nick On The Chick With A Dick?

Thinking about those last two posts, the thing that really grates about listening to MSM hacks like Nick Robinson babbling about their vitally vital role in holding the people in power to account is that they clearly don't mean it anyway.

Sure, when it comes to wedge issues on the right, they claim it's their sacred duty to speak Truth To Power, but when it's a toughey for the left? Then they're desperate to cover the issue - with a pillow until it stops moving.

Hey, leaving aside Brexit, the one thing that people with real jobs are most steamed up about is garbage like this. So when is Captain Scrutiny going to ask oooh Jeremy Corbyn about this? Or Jo Swinson? Or anyone on the left?

The MSM is super obsessed with, say, Ann Widdicombe's personal views on gays, or what Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks about abortion, even to the point of asking them to answer absurd hypotheticals, but when it comes to actual party leaders and stuff that's happening right now?

Nope, no scrutiny required at all, you guys.

Hey, how about the MSM start hiring people who identify as journalists? 

Monday, October 21, 2019

PC Is Class War In Disguise

Julie's right again: no matter how hard you play the victim card, there's always someone higher up in the progressive stack ready to trump you.
Doreen Lawrence, whose 18-year-old son was murdered by a gang of racists in south-east London in 1993, said she has "no doubt" the response to the inferno that killed 72 people was motivated by racism.
"Had that been a block full of white people, they’d have done everything to get them out as fast as possible and make sure that they did what they needed to do," she said, in an interview with Channel 4 News last week.
Say, anyone thinking someone may have been turned down on their offer of anti-racism consultancy services for the Fire Brigade?

Expect our fearless MSM to ask about that about the same time they ask anyone on the left if they support this loony theory. 

Reminder: Fat Dave Cameron thought this sleaze was worthy of the exact same honour given to the longest serving Prime Minister of the Twentieth Century. Truly, he is the gift that keeps on giving.

A vote of thanks too for the BBC, who voted her Britain's most influential women in 2014, numerous universities who gave her honorary degrees, and the Pride of Britain Award's which gave her a lifetime achievement award, none of whom apparently noticed she was a race-hustling low-life. 

Say, why does that sound familiar? 

Channel 4's managed to beat them all though now. Here's a channel that constantly preaches about the dangers of inflammatory rhetoric and sneers at supposed conspiracy theories but carries claims of racist conspiracies to commit mass murder without asking for a single shred of proof.

Say what you like about T**** R******* but at least there really are jihadist rape gangs - except, apparently, we can ignore him because he's a hatey-hater.

Well, OK, then, if those are the rules, what do we call a bunch of Metropolitan rich kids who happily push insane theories about the fire brigade as a branch of the KKK?

Channel 4 ran with these claims without asking for a shred of proof because they believe it to be self-evident that any group of blue-collar, white, folks will be a cesspit of deranged bigotry. Their readiness to believe this insanity is proof of how much of PC is just plain class hatred.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hey, You Know Who's Just Like Hitler?

People who refuse to pander to the absurd delusions of prats who think they're actually ubermensch, that's who:
Journalist Nick Robinson has likened the behaviour of Boris Johnson to a 'dictator' for broadcasting directly to the public on social media.
Presumably, as opposed to democratically-elected politicians, who are famously camera shy and communicate via mime.

Plus: you know who else had a dog, right? 

Of course, there's a reason for all this girly hysteria:
The former BBC political editor, currently a host of Radio 4's Today programme, called the Prime Minister's social media use a 'form of propaganda' and said it was undemocratic to avoid proper scrutiny by journalists.
...And, seriously, how could we do without groundbreaking analysis like comparing everyone you don't like to Hitler?

More to the point though, who does this prat think he is anyway? How did he become the Scrutineer In Chief? Is there some kind of Shaolin Temple for MSM drones? Did he beat the previous Scutineer in single combat?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, 'Freedom of the Press' is short for 'Freedom of the Use of the Printing Press'. It means anyone is free to print whatever they want with no requirement to seek some kind of publishing license from a Department of Approved Publishers....

 ....In other words, in so far as it guarantees the right of any citizen to publish what they want, it means the literal opposite of establishing some kind of super elite order of certified journaljismers, with special press freedoms no one else gets.

Nick Robinson can demand the PM invite him in for a meeting. So can Bob Smith, of 22 Acacia Avenue. Neither have the right to be granted a meeting.

