Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yeah, About That 'Nigel Farage Affair' Thing....

Hey, and I thought the usual suspects wanted us to be more mature, sophisticated and continental about these things....

Has anyone heard from Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan yet?

Honestly, it's like Lord Levenson never existed. Meanwhile, here are three things the MSM won't be asking:

i/ Bearing in mind that the UKIP vs the legacy parties stand off is meant to be a battle between a bunch of jovial morons and the sophisticated intellectuals of the political classes, it's noticeable which side is making substantive points and which is acting like a cut-price version of the News of the World, frantically searching through bins to try and find something incriminating.

 ii/ What exactly is the overlap between all those feminists outrageously outraged by Godfrey 'Sluts' Bloom and the people right now claiming that the only possible reason an attractive women could hold a senior position in UKIP is that she's banging the boss?

iii/ How does this sudden love for traditional values square with the whole gay marriage thing? Eighteen months ago anyone talking about the sanctity of marriage was a crazed bigot who wanted to lynch interior designers, now the MSM is going all misty-eyed about the state of Holy Matrimony.

Hey, it's not just the obvious hypocrisy, this is a perfect insight into the essential corruption of Cameronism. When Cameron and the rest of his elitist pals are sneering at traditional values, that's proof of their sophistication, but they still expect everyone else to stay on the plantation. That's why they complain endlessly about welfare fraud and tax avoidance even as they use taxpayer-funded quangos as a full employment service for their mates.

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Nick Roberts said...

Well, privilege is law intended to apply only selectively. This Carry on Nigel lark is simply a rebranding of Lenin’s “Who, whom” for the new Millennium: the justice of the culture wars’ victors.
Adult-child sexual relations can - if consensual and in some circumstances - be a source of comfort and innocent pleasure for those who rule the culture such as selected gay rights activists and certain brilliant film directors but is always and irrefutably wrong when indulged in Catholic rectories. Likewise, a fondness for country and western is the soundtrack for sewing a big red cross on your Klan robes whereas plastering your student house wall with the image of the man who wrote to his sister about his love for violence and who visited Castro’s jails to personally execute wounded prisoners is just the mark of a rufty-tufty outdoorsy kind of Progressive who doesn’t wear plaid. It’s Muscular Christianity for the church of Gramsci – a dead white male who like Marx, Rousseau and John Stuart Mill seems to get a hall pass to the whole campus when Hobbes and Augustine and Cranmer get left at the college gates. I guess that’s why we all need to chill out over the war on drugs thing, too, and instead spend precious ‘health’ resources criminalizing drugs that have been legal throughout Christendom for centuries and that take decades to kill you (if at all): why break the swarms of butterflies slumped our proud nation’s crack houses and pot farms on the wheel when you can go after the stuff that CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien enjoyed?
Isn’t it easier (and a lot safer) for the orthorities to duke it out with the corner shop dealers of the substances beloved of the creators of Aslan and Frodo than getting into a rumble with the heirs of Hassan ibn al-Sabbah and the gaily tattooed gentlemen south of the Rio Grande?