Monday, March 17, 2014

The Snake Is Eating Itself

Uh oh.... it's a showdown in Shakedown City.

This trough ain't big enough for the both of them.

Actually, my sympathies are with Mr C, and not only because, if he's like 90% of footballers, his ego probably is big enough to think he should be King of the World. There's also that other thing: Lord who? 

At least Campbell really did climb to the top of his profession. What did m'lud do exactly?

I mean, aside from industrial-scale race-hustling, obviously.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yeah, About That 'Nigel Farage Affair' Thing....

Hey, and I thought the usual suspects wanted us to be more mature, sophisticated and continental about these things....

Has anyone heard from Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan yet?

Honestly, it's like Lord Levenson never existed. Meanwhile, here are three things the MSM won't be asking:

i/ Bearing in mind that the UKIP vs the legacy parties stand off is meant to be a battle between a bunch of jovial morons and the sophisticated intellectuals of the political classes, it's noticeable which side is making substantive points and which is acting like a cut-price version of the News of the World, frantically searching through bins to try and find something incriminating.

 ii/ What exactly is the overlap between all those feminists outrageously outraged by Godfrey 'Sluts' Bloom and the people right now claiming that the only possible reason an attractive women could hold a senior position in UKIP is that she's banging the boss?

iii/ How does this sudden love for traditional values square with the whole gay marriage thing? Eighteen months ago anyone talking about the sanctity of marriage was a crazed bigot who wanted to lynch interior designers, now the MSM is going all misty-eyed about the state of Holy Matrimony.

Hey, it's not just the obvious hypocrisy, this is a perfect insight into the essential corruption of Cameronism. When Cameron and the rest of his elitist pals are sneering at traditional values, that's proof of their sophistication, but they still expect everyone else to stay on the plantation. That's why they complain endlessly about welfare fraud and tax avoidance even as they use taxpayer-funded quangos as a full employment service for their mates.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Smart Vs Stupid: Which Is Better?

MSM Status: Genius

MSM Status: Moron

There's a serious point here - apart from 'never trust the MSM's opinion on anything' - our governing class's definition of genius is entirely self-serving to the point of tautology. Hunt is the perfect embodiment of the post-modern, triangulating, 'knows all 58 genders options in facebook' political luvvie. Of course his fellow passengers on the gravy train have hailed his brilliance . You'd get more sense asking Premiership footballers if they think Wayne Rooney is overpaid.

And that's how Britain ended up with a supposed genius who doesn't understand how contracts work. These people deal in attitudes not actual policies. No wonder they're so completely thrown by Putin. Doesn't that guy know he's wrecking his chances of getting a sympathetic profile in the Guardian? 

It says a lot about where British politics is at that our ruling class are baffled by a politician who means what he says. Meanwhile, in so far as the dumb housewife from the snowy wasteland called it all perfectly, the question has to be asked: who are the insular, inbred hicks now, huh?