Which is the whole point right there. We now have a MSM that's genuinely believes they're some kind of modern equivalent of the Samurai - wimpy, entitled Samurai admittedly - a cult of uber citizens with special rights, above and beyond the common rabble. They're utterly detached from real life, and proud of it. All that's happened now is that the penny has finally dropped with the conservative movement. Someone's finally run the figures and worked out that rather than pander to a bunch of elitists weirdoes, representing about six postcodes in north London, it's far better to reach out to actual, normal people.

I don't know how good Bob Smith is at the whole 'scrutiny' thing, but he's surely more in touch with reality than narcissistic prats like Nick Robinson.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Peasants Are Revolting

Staying on my favorite topic, namely: how I'm right about everything, I can't help feeling deja vu all over again:
[Joker director] Todd Phillips has come out swinging in defense of his new film Joker, amid fears its depiction of a depraved murderer could incite real-life violence...

Phillips told The Wrap that he believes such critiques are coming from the 'far-left' who are starting to sound the same as conservatives when they complain about 'immoral' films made by Hollywood. 
'What's outstanding to me in this discourse... is how easily the far left can sound like the far right when it suits their agenda. It's really been eye opening for me,' he stated.
Yes, we've noticed.

Back in the day, it was the left that wanted shows to be challenging and push boundaries. Now, they want to shovel pablum on the public. I wonder what's changed?

All of which brings me onto the open sewer on the Thames. All week midwit drones have been on TV claiming to be outrageously outraged that the public is using indelicate language to describe our worthless political class. Apparently, we should all follow the example set by our betters.

And he's supposed to be the moderate. Then again, his boss hangs out with guys who actually kill MPs, so you know... grade on the curve.

This is no longer just about the EU. We're being asked to accept that there are different grades of citizenship, so that when David Lammy is spreading insane, racist, conspiracy theories that just proves how 'passionate' he is. Meanwhile, the rest of us are apparently meant to tug our forelock and speak only when spoken to.

The left spent years sneering at the monarchy, but now they want us to treat them like royalty.

The only answer to that is not only no, but hell no!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

You May Not Be Interested In Culture War...

As bad as the Supreme Court's Screw Brexit decision is - pretty bad considering it appears to be based on the well known legal doctrine of 'because we say so' - it's almost as bad listening to Professional Conservatives claiming to be shocked, shocked, to find that the courts are a lawless, politicised mess. Yes, indeed, who could have seen that coming?

Just a thought, but if you keep demonstrating a proven inability to predict outbreaks of heavy drinking on December 31st, you might want to rethink your claim to be super smart. As it is, real conservatives have spent years calling the shot and the pocket, while the genius set have called them crazed conspiracy nuts. Now Brenda Hale has done the legal equivalent of gobbling down a live mouse on TV while addressing the public as 'you warm bloods' then ripping the flesh off her face to reveal the scales underneath, I think we may have to look again at what definition of genius we're using here.

Not all Professional Conservatives couldn't see it coming. Some of them are just pain gutless. Others genuinely believe dealing with our lawless courts is too much of a hot potato and so they may as well go along to get along....

And that's how the Tories have romped to three landslide victories in a row!

Meanwhile back in the real  world, the Tory Party's refusal to take on these nut cases doesn't make them look moderate, it makes them look weak and out of touch. Say what you like about Labour, but they have an actual agenda - creating Hell on Earth - and the Tories? What do they really stand for?

Oh yeah: muh tax cuts.  

Here's the thing though: the whole reason why the left needs to use politicised judges like Brenda Hale to push their nutty agenda is precisely because they know it's electoral poison. If they thought the public would support it, they'd push it themselves. Instead we have the insanity of the courts ruling that Parliament must stay open even while they make politics entirely irrelevant.

Hey, who needs that 'citizenship class' stuff on how a bill works its way through Parliament, when Brenda Hale and the rest of the freaks can simply pull new laws out of their penumbra.

Still, now that Queen Brenda is our Decider In Chief, at least we can get a definitive answer to those questions that have been hangin round for years:

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Pineapple on pizza or not?

Who would win in a fight between Iron Man and Batman?

True, there aren't any actual laws covering these issues, but who needs laws anyway these days?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

How DoYou Do, Fellow Normal People?

Good post from Ace of Spades about the American left's latest Kavanaugh fiasco, and a great line at the end:
I think we all assume that the practice of quote-fishing -- "Could you say x for me? It would rilly rilly help" -- is pretty much 90% of "journalism" today. They don't find witnesses; they cast them, and have them repeat pre-written lines that will forward the plot
Of course, round here the MSM goes one better and tries to pass off creepy wierdo fanatics as regular Joe Publics what just happened to be passing at the exact same time as a liberal hate figure was in the area.

