Friday, August 30, 2019

Still Not Getting It!

Uh oh.... looks like the Remoaners are Remoaning again.

Their Parliamentary maneuvering was democracy in action, but Brexiteer maneuvers? 

Outrageously outrageous, you guys!

Apparently, 'democracy' doesn't necessarily mean 52% beats 48% but it does lay out exactly when Parliament should be open. Who knew, right?

In a similar vein, it turns out that calling someone who believes that only certain people's votes should count a 'Nazi' is appallingly appalling, but talking about lynching Brexiteers and committing Regicide?

Not a problem.

Perfectly OK.

Completely normal, my dudes!

Forget all the moralising, what these people want is a de facto caste system. They'll support muh democracy as long as they win, but if they lose? All bets are off.

It shows how deep these people are in the bubble that they actually think normal people will buy this deal.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Oops! I Guess It Wasn't All About The Economy After All

Like I keep saying, the Remoaners make Wile E Coyote look like a strategic genius. Every single time they end up dropping the anvil on themselves. Today's candidate: Guto Bebb. 
A Tory backbench critic of Boris Johnson sensationally claimed that a short-term Jeremy Corbyn-led government would be 'less damaging' for Britain than a No Deal Brexit today.
Consider this: remoaners have been rending their garments for three years about the dangers to muh economy...  Suddenly, it turns out that going Full Venezuela is a small price to pay for keeping Greedy Guto and his pals at the top table, even if all that means is they get first dibs on the dog meat.

And then there's the deeper issue. The whole remoaner position is, hey, let's face it, you guys, we're just plain better than you Leaver scum - not only smarter, but more moral too - and that's how they came up with a cunning plan to put a gang of lawless thugs obsessed with deranged conspiracy theories about Jews into power, in the hope of being able to turf them out once they've done their dirty work....

Yep, I see absolutely no historical precedent for that sort of thing going horribly wrong.

Besides, I'm sure Guto and his pals still think they can control them. 


I'm guessing muh parliamentary sovereignty has gone the way of muh economy and muh tolerance.

Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, our moral and ethical superiors, the Remoaners.

This is why the Remoaners have done us a favour. If they'd just taken the 'L' three years ago, not much would have changed, but instead they chose to out themselves as the selfish, entitled scumweasels that they are. Now whatever happens, we know who they really are.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

This Is Why The Left Is Winning The Culture War

Speaking personally, I'm loving the latest twist in the current series of 'Not True At All Detective' - no wonder it's Britain's favourite unreality TV show.

Yep, it turns out that not only was 'The Establishment' not protecting 'Tory pedophiles' it was actually conspiring to carry out bogus investigations into innocent men at the behest of an actual pedophile.

Shocked? I was so astonished I passed out for a fortnight! Hence why I missed all the condemnation of the police by civil liberties lawyers, Liberty and all the rest of umanrites clown show....

At least I assume that's the reason I've heard nothing from them.

And all that's before we revisit Tom Watson acting like a fussy diner, telling the waiter 'this investigations underdone, take it back to the kitchen and try again'.

A politician ordering the police to keep re-investigating his opponents until they get the right result?

Nope, no civil liberties issues there, you guys.

You can't even get these people to investigate serial armed robberies in broad daylight but apparently Labour's approach to law enforcement is just like their approach to school places - equality for all, just as soon as they've finished taking what they want.

And all this with Labour out of power? Can you imagine what they'd have done if they had been in government? Meanwhile, the Tories are actually in power and they've responded to the lawless persecution of a D-Day veteran by.....

Yep, exactly. Next to the modern Tory Party, Neville Chamberlain looks like Henry V. 

This is the point about Professional Conservatives: they're treacherous as allies and harmless as enemies. Bent cops were faced with either doing their jobs, and facing the wrath of the left, or breaking the law and facing off against the right. Forget the moral questions, who could doubt they made the right move tactically?