Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World War II: Like, Totally Bogus

I'm guessing da yoof can't take all the blame for their problems with World War II history:
There were some pretty nasty things that went on in that war...
Liberals are such wusses.

It's A Good Job The Dave Has Rooted Out All The Extremists

Another entry in the bulging 'I'll take liberal claims to oppose extremism seriously once they start opposing actual extremists' file. Apparently, talking about stuff you actually experienced in the Army is unacceptable, but talking about how proud you are of your racist thug sons is perfectly understandable.

Long Live The Revolution!

At least in America some folks are prepared to shoot at one of the modern world's most sacred cows.

Let's try a thought experiment here: suppose a bank were encouraging youngsters to borrow tens of thousands of pounds to invest in a scheme that supposedly offered them high returns three years down the line. That, right there, would be enough to get even the living dead at the Financial Services Authority (aka Found Sleeping Again) on the war path.

But now imagine that the supposed returns were inflated by a small minority of investors who got very high returns, far out of range of what the median investor would expect. That would have the FSA calling in air strikes, even before it was pointed out that 90 % of the time you could tell in advance who would - and who wouldn't - make the money, yet our hypothetical bank's marketing literature delibratly obscured this point.

By that point, only public execution could suffice, yet all our bank would be doing is behaving like the average university. The supposed premiums quoted for a university education are garbage. Take away graduates who do go on to make great money, but only becuase of the very specific circumstances of their professions, like docters and lawyers, since they are outliers by definition, and can't tell us anything about the 'average graduate'. Ditto, those who by temprement and skills would be guaranteed to succeed in almost any circumstances, like physics geeks. Equally, factor out of the 'non-graduate' population those who can't, or won't, take any kind of employment. Correct for the fact that degree-educated employees used to be lot scarcer than they are today. Add up the interest on tens of thousands of pounds of debt and the money and experience lost through three years spent in Wacademia and what are you left with? Good evidence that the average degree course is the most overrated product in Britain today.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feline Makes A Break For It

The collapse of the political class must be more serious than I thought. Polly Toynbee (!) is so freaked she's let the cat out of the bag. In amongst explaining why government is responsible for all the good stuff in society, but that doesn't mean we can blame it for the bad stuff, we get this:
Most depressing for councils, satisfaction mostly depends on something they cannot change – the population: happiest places have most graduates, fewest children, least ethnic diversity, least population churn, most private housing. Badly run areas (like Surrey) that are posh places will always score higher satisfaction than good councils (like Blackburn) with four-star ratings and a miserable populace. Where is the political justice in that?
But... but... what about the cultural enrichment?

Best Movie Evah?

Considering recent events, how long before this movie is on the A-Level history syllabus?

But Who Is This 'Hitler' Guy Anyway?

It burns me to have to miss a good pile on, but I've got a lot of sympathy with da kidz here - and not only because I still can't decide if 'despotic tyranny' is a redundancy or if 'non-despotic tyranny' is the perfect description for modern liberalism.

Personally, I've always believed that if only Hitler had been involved in the transatlantic slave trade, schools would never need to teach anything else. Then again, it's no wonder the yoof are confused about Hitlerism. After all, they've spent their entire education listening to various NUT-ters describe everyone right of Stalin as being 'just like Hitler'. Advocates of Christianity, free trade, school vouchers... crypto-Nazis the lot of them (especially the school vouchers crowd).

More seriously, I don't necessarily buy the idea that the yoof should be expected to know stuff from outside the curriculum. Of course, it's great when they do, but there will always be a significant demographic out there whose sole intellectual input is from the school. These aren't kids from households where they discuss the nature of government over dinner. Ditto, the idea of reading around the subject doesn't necessarily come naturally to them. I was one of those kids - the idea of checking a few scholary texts out of the library would have seemed as wacky and pretentious as turning up at school with an ivory-handled cane and a top hat.

Of course, if the schools were telling the yoof they had to read around the subject, and training them how to do that, then that might be different, but that brings us to the real issue. Not only do schools not encourage reading around, it can actually do more harm than good. For at least twenty years exams haven't been about knowing the key facts about a subject, they've been about guessing what particular facts the examiners think are key enough to include on the mark scheme.

If there's something sad about the kids desire to slavishly learn what's on the syllabus then belch it out on the paper, then it mainly arises because they know from experience that modern examiners are just like nightclub bouncers, blindly following the rule that if your points not on the mark scheme, it's not coming in. You might think that Germany was only able to prolong the war until 1945 precisely becuase Albert Speer allowed the armaments industry a genuine degree of freedom, but if the examiners didn't think of that, it don't count. Faced with that, who wouldn't program themselves to learn the talking points and practice hammering them back at the examiners?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You May Not Be Interested In Culture War, But Culture War Is Interested In You

As I understand it, the Telegraph's investigation into allegations of massive fraud in Parliament (all subsequently proven) was a dangerous distraction from the vital work of Parliament, but electing a slippery weasel to Speaker is the best gag evah!