Annoying as this is, it's also revealing about where the modern left is at: they claim to be the voice of the people, except there are no normal people left in their loony cult. It turns out that calling half the country morons while campaigning for official recognition of all seventy-two genders is not a winning strategy after all. Hence why every 'ordinary member of the public' pushed by the MSM turns out to be a liberal snoot in socioeconomic blackface.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Getting Ahead Of The Myth Making

Bad news everyone! Roland Rudd's sister has joined Boris Johnson's brother and Winston Churchill's grandson in exiting the Tory Party.

If the Tories keep going on like this, they're going to lose their sponsorship deal with ancestry.com.

Also: Diversity Is Our Strength, you guys!

Ambitious young white kids who want to join the police are getting the door slammed in their face, but apparently the Tory Party can never have enough snoots - even ones that are related to one of the country's craziest remoaners.

That's not even the worst of it! Not only are we expected to be shocked - shocked - to find that remoaner Amber Rudd is outrageously outraged by BoJo's outrageous behavior, we're also being told this proves the Tory Party is risking electoral disaster by losing proven vote winners like Amber Rudd.

Hey, if Amber Rudd is such a perfect example of the Nu Tory Wizards of Smart, how come she never cast her spell over her own constituency.

Yes, indeed: 346 vote majority! That's what it takes for the MSM to hail you as an expert on electability.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

It's The End Of Their World

Hey, look everyone! It's another one of those super smart Remoaners making a not at all insane point.

As Dominic Frisby would say, who the Huq's she anyway?

Apparently, she was once a presenter on Children's TV and therefore way more qualified than the likes of us to talk about politics.

Like I keep saying: Wile E Coyote rule. She wanted to prove we were morons but she dropped the anvil on her own head. More to the point, she's exposed what it's really about. They're not worried about tariffs or trade agreements, they recognize that all this is the beginning of the end for a demented system where nothingburgers like Konnie Huq can be hailed as certified members of the genius class, even as they babble absolute rubbish. 

Friday, August 30, 2019

Still Not Getting It!

Uh oh.... looks like the Remoaners are Remoaning again.

Their Parliamentary maneuvering was democracy in action, but Brexiteer maneuvers? 

Outrageously outrageous, you guys!

Apparently, 'democracy' doesn't necessarily mean 52% beats 48% but it does lay out exactly when Parliament should be open. Who knew, right?

In a similar vein, it turns out that calling someone who believes that only certain people's votes should count a 'Nazi' is appallingly appalling, but talking about lynching Brexiteers and committing Regicide?

Not a problem.

Perfectly OK.

Completely normal, my dudes!

Forget all the moralising, what these people want is a de facto caste system. They'll support muh democracy as long as they win, but if they lose? All bets are off.

It shows how deep these people are in the bubble that they actually think normal people will buy this deal.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Oops! I Guess It Wasn't All About The Economy After All

Like I keep saying, the Remoaners make Wile E Coyote look like a strategic genius. Every single time they end up dropping the anvil on themselves. Today's candidate: Guto Bebb. 
A Tory backbench critic of Boris Johnson sensationally claimed that a short-term Jeremy Corbyn-led government would be 'less damaging' for Britain than a No Deal Brexit today.
Consider this: remoaners have been rending their garments for three years about the dangers to muh economy...  Suddenly, it turns out that going Full Venezuela is a small price to pay for keeping Greedy Guto and his pals at the top table, even if all that means is they get first dibs on the dog meat.

And then there's the deeper issue. The whole remoaner position is, hey, let's face it, you guys, we're just plain better than you Leaver scum - not only smarter, but more moral too - and that's how they came up with a cunning plan to put a gang of lawless thugs obsessed with deranged conspiracy theories about Jews into power, in the hope of being able to turf them out once they've done their dirty work....

Yep, I see absolutely no historical precedent for that sort of thing going horribly wrong.

Besides, I'm sure Guto and his pals still think they can control them. 


I'm guessing muh parliamentary sovereignty has gone the way of muh economy and muh tolerance.

Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, our moral and ethical superiors, the Remoaners.

This is why the Remoaners have done us a favour. If they'd just taken the 'L' three years ago, not much would have changed, but instead they chose to out themselves as the selfish, entitled scumweasels that they are. Now whatever happens, we know who they really are.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

This Is Why The Left Is Winning The Culture War

Speaking personally, I'm loving the latest twist in the current series of 'Not True At All Detective' - no wonder it's Britain's favourite unreality TV show.

Yep, it turns out that not only was 'The Establishment' not protecting 'Tory pedophiles' it was actually conspiring to carry out bogus investigations into innocent men at the behest of an actual pedophile.

