Monday, March 17, 2014

The Snake Is Eating Itself

Uh oh.... it's a showdown in Shakedown City.

This trough ain't big enough for the both of them.

Actually, my sympathies are with Mr C, and not only because, if he's like 90% of footballers, his ego probably is big enough to think he should be King of the World. There's also that other thing: Lord who? 

At least Campbell really did climb to the top of his profession. What did m'lud do exactly?

I mean, aside from industrial-scale race-hustling, obviously.

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Nick Roberts said...

I looked it up! He's an Olympic gymnast, specialising in the floor excercises with equipment:

"Herman George Ouseley, Baron Ouseley (born 24 March 1945) is a British parliamentarian, who has run public authorities, including local councils and is an adviser and reviewer of public services organisations. Lord Ouseley has expertise in equality and diversity issues and is the Chairperson of several charitable organisations as well as being a Patron for dozens of organisations. He has been at the forefront of challenging institutional racism in organisations and is an advocate on behalf of individuals from disadvantaged and deprived backgrounds."

See? He's spent his entire life jumping through all the appropriate hoops.

He doesn't seem to have stood in the thin blue line when street violence and other physical wickedness were going down, however, so in 19th Century comic opera terms he's the ruler of the Queen's Navy...