Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hey, Liberals, Who's In An Echo Chamber Now?

For those of you keeping score at home, crazy extremist Nigel Farage got through to the final of 'I'm A Celebrity' while the guy foisted on the Tory Party by the supposed wizards of electability is on course for a record defeat. 

The smart set claims Rishi Sunak isn't worried about the contrast between the two of them, but it's noticeable he himself made sure to have a photo-op carrying out his own version of a bushtucker trial, being pictured with a really huge snake. 

No, wait, my mistake that was actually Michael Gove. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Farage was already meant to be dead and buried thanks to voice of the people Nella Rose - or as the public generally refer to her 'who'? 
Not only does Nella, 26, who is of Congolese descent, tick diversity boxes, but crucially her social media content — her hair and make-up video blogs are particularly popular — meant she already has millions of fans who follow her every move.
She's the voice of a generation, you guys!

Well, OK, then. Let's assume this angry and divisive race-hustling bum's rise to Tik Tok fame is totally kosher, even though, well, you know, look what happened next:

It is no secret within ITV that Nella was viewed as a future face of the channel. She even signed up with agent Jonathan Shalit – known as a star-maker courtesy of managing Charlotte Church and Myleene Klass — in a bid to raise her profile.

Shalit also has strong relationships with ITV, having worked with Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway in the past.

One insider at the broadcaster revealed: 'Nella was on the list for a while....

The idea was that that show, with its millions of viewers, would make her a household name and she would be handed lots of work by ITV

Yep, she's not Rosa Parks, she's the Girls Aloud of politics, sticking it to The Man with the help of her handlers at Sticking It To The Man Ltd, a division of Smash The System PLC. 

Hey, we're all supposed to hate the 1970s comedians but at least those guys served a gruelling apprenticeship on the club circuit. Meanwhile, the MSM tries to push these grifting clowns down the public's throat, only for them to meltdown as soon as they have to deal with, actual, real people. 

There's a lesson in there for the Tories but I'm sure they'll pretend not to notice. 

They just need some targeted ads on Instagram, that'll change everything.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Moby The Dick Resurfaces!

No, Reader, despite what it looks like, that was not a beached whale in Downing Street earlier today. It was just Fat Dave Cameron making his return to government. 

Apparently, his job will be to represent British interest abroad - as opposed to his last job which was to represent foreign interests in Britain. At least that's what it seemed like at the time. 

There is no better proof of what a worthless scumbag this guy is than that the MSM has been lauding his statesman-like qualities all day, but without being able to cite anything specifically statesman-like about Blabba The Hut. 

Nope, Snooty Dave's statesman-like qualities are much like Kierdo the Weirdo's forensic analytical skills - something only visible to the MSM. 

As a basic requirement, shouldn't a certified super genius be able to come up with at least one or two memorable statements? 

And no, not memorable in the sense of being 0 for 2 in naming who fought in the Battle of Britain. 

Meanwhile, back in the real world,  this prat's main contribution to Britain was to so completely fold in his dealings with the EU that he inadvertently helped Leave win. 

And then there was him pushing the well-planned and thought out intervention in the Libyan civil war that helped make modern-day Libya the Canada of Africa. 

This - this - is what genius at work looks like!

On the other hand, we're told he will help the Tories win back the 'middle ground' - you know, all those people who were totally going to vote Tory but they were put off by the Tories being too hard on jihadist loons. 

Who'd have thunk it, huh? Apparently you're now a Nazi lunatic if you don't want to kill the jews. 

But let's not let the insanity of this specific issue blind us to the bogusness of the whole premise. Apparently, Lord Snooty is a political super genius but where exactly is this election-winning genius parked? In two elections he faced the one-eyed doomster from Fife and then an early AI system's attempt at generating a character from a Woody Allen movie and overall he managed an aggregate majority of 12 seats. 

Truly an unstoppable electoral titan! 

Meanwhile, in 2019 when the Tories went into an election with a supposedly extreme offering - you know, actual conservatism - they won an 80 seat majority. 