Shocked? I was so astonished I passed out for a fortnight! Hence why I missed all the condemnation of the police by civil liberties lawyers, Liberty and all the rest of umanrites clown show....

At least I assume that's the reason I've heard nothing from them.

And all that's before we revisit Tom Watson acting like a fussy diner, telling the waiter 'this investigations underdone, take it back to the kitchen and try again'.

A politician ordering the police to keep re-investigating his opponents until they get the right result?

Nope, no civil liberties issues there, you guys.

You can't even get these people to investigate serial armed robberies in broad daylight but apparently Labour's approach to law enforcement is just like their approach to school places - equality for all, just as soon as they've finished taking what they want.

And all this with Labour out of power? Can you imagine what they'd have done if they had been in government? Meanwhile, the Tories are actually in power and they've responded to the lawless persecution of a D-Day veteran by.....

Yep, exactly. Next to the modern Tory Party, Neville Chamberlain looks like Henry V. 

This is the point about Professional Conservatives: they're treacherous as allies and harmless as enemies. Bent cops were faced with either doing their jobs, and facing the wrath of the left, or breaking the law and facing off against the right. Forget the moral questions, who could doubt they made the right move tactically?

Monday, July 22, 2019

Vacuous Viceroy of Victimhood Vacates Office

In amongst all the other resignations, I almost missed our girl in the news! House of Dumb heroine Margo James, who is a lesbian, has resigned from the government to vote against Brexit.

Truly, Fat Dave Cameron is the gift who keeps on giving. Look at the track record of his 'A-list' candidates. There's Louise Mensch, the Queen of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen, both rising stars in the sinking ship of WTF UK and now Margo James, who is a lesbian, the member for Brussels Central.

Apparently, 'A-list' was short for 'Absolutely Not Conservative At All List'.

Here's the thing though. The point isn't that Margo James, who is a lesbian, is a grifter and a fraud. That could describe most of the House. It's that right from the off, Margo James, who is a lesbian, has shamelessly, and solely,  traded on her supposed victimhood.

Don't be shocked but apparently she's actually a lesbian.

I know, right? Who knew?

Yep, she stuck it to The Man by being parachuted into a safe seat amidst eight bazillon glowing profiles in the MSM.

Take that you almost entirely mythical bunch of right-wing reactionaries - finally bubble-headed Metropolitan snoots will have a voice in this country!

Anyone who pointed out that a stoned parrot with a stutter could give a more coherent explanation of conservative values than this hag was denounced by her fellow snoots as an evily evil homophobe!

And no point asking why it had to be specifically Margo James, who is a lesbian, who was appointed as the Member for Lesbos. Aren't there plenty of other lesbians out there with no idea about conservative values?

It's worth revisiting because it gives the lie to the cucks' Myth of a Golden Age of Political Civility pre-2016. They mean 'civility' in the sense that they could run unhinged editorials denouncing actual conservatives and no one was allowed to answer back. If you happened to, say, object to them putting an empty-headed Metro-luvvie into Parliament then all bets were off: no civility for you.

Here's Ace on a similar phenomenon in the US:
They're cowards and weaklings as warriors, but they are bold and fierce as traitors.

"Republicans" who have been sluggish, conciliatory, and soft when allegedly on the conservative side will suddenly become hard-charging death-or-glory hack-and-slashers when they scent the blood of their true enemies -- actual conservatives.

They're traitors. Not by circumstance, but by conviction. 

This is normally the point where I remind everyone that these people keep telling us  that they can't bring in any actual conservative policies for reason of muh electability, even while they fiercely defend horrendously unpopular leftist nonsense. Well, this time they went one better. This time they didn't even hide behind an actual issue: it was a blatant exercise in class privilege and entitlement. Margo James, who is a lesbian, might lack any actual qualifications for political office, but she sure is a paid up member of the snootocracy.

Yes, not everyone who claimed Fraudella McWorthless was qualified for a seat in Parliament was a liar - I'm sure there were also some idiots in  there as well, but most of the people pushing this useless cow knew exactly what they were doing, and they're out there right now, claiming that 'we need to bring the country together post-Brexit'.
Nope, they're lying again. They don't want to bring the country back together. On the contrary, they want to go back to the good old days pre-2016 when the country was split in two. The snoots got to run the country like a private members club, and everyone else just got the bill. 

What's happened post-2016 isn't a breakdown in civility, it's a breakdown in gullibility. The public finally understand who exactly these people are.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The Wizard of Washington

It must have taken awhile to coordinate the whole network, but it looks like the NPCs have finally settled on their talking points re: their fellow snoot, Sir Kim Darroch. Apparently, he's super smart and it's all the fault of whoever let the public know the quality of analysis they were getting for their money from 'our man in Washington'.

