Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Get Woke, Go Home

Just checking: are the England football team still the flagship of Woke Britannia or nay? 

Nope, I guess it's a modern Cinderella story: the Woke Warriors went to the (foot)ball, but just on the stroke of the final whistle, they suddenly turned back into mice. 

Honestly, it's intriguing to watch the NPC update in progress. When they were winning, it proved wokeness was the way of the future and you needed to get with the Nu Brit program, pal! Now? Suddenly there are no wider conclusions whatsoever to be drawn from it all. 

For the record, reaching the quarter finals isn't all that. England managed it under the famously disastrous - so the MSM said - reign of Sven Goran Ericksson. Twice. 

Say, how come the quarter finals are a disaster when it's the foreign guy in charge but success when it's a Brit. Sounds kind of..... xenophobic. 

But no, we all know why Slippery Southgate is off the hook. He's the Neil Ferguson of football. His  politics are impeccable even if reality keeps letting him down. 

As Paul Joseph Watson said, they started on their knees and they went out on their knees. 

They supported Totally Not BLM, just happening to give exactly the same salute as BLM members and using the same rhetoric but different...somehow. 

Don't expect the MSM to ask them what it is they do support, if not BLM, though. They've spent years not asking 'caring' Marcus Rashford about his rumoured exotic tax affairs so they aren't about to ask anyone any difficult questions about what, say, 'inclusion' actually means anyway. 

Hey, if it wasn't for an ill-judged attempt at the sympathy vote following a burglary, they'd never have told us that Brother Raheem is Keeping It Real from inside a mansion in a gated community in Surrey.

That's the thing right there. Brother Raheem ranting about sticking it to The Man, while his butler feeds him quail eggs on a silver platter isn't even in the top half of bad things these guys get up to. Modern football is a gold-plated sewer, and a smarter, more vigorous Tory Party - in short, one that actually considered 'electability' as something more than just an excuse to avoid any actual conservatism - would be making sure people remember that the left chose to embrace these guys.  But no, apparently, expecting actual drive from the Tory Party is like expecting a guy on a six figure salary to be able to hit the goal from twelve yards.