Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Also: Imperialist Running Dog Kulak

If you've ever wondered whether or not Political Correctness was class war by other by other means, I believe we may have an answer:
It was therefore a disappointment, if not a surprise, to receive a call from someone on the Conservative Party's candidates list last night to inform me that unless I ceased to question this move towards a new Party structure I would be expelled from the Conservative Party for being a "racist and 'homophobe'".
Yep, racist and homophobic for opposing centralisation of power in the Tory Party.


Seriously, how does that even make sense? These guys really do believe that everywhere outside north London is a wasteland of bigoted buffoons. And that's without considering the irony of a party that talks about the 'Big Society' but insists on treating its members as serfs.

Of course, these new plans do seriously threaten UKIP. Once local people are swept aside by a battalion of Dave's Drones, equipped with the latest ProleTalk Module 1.7, I'm guessing UKIP are going to seriously struggle to handle all those new membership applications.

(And then there's this bit of deranged doubling down.)