You can always tell the savvy political operators - they're the ones caught out by the revelation that the government leaks like a sieve. Leaving that aside though, the most striking thing about his memos was that they are so very, very dull.

Like James D says:
But that’s exactly what’s wrong with Darroch’s memos. They are not – contrary to what we’re now being assured by his Establishment defenders – the trenchant and fearless insights of a Washington insider with his finger on the pulse. They’re the achingly predictable whinings of yet another victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome that could have been cut and pasted from any number of wearisomely samey anti-Trump articles in the British press.
His reports read like something you'd get from a Guardian hack who woke up with a murderous hangover at 10:30 and suddenly released his column had to be in by 2:00. Kids doing their maths homework on the bus to school put more effort in than this guy.

In fact, it's not just that he lacks any worthwhile insights, it's that he's actively wrong about his supposed area of expertise, being taken in by the Russia hoax. The guy paid to keep his finger on the pulse failed to notice it was a Russian conspiracy without any actual Russians (but a surprisingly high number of people from the UK).

Apparently, Sir Snoot not only doesn't know anything about the country he's deployed to, he doesn't know about his own country either. As ever the question arises: what definition of 'genius' are we using here?

Hence why there the snoots have once again dropped an anvil on their own heads. They keep telling us that mere voters don't understand the very special complexity of international affairs,  now we've had the chance to peek behind the curtain and we've found out that the genius class have about the same level of smarts as some late night comedian mugging to the camera while churning out the Trump = Hitler clapper humour.

Leave it to the professionals? Half the country could offer more insight than this tedious prat.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

She Took One For The Team

At last our long nightmare is approaching its end! With the Wimminz Whirled Cup drawing to a close we will finally be free of cuck journalists raiding the thesaurus for new ways to say that its the bestest sporting event evah!

Curiously enough though, neither the feminazis themselves  nor their beta male enablers seem to show much interest in events at dear old 'Kick It Out', the alleged anti-racism group that's successfully scored huge, great lumps of other people's cash.

Even Geordie Greg's new PC Daily Mail can't hide the fact that it's not exactly a minor problem they've got:
Sportsmail understands the QC-led review will publish its report on the troubled organisation next month after investigating its failure to report the alleged sexual assault of a female former employee by someone from outside the body to both the trustees and the Charity Commission.
So, for those of you keeping score at home, suggesting that the average female footballer makes Long John Silver look like Usain Bolt? Outrageously outrageous! Concealing a rape? Not so much.

Say, I wonder what it is about the hard left race hustling group that makes feminazis and the MSM so reluctant to pile on?

They might claim to support wimminz football, but it's clear that their favorite game is still victimhood poker.

And that's before we get to the rest of it.
But what has been described as an 'intemperate email' from Ouseley, after trustees challenged the then 73-year-old chair of Kick It Out over his failure to report the alleged attack on a staff member at an external training day, is expected to be central to the independent review....

And despite the fact that three of the trustees are black, he suggested his exclusion from some of the conversations concerning how they should then deal with what amounted to a failure to follow Charity Commission regulations was a throwback to the days of colonialism.

In the email, that was sent to all the trustees as well as other senior figures, Ouseley stunned its recipients by telling them that 'divide and rule was the shameful trait of slave owners and the colonial masters of the British Empire'.
 Hey, at least some one's still getting some value out of Diane Abbot's speeches!

Personally, I'm just shocked - shocked - to find a prominent anti-racism campaigner is, in fact, a racist nutcase pushing unhinged anti-white conspiracy theories.

Given the hiring practices which organisations like Kick It Out are justifiably famous for, I'm guessing it was a black woman who was the victim and - given that if it was a white attacker you be hearing about this 24/7 - a black assailant. All of which means I'd pay good money to see this weasel explain why it's actually all whitey's fault - except that would require some MSM drone to actually ask a race hustler an awkward question so....

I don't recommend holding your breath.

All of which raises the real issue: 'Kick It Out' aren't some random group of nutters meeting in the back room of a pub. They've gobbled up huge sums of other people's money precisely because the MSM has presented them as a respectable campaigning organization.  Now it turns out that it's the bastard child of Camila Batmanghelidjh and Robert Mugabe.

Hey, how come none of our nation's savvy, smarter than you, professional journaljismers noticed that this group was led by a ranting, racist nutcase? Did they not notice, or they just decide that the public had no right to know their money was being spent supporting a crazy hate group?