And thus was shattered the myth that most leftists are just bitter losers.

Still, it could have been worse. I understand some Labour MPs wanted Cherie Blair to raise the undead corpse of Robert Maxwell. Apparently, they gave up the idea after they decided Captain Bob was just too anal about keeping the books straight - plus the Lib Dems wouldn't vote for a Jew.

All of which does lead to an important point. Here we have a perfect demonstration of why one of the main excuses for Cameronism doesn't work. The whole Nu Tory thing is that, sure, they can see how all this endless triangulation and purging of any actual conservatives is kind of annoying, but once we get a conservative government elected, why, it'll all be worth while.

Well, no. What the election of Squeaker Bercow proves is that the left won't just fold their tents and retire to Spain just as soon as the Tories get a majority. On the contrary, this is exactly the kind of scorched earth strategy the left will employ to ensure any Tory policy faces the death of a thousand cuts. The Cameroonatics might find all this talk of culture war a drag, but any Tory government serious about achieveing much of anything will have to face the need to clear out the instititons sooner or later. Can anyone seriously imagine these silver spoon freaks waging this kind of trench warfare?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zimbabwe South: Authentic!

You could run a whole blog just dealing with cases of libtards breathlessly reporting the obvious. Just what definition of 'shock' are we using here?

Of course, the real question is what percentage would it have to rise to before liberals will stop jabbering about the great moral leadership of Nellie Mandela?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Snapshot Of Something

This case certainly tells us something about modern Britain, but I'm not sure what.

On the one hand, it's great that even judges are having to acknowledge the reality of anti-white racism, but I'm not sure at the implication that using insensitive language... why, that's just asking to be poisoned.

I guess the real heroes in all of this are the local education authority who - abscent cleaning fluid cocktails - are perfectly happy to have a racist nutcase running a class room. Watch out for those BNP thugs!

Rights Round Up

Apparently, 'free speech' now requires that you post your cv on-line.

See, that's the problem with a political monoculture: there's no one around to tell liberals that their arguments don't make a lick of sense. Try this:
The public was entitled to know how police officers behaved and the newspaper's readers were entitled to come to their own conclusions about whether it was desirable for officers to communicate such matters publicly.
So the public is enitled to find out how police officers behave but it's not desirable for police officers to tell them. A-huh!

On the other hand, some people deserve their privacy.
Civil rights group Liberty is backing the relatives of two convicted killers who claim their human rights have been breached - after police used the criminals' faces in a poster campaign.

The number of shootings in Greater Manchester dropped by 92 per cent following the arrest of gangsters Colin Joyce and Lee Amos, so they were featured in a billboard which thanked the public for coming forward with evidence against them.

But members of the two men's families are now seeking compensation from the police, claiming they weren't warned about the posters in advance, or given a chance to object.
Hmmmm.... I guess we'll never know why people call Liberty a bunch of leftist kooks.

Needless to say, the moral absurdity of the case has no impact on its likelehood of success. No, siree, Jack! It turns out that the police will be required to show they considered the impact on the rest of these dysfunctional clans of psychopaths beforehand or else (although, in their defence, neither killer has been known to express 'strong opinions').

Still, we must not let the specific absurdity blind us to the more general one:
The relatives say they've suffered increased hostility as a result of the posters which graphically show how old Joyce and Amos would look by the time they were released from jail.
Good. The mark of a civilised society is that being a scumbag does bring consequences. True, it may be impossible to prove beyind reasonable doubt that the relatives are criminals themselves (so far) but then again, no one's talking about jailing or fining them. Nope, we're talking mild social stigma, or, as I like to think of it, treating low-life vermin like the sub-human filth that they are. When exactly did we decide that gangsta baby mammas had the fundemental human right to be treated as worthwhile members of the public?

This is another reason why the hipster's faux libertarianism doesn't work. These people claim to hate Big Government, but they absolutely despise the idea of communities regulating themselves through tactics such as shaming, social ostracism and the like. It's all too suggestive of squaresville morality for these rebel tigers. The trouble is abscent that moral framework all you're left with is government, and that can never be enough - which probably explains why they're so desperate to stop anyone talking about how their idiot ideas work in practice.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey, we keep hearing from the MSM how Britain is descending into the dark night of fascism, so how come the heavily-armed lunatics always turn out to be guys like this?