There is no more ludicrous myth in British politics than the idea that it's the right of the Tory Party that hobbles the Party's election chances. For all that the squish side of the Party like to talk about electability, they sure do seem to struggle to actually get elected. 

On the plus side, at least Snooty doesn't have any skeletons in the closet.

And that's the real problem, not only with this fraud, but with our whole political class: here's a guy who struts round like some kind of blue-blooded Ubermensch, looking down his nose at the common rabble, except now it turns out he a grifting low-life who talks in vacuous sound-bites and couldn't even empty water out of a boot if you put the instructions on the heel. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Courage Under No Fire Whatsoever

Good news everyone! We've finally found a way to stop leftists hijacking the (formerly) Beautiful Game to push their stupid talking points: 
Senior executives reportedly fear doing so could be 'divisive' and don't want to be seen to be taking sides in the Middle East conflict.
Yep, 'divisive'. Some say cutting the heads off babies is wrong, some say it's a good thing and, honestly, both sides make good arguments. 

Note that they had no problem previously pandering to the feminazis and the gaystapo. 

Never mind asking whether or not there's anything divisive about their individually loony agendas, the FA should see what happens when they get them both together to talk about the whole Transformers thing. 

I may be going out on a limb here but I'm pretty sure the whole scenario where Stevo is playing for a National League side, then changes his name to Chantelle and walks into a Woman's Super League team - let's just say that this may not be entirely controversy free. 

Then consider the flip side of all this. Sports journalists have spent years telling just how plain heroic people like Raheem Sterling are for complaining constantly about racism. We've been assured that multi-millionaire celebrities with huge endorsement deals are courageous for denouncing supposed white supremacy.

Anyone who asks what exactly prats like Sterling are risking is clearly racist. Ditto, anyone pointing out that the MSM's ranting about the supposedly bigoted nature of football fans looks mightily like class hatred hidden behind PC posturing. But now we've got an issue that takes actual courage to speak out about and suddenly..... 

Nope, Sterling hasn't gone missing this fast since the last time he played in the Champions League. 

Monday, September 25, 2023

Dixon Shrugged

Say, did I miss anything? 

Last time I checked Sunak was an empty suit and Starmer was a slippery weasel sooo....guess not. 

In fact, so useless are our political class that even people on the Government's payroll are  checking out. 

Reminder: 90% of the left's stupid ideas rely on them convincing their intended victims to allow themselves to be preyed on. Once actual sane people tell them to shove it, it all goes horribly wrong. 

It's a true mask off moment though. Apparently the ones who handed back their 'ticket' have been threatened with being deployed on Response teams i.e. patrolling around responding to emergency calls. 

In other words, policing.

That's it. That's how senior police officers think about actual policing: Siberia with junkies. 

And then there's the charming 'community':
The fatal shooting, which sparked mass protests from the black community including from British rapper Stormzy, led to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) launching a murder investigation. 
Say, I wonder when someone in the MSM is going to ask Stormzy and his pals about the Nottingham Horror? 

Personally, I'm going with  'never' - unlike Mr Plod MSM journalists only shoot blanks these days. They'll probably hit Stormzy with a tough curve-ball like 'is it hard to be so awesome and yet so wonderful at the same time'? 

Ditto, legal leftists. If you threw a bucket of water over them at 4 AM they'd jerk awake sermonising about muh sacred legal process. Now it turns out that 'Independent Prosecutors' are only independent right up until Burn Loot Murder start doing what they do best, but the right is required to pretend not to notice there's a large elephant in the room and it's sitting right on top of the CPS. 

Hence why the Usual Suspects are outrageously outraged at Suella Braverman coming out in support of the police. Just like Stormzy and his pals, leftists want to be free to attack the right, but they're outraged that anyone fights back. 

Monday, February 20, 2023

This Is Why Soldiers Invented Fragging...

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that Colonel Blimp is at it again. 