Either way, why would anyone trust the MSM again?

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Lives Of Others - Soy Boy Edition

Not entirely refuting my theory that the New Left has become the Old Right, liberals are hailing the heroism of a pair of sanctimonious net curtain twitching weirdos eavesdropping on their neighbors. It's like a 1970s sitcom - if it was made in East Germany.

Apparently, phone hacking is out, but hanging off the drainpipe so you can tape the neighbors' private conversations? Completely normal, you guys.

I may be being too optimistic but I think NS has put her finger on it right here. If it's a straight up choice between BoJo and Snooty McSnitchypants, I think most people are going to go for the 'non-sour faced hypocrite' option. And that's not the best of it....

Like I keep saying, the Remoaners' spirit animal is clearly Wile E Coyote. Every single time they come up with one of their cunning plans, they end up dropping the anvil on themselves. In this case, they've reminded everyone that the EU gives huge, great wodges of taxpayers' money to rich girls of no obvious talent to make produce crappy propaganda pieces. Who voted for that?

Nope, just kidding! It's the EU, of course we don't get to vote on it. It's just a permanent feature of modern life that the snoot class uses the government as a full employment service for itself. We get the taxes, they get a grant to produce a musical celebrating thirty years of the European Pencil Office.

That's the wider point here. The more that the MSM tries to convince us that all the cool kids are Remoaners, the more they're ramming home that the EU has been great if you're Gary Lineker, Lily Allen or some fat girl who writes terrible agitprop, but the rest of us are getting screwed.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cucks 4 A Caste System

If you want a barometer of how worthless Licensed Conservatives are, just look at how they all jumped to defend muh free speech when it was Jo Brand, but went MIA - or even piled on - when it was Count Dankula.

Or Sargon.

Or... well, anyone actually - just as long as they're outside Snoot Club.

The theory seems to be that by penning 10,000 word essays praising their own nobility in not condemning Fatso McAcidface, the left will be shamed into seeing the inherent hypocrisy of their position and take up the cause of free speech.

Ah huh.

Basically, it's a demand for unilateral disarmament in the culture wars.

As HD says, how's that working out for the right?

Liberals don't worry about being exposed as hypocrites. They get off on making us follow rules they have no intention of abiding by. It's the whole point of the exercise. When the cucks defend Jo Brand they're implicitly accepting this premise. They're accepting that there's a de facto caste system in Britain. There's the common rabble, constantly harried by a zillion hate speech laws, and then there's the Brahmin caste who can not only say whatever they want, but expect us to admire their courage in so doing.

Jo Brand, huh? So daring. So courageous. How does she get away with it!

Hey, I'm thinking the cucks continuously babbling about muh sacred principles probably help.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Bore On Drugs!

If you ask me, the worst thing about the Michael Gove drug revelations was that - last week of all weeks - he tried to pass it all off as a youthful indiscretion.

Hey, you guys, he was just another misguided thirty-something yoof.

There is no better barometer for what's gone wrong in Britain than that in the week where we remembered D-Day, members of the snoot class are seriously claiming that a guy almost twice the age of some of the troops who hit the beaches was just a poor mixed-up kid.

As far as the issue itself goes, I think I'm like most people: I can see reasons to abandon the war on drugs, and I can see reasons to step it up, but I can't see any reason for a war on drugs where there's a ceasefire every time some snoot enters the kill zone.

Still, at least Michael Gove has killed one of the more ludicrous myths about drugs.

Here's Mark Steyn:
He applied for a job round about that time at a publication for which I then wrote, and the chum of mine who took the interview reported back that Gove was one of the most boring men he'd ever had the misfortune to sit through lunch with. If he was snorting in the bog between the soup and fish, it evidently didn't add any sparkle to his repartee. For American readers, the notion of Michael Gove as a cokehead is roughly analogous to discovering Mike Pence spends his weekends in a gay leather bar: It renders the very concept of transgression pointless. Given what he's like on his face, the idea of Gove off his face is too surreal to contemplate.
Well, quite.

Yes, plenty of alleged 'creatives' use drugs but that's a consequence of their lifestyle, not a cause of it. Like Robin Williams said, cocaine is God's way of telling you you've got too much cash. Add in too much free time on the tour bus/in your trailer on set/whatever and the temptation is obvious. They needed their talent to get there in the first place, the drugs came later. Like some singer once said, drugs had a definite influence on his creativity - he'd have created a lot more music  if he hadn't been stoned all the time.