Enormous Huge Shocka!

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that when teachers are free to teach what they want, what they want is to not teach at all. Who'd have thunk it? Well, apart from anyone who'd been taught in the 1980s anyway.

Like I keep saying, the Golden Age of pre-National Curriculum education was a bust. It wasn't Dead Poets Society, it was Night of the Living Dead.

It's Hard In Da Hood

Guess the race-hustlers are right, after all! It's hard for brutha to get a break in the United KKKingdom. Guy tries to pull himself up from the streets and The Man hits him with this.

I take it all back. Lenny Henry is clearly the Rosa Parks of Britain. How fortunate that I've just got my nano-violin back from its tune-up.

Still, that don't look like no 'hood to me. Could it be we're dealing another two-faced liberal rat weasel? Yes, indeed, but now it's worse than ever. At least when libs are jetting in to tell us all to holiday in Blackpool, no one actually gets shot. Meanwhile, it turns out that one of the country's most prominent racial arsonists has managed to acquire a shedload of cash - then used to it to head off way the hell away from any enrichment-related activities. This must be what they mean about keeping it real.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Monsters of No Apperance

I've said it before and I'll doubtless say it again, but reading the British press these days is like reading Pravda in the Cold War. Just as you had to be able to read between the lines to work out just who was up and who was down in the Kremlin, so British newspapers may as well start printing stories like this in double-spaced format so readers can fill in the gaps themselves.

Seems Like A Nice Boy

Famous non-terrorist Moazzam Begg has found a new outlet for his artistic leanings. It's a video game in which a teddy bear has to rescue all his chums from an evil wizard who's trying to take over Toyland. No, wait... this is it.

I'm telling you, I'm just shocked - shocked - to find Moazzam Begg involved in producing Islamofascist propaganda. Doubtless, the game will doubtless flop, given that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving, right? Of course, that does lead onto the next question: what are the odds? For a bunch of racist buffoons who just want to victimise peace-loving Muslims, it's amazing how every time the completely innocent victim picked up at random turns out to exactly fit the profile of a hardcore terrorist.

Right about now, I'm thinking it's going to be simpler to keep track of all those liberal baby seals who haven't turned out to be utter scumbags. Still, let's check the scores on the doors: the BBC won't interview whole swathes of right-wing commentators because of The Extremism but a man who produces Islamofascist murder fantasies strikes them as an entirely credible witness. Come to think of it, if it's true he has a financial stake in the game, what with all the appearance fees and free publicity he had over the years, you can make a case that our licence fees may have indirectly helped fund terrorism.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Felons Need A Voice Too!

Possibly sensing that day after day of posting variations on the theme of 'Ten thousand and sixty-SEVEN pounds, actually' wasn't really helping the MPs expenses scandal go away any faster, the Reverend Dale has decided on a new line of attack.

Yep, seeing a felon get a hard time might discourage women from standing for Parliament. Or possibly felons.

Hmmmm... I guess robbery is no excuse for rudeness. Still, I can't help thinking that back in the day, the Nu Tories thought colourful rhetoric was just part of the fun.

They Must Have Been Mythtaken

Another despatch from the parallel universe of the BBC, and it's a lu-lu.

Like Laban says, what definition of normality are we talking about here? Plus if the town is a quarter Muslim, it's isn't 'greatly divided'. I'm guessing most Infidels are pretty clear about where they stand on the whole slavery question - and we'll have to keep guessing since the BBC never gets round to interviewing any of them.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, right now the BBC refuses to cover the BNP because of The Extremism! but it also runs stories giving both sides of the slavery debate a fair crack of the whip. If a Tory MP suggested beating lazy wives there wouldn't be enough Novocaine suppositories in the galaxy to calm the Beeboids down.

But the real prize is who they choose to supply the closing quotes:
Musharrat Zia is the director of Practical Solutions, an organisation which works to challenge stereotypes and negative myths about different cultures.
Hellooooo! I think the whole 'case proved beyond reasonable doubt' pretty much suggest that it isn't a myth after all. Ditto, if the whole 'to enslave or not enslave' debate has split the exploding communidee, it's not a stereotype either - large numbers of them really do support slavery (y'know kind of like those right-wing loons always said they did).

This is the essence of BBC bias. It's not just about the incidental stuff like negative labelling of conservatives, unbalanced debates or the like. It's about a deep, ingrained belief that reality is whatever they say it is. This case has given the world a rare chance to look under the veil and confront the true nature of Islam, and the BBC's response is to demand 'who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes'?