Tuesday, December 21, 2021

They Went Full Karen - Never Go Full Karen

I'm a firm believer that our country's biggest problem is that we have a governing class that thinks it's way smarter than everyone else, but couldn't empty water out of a kettle if you put the instructions on the bottom. 

Consider Boris Johnson. 

Here's a guy who owes his job to two things. There was the Referendum, when a scratch army of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers beat the smart set, and then there was the 2019 election when regular Joe's across the North told a bunch of carpetbagging Labour MPs to shove it.  So, naturally, once he took office he filled his staff with snooty Metro twerps like Allegra Stratton, the Guardianista ex-Beeboid. 

Hey, how was he to know that people who've spent years explaining why their votes should count more than yours, would also believe a lockdown only applies to poor people?

People haven't been as unjustifiably shocked by bad behaviour since it turned out Claudia Webbe was nutso, just like us raycissts always said she was. 

Now he's dealing with an ever bigger puzzle. How come the people who think you should have to have written permission before you can see grandma won't vote for the party of small government? 

Hey, it's almost like  the Govern Me Harder Daddy! set already have their own parties to vote for.

Meanwhile, if you're one of those weirdos who wants to run your own life, you can shove it. The Genius Squad at Tory Central Office have decided that pandering to crazed hysterics is the way to go.