To the point: despite what the wannabe rebels in the MSM like to imply, boring people on drugs are still boring, just with a side order of annoying as well. Getting high on coke to feel cool is just an upper-middle class version of fat footy fans wearing replica shirts to feel more like their heroes.

Teachers: stop showing the kids unlikely public information films about how one tab of molly will turn them into a werewolf and just lay it out to them. Ask the kids: seriously, do you want to be as cool as Michael Gove?

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Feminist Achievement: Like Male Achievement But Without The Achievement

I might be going out on a limb here, but judging from the output of every TV station and newspaper in the country, I'm starting to think there may be some kind of sporting competition involving women in the offing.

Seriously though, watching how the MSM reports on 'wimminz's football' is enough to make you yearn for the snarky irreverence of North Korean TV.

Hey, the folks producing Pyongyang Today have the threat of a firing squad hanging over them. What's our media's excuse?

Curiously enough though, despite glowing coverage 24/7, there still seems to be a distinct lack of evidence that 'wimminz's football' has any actual women supporting it, outside of the usual freak show collection of feminazis. I mean, I'm just putting this out there, but in so far as there is absolutely no evidence that these freaks represent normal women, wouldn't it be more accurate to start calling it something else? Say, 'creepy loser football' or 'damaged wierdo football'?

Oops.... my mistake: they've broken the code. The reason why normal women don't want anything to do with them is that their sport just doesn't have enough deranged misandry. 

Yep, that's the answer. They just don't hate men enough.

Of course, you may wonder why such supposed supporters of the sisterhood are ripping off a song by male writers in the first place. Aren't there the odd one or two girl writers out there?

In fact, I have just the song for them!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, taking a fun song by some guys and turning it into a celebration of feminazi lunacy is exactly the point. As ever with these people, they don't want it, they just want men not to have it. Don't believe me? Consider this:
The new tune and accompanying video references past successes of the England team in the same way as the original song. But the names, and footage involved, have been switched. Substitutions include Jade Moore for Bobby Moore; Nikita Parris for Gary Lineker; Steph Houghton for Bobby Charlton, and Jordan Nobbs for Nobby Stiles.
That's the feminist definition of achievement in a nutshell: take something men did, and demand everyone pretend women did it.

I want to say something snarky, but like Ann Coulter said, the left's big advantage is their resistance to parody. Give it twenty years and children - at least the non-aborted ones - will be reading about how Everest was first climbed by Hillary Edmund and Sherpa Tanya.

For those of you keeping score at home, this means that the Refectory at Wokeingham University serving chilli and burritos on 'Mexican Day' is cultural appropriation, but digitally erasing high achieving males and inserting wimminz is perfectly reasonable and anyone who objects is probably a rapist.

All of which takes me back to my original point. Can you imagine if we had actual journalists in the MSM?

Actually, I can. I'm thinking the interviews would go something like this:
INTERVIEWER:I'm here with Millie Tant, newly crowned wimminz footballer of the year. Milli, congratulations, what does does wimminz football mean to you?
MILLI: It means we're going out there and sticking it to the Patriarchy. We're telling girls 'you don't need no man', embrace your girl power and stick it to these pigs. You don't have to live your life according to what some phallic oppressor says. We're here, we're free and we don't need nothing from no man.
INTERVIEWER: OK, so how does wimminz football differ from men's football?
MILLI: Well, they're basically the same...
INTERVIEWER: But you have a Wimminz FA, right?
MILLI: Not exactly...
INTERVIEWER: Your own clubs?
MILLI: Not really.
INTERVIEWER: How about your own pitches?
MILLI: Nope..I'm not sure where this going...
INTERVIEWER: But I bet you design your own shirts, right?
Yes, indeed. They're sticking it to The Man... just as long as the man continues to subsidise them, offer them free use of his facilities and pretend to take their loony cult seriously.

This is the real evil of it all. It's not just that these are horrible people pushing a vile ideology - it's the demand that people pretend that their awful, appalling appropriation of football is anything other than garbage.

As the great Theodore Dalrymple noted, the point of pushing obvious lies is not to convince anybody, it is to humiliate them. Once people have been forced to repeat absurdities they have been in both sense of the word, demoralized. The demand that people pretend that this parody of football is actually good is a demand that people ignore the evidence of their own eyes and their own reason. It is an attempt to outlaw reality. No healthy society should tolerate such a thing.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Trumpenheiss Is Not Enough!

If you had Julia Hartley-Brewer in the sweepstake for 'Next Licensed Conservative To Get Thrown Under The Bus', congratulations, you can collect you winnings from the office.

All that hard work denouncing the Golden Don and it turns out you can never be woke enough!

