Thursday, September 29, 2016

Confirmed: Nicky Morgan Is None Too Sharp

As further evidence of my theory that 50% of the attraction of liberalism is allowing idiots to pretend to be super smart, consider this from the Guardian's profile of Dan Han (spoiler: they claim he's like, totally, a weirdo):
[Nicky Morgan] didn’t hear much about free trade and parliamentary supremacy in May and June. “Talking to people who voted leave … ‘back’ was a very important word. One of the most depressing things was this, ‘I want to take our country back.’ Back to what?”
Huh? That's literally the whole parliamentary supremacy thing in a nutshell: we want to take our sovereignty back. We want to elect a Parliament and know that they will be able to govern the country, instead of having to go cap in hand to a foreign power to ask 'may I'?

Actually, it is an interesting philosophical question: is our former Very Special Education Minister stupid enough not to see that, or is she just stupid enough to think this is a brilliant rhetorical point: no one actually used the precise phrase 'Parliamentary Supremacy' so clearly there's some Very Secret Dark Agenda at play here?

If our alleged elite want to know why they lost the Referendum, they don't need paranoid profiles about evil geniuses, they just need to consider the sheer absurdity of Nicky Moran sneering at anyone else as a member of the unenlightened masses.