Friday, November 15, 2019

Martin Luther Sterling Dropped, MSM Hardest Hit

Now that Raheem Sterling has been dropped by  England for attacking a team mate we need to ask the obvious question: who knew Joe Gomez was a racist?

He must be one of those non-white white supremacists. They're the worst sort.

And that's how England slumped to a 7-0 victory!

Still, I don't think this will damage Sterling's public image too much. His race hustling is too useful to the MSM as figleaf for their own class-based hatred of the average football fan.

Besides, it's not like these people don't have form for this sort of thing.

Hence why the same people who claim that some fat chumps booing black players at the footy leads - inexorably - to the next Stephen Lawrence murder will nevertheless claim there are no wider issues with people booing the victim of an assault.  We know the idiots booing black players are racist morons, but what of those who have sided with a thug? Any wider cultural implications to that?

The MSM keeps hailing the heroism of Stirling's serial race hustling - but can never actually tell us why it's heroic. What is he actually risking? An excessively glowing profile in the Guardian? He's a fearless truth-teller, if by 'truth' you mean 'absurd racial conspiracy theories'. But don't ever ask if there's any downside to casting a snarling, race-hustling low-life as the very model of black authenticity.

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JuliaM said...

"...casting a snarling, race-hustling low-life as the very model of black authenticity."

Well, who else are they going to cast? Clarence Thomas? Condoleeza Rice?