Lest we forget, this is the woman who once wrote an article headed 'I'm No Katie Hopkins'.

Oops... turns out she is Katie Hopkins, and so is the next MSM pseudo-con busy penning their 'I'm No Julia Hartley-Brewer' article. 

Hey, who knew feeding crocodiles could turn out badly?

Media Approved Conservatives can stay on the gravy train just as long as they're prepared to act as wedges keeping the Overton window in place, but as soon as they start expressing actual conservative opinions, they're right under the No 666.

There's a deeper issue here. The cucks in the Tory Party will want to ignore all this. Too much of a hot potato, you guys! But I'm guessing that, come the next election, the comrades at the RCGP will be busy trying to claim they're totes a non-partisan body.... that just happens to sound exactly like a Labour Party press release. The genius set at Tory HQ can neutralise these people now, or they can wait until they pile into '24 Hours To Save The NHS Part 2'.

But no: letting partisan hacks pretend to be objective servants of the people is what all the cool kids are doing these days!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

It’s Arsemageddon!

Hey, everyone! There’s a leadership contest in a (still, just about) right of centre party, and you know what that means! Huge numbers of MSM drones who’d rather drink battery acid than vote ‘leave’ rushing into print to tell conservatives who they should vote for.

Lest anyone still be tempted to listen to these tools, let review what’s happened to some of their other icons just in recent weeks:

Judging by the (non) success of Chuckup Ummah's bold new CuK/TIG/WTF Party, it looks like he may not be the British Obama after all. The slobbering coverage in the MSM was certainly Obamaesque, but it turns out they even let non-media people vote these days.

All those softball interviews on TV, and the only thing that got changed was the channel.

Meanwhile, lovable mockney Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire has collapsed. It turns out the most popular thing people ordered in his restaurants was a taxi so they could go somewhere with decent food.

Once again, the MSM loved, loved, loved! his phony baloney LARPing as a rebel sticking it to The Man. Meanwhile, in the real world, people who have to pay for their meals with their own money don’t want to shell out three figures for bland food with a side order of pretentious posturing.

And then there’s Naomi Wolf, who's recently proven just why the phrase ‘feminist historian’ makes nearly as much sense as ‘vegetarian steak’. The MSM have spent years trying to convince us she is a great thinker, but it turns out that she doesn’t even understand that some technical terms don’t necessarily mean what you’d think they mean.

 I’m sure someone tried to explain this to her, but she got all in his face when he used the phrase 'laymen’s terms’ instead of 'layperson's'.

To the point, all three of these frauds were hailed by the MSM as iconoclastic thought leaders shaking up the squares and all three, in their various ways, turned out to be losers. There's a lesson in there if the Tories wish to learn it.

Or not as the case may be.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Empty Dress Quits Job

Don't be shocked, but the same cucks who landed us with an empty dress in No 10 are now busy trying to rewrite history to cast Terrible Theresa as some kind of tragic figure. Doesn't martyrdom require that you actually sacrifice yourself for something?

The defining feature of May's premiership has been the sheer vacuousness of it all, even to the very end. Consider this: in a speech of 948 words, the Useless One didn't mention any of the following:

Border Security

Law & Order


Legal Reform



In fact, what's worse is that she apparently couldn't even bring herself to say the word 'Britain' - all we got was a weaselly reference to the 'the country I love' (whatever that means).

Speaking personally, I can't help thinking that if you truly believe the British people are a bunch of bigots who need to be constantly harried by racial witchhunters, you don't actually love this country in any meaningful way.

For all the talk of muh ekwality the underlying assumption of Mayism was that us drones are too stupid to survive without an enlightened ruling class (hence: remainer). But where's this genius parked anyway?

Consider these lines:

For many years the great humanitarian Sir Nicholas Winton – who saved the lives of hundreds of children by arranging their evacuation from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia through the Kindertransport – was my constituent in Maidenhead.

At another time of political controversy, a few years before his death, he took me to one side at a local event and gave me a piece of advice.

He said, ‘Never forget that compromise is not a dirty word. Life depends on compromise.’

He was right.


This is what happens when everyone in politics treats everything before 1997 as ancient history.

Meanwhile, the rest of us drooling masses can recall that when it comes to the Nazis and Czechoslovakia there was, in fact, quite a famous compromise made. 

Even Chamberlain got the right answer eventually. Meanwhile, Theresa May still doesn't get it. To borrow Len Deighton's line about Chamberlain at Munich, she was determined to treat the EU as though it was a respectable organisation with good intentions, as she simply had no idea how to deal with it if it not.