Thursday, November 05, 2015

They Mean It

Legendary Factory Records boss Tony Wilson once asked Annik Honoré, who may or may not have been Ian Curtis's bit on the side, what she thought about the new Joy Division album. She told him it was 'terrifying'.


'Don't you understand?' she said, 'he means it'. That's pretty much how I feel about the Corbyisation of the Labour Party - and not just for the suicidal overtones. People talk about the excesses of the left. They're wrong, they're not excesses, it's who they are. It's the whole 'acting like a civilised human being' that the average leftist struggles with. All that's happened now is that Spitty McSpitty has decided to stop pretending.

There's an opportunity there for the right, or there would be if not for our dog in the manger Tory Party. The biggest problem in the country right now is the way liberal activists have been able to weaponise the public sector, while still claiming to be regular Joe, salt of the earth, hard working public sector employees who, gosh darn it, just want to get the job done but they're frustrated by that nasty old witch, Tori Cutz. The truth is that that they're not nice people. They're a bunch of complete wackjobs and a less useless government would call them out on it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Drones 4 Diversity

When I heard a top acadmic had insulted half the country I was a little surprised, then I thought 'wait...34% voting Tory and 14% UKIP, half sounds about right after all', but no: it turned out that Professor Hunt's crime was to blaspheme the Sacred Femme.

Which is obviously way worse.

The Conservative Woman says what needs to be said, and what's more they get the point about what it reveals about the hollowness of the Tory Party, but there's a flipside to this. Consider what it says about British science.

 In so far as not a single member of the 'scientific community' felt that the public lynching of a bona fide expert in his field might be going a little too far - and even now his defenders aren't quibbling with the lynching in principle, just claiming that he didn't exactly say what people think he said - these people should probably stop claiming to support diversity.

Ditto, they should also stop pretending to be mystified why conservatives don't trust them. Not only is there the obvious point of just how warm we in the 48% are supposed to feel about folks operating a de facto 'no conservatives need apply' policy, but there's what it reveals about the reliability of their results. These guys claim to be disinterested seekers after truth, but how does that mesh with recruitment policies that leave half the country on the curb? Are they really claiming that there are conservative pilots, conservative engineers and conservative programmers, but when it comes to the science, there's not a single competent conservative scientist in the whole country? Millions of conservatives in the country but apparently they can't find one who's good enough to join their little club. Right there, before they've even done a stroke of work, they've shown they're prepared to skew their results to fit a political agenda ('no rightists') but we're meant to trust them when they say if we don't surrender to the UN, the Earth will be a ball of fire?

Thursday, May 07, 2015

On The Other Hand, Screw Westminister Anyway

Yes, indeed, House of Dumb: first for all your sour grape needs.

Actually, the polls have only just closed and I have no idea what's going to happen but I still have a feeling that in the long term, it might just turn out that the most important political story of last month didn't involve any actual politicians.

As some of you will know, Social Justice Warriors have had a recent meltdown about a company in London that put an attractive woman on some posters and.... actually, that was it, that's what tipped them over the edge: a hot babe. So naturally the company concerned backed down and apologised, then hired some of these mutants to run sensitivity seminars, except not really. Instead they did something else, something magical.

Yes, indeed: a tiny company did the left more damage in a couple of weeks than our nation's Professional Conservatives have done in a year. They've not only shown how easy it is to just tell these people to shove it, but by refusing to back down they've forced the SJWs to try and come up with actual arguments to support their goofy positions... thereby laying bare just how absurd their philosophy really is.

In fact, these guys managed to work out something that's evaded our allegedly brilliant Tory Party. A bunch of fatties threatening to boycott a health company? Isn't that kind of like rabbis boycotting bacon? More to the point though, not only is there no actual downside to alienating people who hate you anyway, people who do share your values will be drawn to your cause. Hence why these guys are rolling in cash.

It turns out that not only is the left's supposed domination of pop culture a myth, but plenty of people were just waiting for the chance to give SJWs the finger.

Quote Du Jour: Special Insider Edition

I was going to write something about the sheer inadequacy of the Tory approach to dealing with Britain's problems but I can't improve on this.

 Then I thought I'd write a little about how 'tactical' voting always leads, sooner or later, to strategic defeat but then I saw this.