Did you get that? We're a 'particular cohort' and a 'particular part of the spectrum' (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) who don't deserve to be involved in serious conversations. 

As ever, I note that if actual conservatives talked about anyone the way the cucks talk about conservatives, the cucks would be demanding they be jailed for hate speech. But that's not even it. 'Deputy Party Chairman' is neither here not there, it's just not that big a job. Meanwhile, in so far as the Prime Minister and Chancellor are both impeccably well-connected, smug globalists who have nearly as much contempt for the public as Blimp himself, aren't they both the very model of the Ellwoodian ideal? 

Hey, how's that working out for that Party anyway? 

When is it time for a 'serious conversation' about why all the guys who talk constantly about muh electability don't appear able to win actual elections? 

Monday, February 06, 2023

Rainbow Utopia Postponed Again!

Weird! Despite the absence of any white men in leading roles, liberals still don't seem entirely happy with the outcome of the Mason Greenwood case. 

What can it all mean? 

Personally, my feelings on this are the same as my feelings about the Noel Clarke allegations: in so far as the charges involve specific incidents in actual places with a known victim, they're approximately 10 bazillion times more credible than the average charge of raaaaaycism by his pals in the game. 

Still, on sauce for the goose grounds, I think it's fair to ask who stoked this fire? 

Hey, if disagreeing with a bunch of race-hustling lunatics makes you responsible for some loser tweeting naughty words, then I think it's fair to ask if the unhinged racist lunacy being pushed by St Raheem and his pals might in some way provoke violence against white people?

Hey, I'm just asking! 

Which is more than anyone in the MSM is. Nope, the one time sports journalists really do have an excuse to look at wider issues, they've suddenly gone MIA. I guess they're all tied up heroically pointing out that foreign lands are foreign. 

Truly, these guys are fearless seekers after truth. 

On the plus side though, liberals have finally found a white guy to blame after all and, friends, It is just too perfect!

Yes, indeed, woke warrior extraordinaire Gary Neville has fallen foul of the loonies by.... liking a tweet by a former prosecutor pointing out how the law works. 

Hey, again, sauce for the goose. The sanctimonious twerp was happy to play witchfinder general when it suited him, now it's all gone a bit J K Rowling for him. 

Still, it is revealing. We were all supposed to admire his heroism in attacking the right. In fact, we were supposed to be so impressed by it all we weren't meant to ask what was actually courageous about it? What exactly was the risk in a media luvvie attacking conservatives anyway?  Now suddenly the alleged tough guy and professional Northerner clashes with the left and he folds like a row of tents. That tells you who has the real power in modern Britain. 

Monday, January 16, 2023

Tate Speech

Grrrr.... really hacks me off that I have to defend Andrew Tate, considering that he's basically a circus clown pushing such an absurd caricature of masculinity that he may as well be working for Hilary Clinton.

Of course, there's the free speech angle, but there's something more than that going on. 

First things first though, if I was a soi dissant professional educator, I'm not sure I'd be going on TV to admit that even with five days a week to indoctrinate the kids, I still have less influence over them than some prat on the internet. Nevertheless, there they are, queuing up to tell us what the yoof really need is....  MOAR INDOCTRINATION.

The phrase that come to mind is 'the beatings will continue until morale improves'. 

Honestly, they're like the stereotype English tourist shouting louder so the foreigners can understand him. 

Still, we have to acknowledge that this prat has come out with some obnoxious stuff, like that time he joked about throwing acid into the face of female politicians. 

No, my mistake, that was Jo Brand talking about male politicians. 

Any schools going to take action against girls quoting her? Any at all? 

Nope, girls could stand in the playground reading from the Collected Works of Jess Philipps and nothing would happen to them. It's for Teh Ekwalitee. 

Boys see the basically fraudulent nature of all that and no amount of Very Special Assemblies will convince them to believe the feminazis instead of their lying eyes. 

Faced with this kind of double standards no wonder the boys look elsewhere. Say what you like about the Bozo in Bucharest but at least he's offering some kind of positive masculinity.