Both too good not to read in full, but the deeper question is how the Hell did we get here anyway? US blogger Ace puts his finger on it:
This is about class. This is all about class.
This is about, specifically, the careerist, cowardly, go-along-to-get-along mores of the Upper Middle Class, the class of people whose parents were all college educated, and of course are college educated themselves; the class that dominates our thought-transmitting institutions (because non-college educated people are more of less shut out of this industry)...
This is why we have no actual conservative movement worth a damn: Because our political officers and our thought leaders are all drawn from, and aspire to advance in, the same Upper Middle Class Northeast-and-California cultural consensus of "respectability."
True, he's technically speaking about the narrow question of whether or not people deserve to murdered for drawing cartoons, but it still holds true generally.

I can believe that a lot of Professional Conservatives in Britain can see the damage the left has done to this country, but they still can't bring themselves to do anything about it if that would mean risking the loss of those super-exclusive dinner party invites, let alone letting people who don't even get invited in the first place get their grubby hands on the levers of power (i.e. UKIP).

To the point:
To escape the Matrix, you must first see the Matrix -- something Andrew Breitbart was fond of observing.
To be a traitor to one's Class is to be a patriot towards humanity.
Maybe Marx said that. Maybe I did. I don't know. But I do believe it. I believe that far too many ideas we have are non-ideas, things we've never actually thought through, but are simply Class Assumptions, and that we are all too afraid to go against our herd, our tribe, and start questioning some goddamned Class Assumptions.
A lot of people in Britain have got to ditch the idea that the Tories represent people like them. It's easy to mock people who vote Labour because their dad did and their grandad before them, but large parts of the right aren't much different. People seriously need to ask themselves when was the last time the conservatives did something that seriously struck back at the liberal consensus - I'm guessing not since 1990.

In so far as there are any excuses for modern conservatism, they rest on their supposed economic competence. Never mind how dubious that claim is, there's the wider issue. When it comes to life as it's lived by real people the Tories have all but announced that the left can do what they want, and if you don't like it, you're probably racist or summink. They're betting the ballot fodder will keep voting for them no matter what. History will show whether they're right or not.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

About That Wasted Vote Thing...

Remember, waste a vote on UKIP and you might end up with a government that appoints leftist culture warriors to key jobs.

At risk of stating the obvious - obvious to anyone except our nation's professional conservatives anyway - this isn't a minor matter. The Press Regulator is in a position to help choke off debate on any topic liberals find unhelpful. Anyone think guys like this are going to be supportive of the paper that breaks news of the next Rotherham?

Expect more reports on the heroism of Comrade Ogilvy.

This is the perfect example of how the excuses for Cameronism rely on completely inverting cause and effect. We're told the culture has drifted leftwards so the Right needs to abandon the culture war and get with the program. The truth is pretty much the opposite. The left understands that in terms of ability to shape the culture, guys like this have far more power than the average backbench MP, but the Smartest People In The Room keep pretending that the right just needs to flip a few more red seats blue and we'll enter a new Golden Age.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What This Election Is Really About: UKIP Vs TVP

Hey, it's great to be back! I've been tied up these past few weeks working with Thames Valley Police's Hypothetical Crimes Division. All their cops were busy dealing with non-existent hit & runs, so I had to pitch in to help investigate the theoretical case of an 80 year old widow who would totally have been tortured to death by home invaders while the police were too busy shaking down motorists to respond. If this case had actually happened then the gang concerned could potentially have been very dangerous, but fortunately there's now a reciprocal arrangement in place whereby the police raise revenue and HMRC provide a SWAT team so you can rest assured your government is right on top of all forms of speculative homicide.


No, just kidding! There's nothing theoretical about Thames Valley Police prioritising shaking down drivers while letting serious criminals run free.

Apparently, Sgt498 was not available for comment.

When it all comes down to it, that's what this election is really about. We've had a nominal Conservative in No 10 for five years and we've still got Socialist Workers in uniform strutting round shouting 'Oh, I suppose you want to murder children do you, Adolf Businessman? Right? RIGHT'?

Meanwhile, mention the Molesters of No Appearance and these guys suddenly turn into Nuance Squad. They take out an onion for pretendey deaths on the road, but real kids being molested? That's a toughey. Who's to say? We'll get back to you on that.... sometime.

Just on it's own all this would be an indictment of the legacy parties, but there's a bigger issue here. No one voted to pay SJW tossers in uniform to campaign - in both senses of the word - against motorists, and we certainly didn't vote to redraw the law on rape. It was the left's Common Purpose cultists in uniform who did all that, just like their fellow travelers in the rest of the public services have pushed the left's agenda in their jobs, and they'll keep doing it until they're stopped. Right now only one party out there that is promising to do anything about rooting them out and restoring actual accountability to the public services. Free clue: it isn't the one that just spent the last five years insisting that it's the non-rapist protecting side of the political spectrum that's extremist.