Saturday, December 29, 2018

Doctor Who The Hell Is Still Watching This Garbage?

Spoiler Alert: the next episode of Doctor Who will feature The Doctor investigating the disappearance of large numbers of people - specifically the audience.

Mind you, judging by the public review scores on Rotten Tomatoes, the less people who get to see it the better as far as the BBC's reputation goes.

Meanwhile, MSM reviewers have eaten this up with a shovel. Or, to put it another way, people whose job it is to tell the public what programs are likely to be worth watching have been caught lying like rugs. I mean, they may all just be tasteless morons, but I can't help noticing that this only ever seems to happen to shows that push the liberal agenda. Equally, if there's no underlying political agenda here, how come they're so sure all the people who hate Doctor Woke are, like, total Nazis

Aside from anything else, this proves we really need a snappy word or phrase to describe the huge, great difference in review scores between woker-than-thou MSM drones and actual, normal people in these cases. How about Wokorrection Factor? Shills Gap? Scorechasm?

At this point, Respectable Conservatives usually roll their eyes and explain how it's just a kids show and conservatives should be concentrating on real issues, like tax breaks for megacorps and concreting over Britain. 

Well, back at you snoots: if it's just a kids show why have the left circled wagons round it? There are plenty of awful shows out there, why defend this one?

If the rise of Jeremy Corbyn proves anything at all, it's that politics is downstream of culture. You can't let kids spend hours a week watching liberal heroes take on a bunch of evil conservative caricatures, then expect to win them over at age eighteen with a few facebook ads. The left gets this in a way that too many allegedly brilliant professional conservatives don't.

Equally, it's a perfect example of who the MSM are. There are many complex issues in the world, this show is not one of them: it's just awful. All they had to do was review a TV show fairly but even nominally conservative outlets like the Daily Mail drank the kool aid. When you see how cravenly the MSM pushed this dumpster fire, you have the perfect metric of how much they have sold out their journalistic integrity for woke points.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Gatwick Plot Twist: The Police Are The Drones

Aka "Alexa What Would A Mr Bean Movie Directed By M Night Shyamalan Look Like?"

As I understand it, a major airport was closed down by an unknown number of flying objects, that may or may not be drones, and may not exist at all.

So I'm glad we got that sorted, and got focused on the real job: giving innocent citizens the Cliff Richard treatment.

Julie hits the nail on the head - is this really where the bar is now for the Filth?

If only Jose Mourinho had been lucky enough be assessed on the 'not actually committing a crime' performance metric. But no, back in the real world, people with jobs are expected to perform to actual, objective standards.

Meanwhile, in the best case scenario, we're asked to believe that - yet again - a senior police officer has been bamboozled by a random loony.

How long will we as a society allow naive, middle-aged police officers to be taken advantage of by smooth-talking nutcases? 

A vote of thanks too for the Umanrites industry. Yes, it *is* true that it's perfectly legal for police officers to destroy the lives of innocent citizens without even  basic due diligence, and that just about sums it up how useful the Human Rights Act is for real people.

Come to think of it, this point applies to pretty much the whole left. Innocent citizens have been subject to a home invasion, abducted and had their property trashed, and the left claims this shows how we need to clamp down on the people *reporting* on this. To put it at its mildest: overpaid thugs in blue victimising the innocent is not a convincing case against a free press.

The prize for Best In Show though goes to all the Filth Fanboyz out there sermonising about how the police have to investigate leads, when it's blindingly obvious that if any actual investigating had been done, it would have shown that these people were innocent after about five seconds.

Ditto - with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster - the argument that the police had to use harsh measures considering the seriousness of this case. That's literally the whole point. They weren't dealing with this case, they were doing the exact opposite. Every man hour and every pound spent (not) investigating the innocent is time and money not spent tracking down the real offenders - if indeed offenders there be. Police officers who claim to be investigating serious crimes when they're actually smearing innocent people are the moral equivalent of a hospital consultant booking bogus appointments in his diary then going off to play golf instead.

All of which brings me back to the central point. We now know from this case that all it takes is a bitter ex-girlfriend, cynical co-worker or even just a passing loon to make a phone call and twenty-five thugs in blue will break down your door. Meanwhile, the thugs concerned just have to make sure they don't get convicted of any offenses and they can stay on the gravy train all the way to a gold-plated pension. At least when the Chinese government charges families for the bullet used to kill their relatives, they hold a trial beforehand and only want them to pay for the one bullet. These guys break down your door at the drop of a hat then demand you support them for thirty years in retirement.

If the Tories want to know the real reason why so many citizens seem relaxed about a Marxist kook like Corbyn moving into Number Ten, it's that it doesn't seem such a big change when even a nominally conservative government is apparently fine with thugs in blue appearing on TV to sneer about how 'cooperative' their victims were. They feel confident to do this because they know that our castrato conservative party has implicitly accepted the idea that Britain should be like the first frame of an old Charles Atlas ad with the public as the seven stone weakling trying desperately not to catch the eye of the Big Bully State. 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Liberals Are Vampires

Liberals generally abort their own children, hence why they're so keen to brainwash yours.

It's how they breed.

Still, it's eye opening to see how blatant it can be. Look at this.

You've got someone whose life is a trainwreck, possibly shading into actual mental illness and Little Ms Celeb-Leftist's answer is that she should dedicate herself to remaking society from top to bottom.

Seriously, can you imagine worse advice for someone hovering on the edge of depression? Can you imagine more exploitative advice for someone hovering on the edge of depression? Don't try and fix your life, you're a victim of society so come and be a galley slave on the left's voyage to Neverland instead.

Remember, if you work hard, one day - Gaia willing - Mariella, Gary or Lily might 'like' one of your tweets.

Monday, December 03, 2018

As I Was Saying...

The Tories are still trying to terrify the public with the Corbogyman. Lest you be tempted to choose them as the lesser of two evils, here's Mark Steyn with a reminder that eight years of Conservative Prime Minsters has done nothing to deal with the most important issue of the day: the remorseless transformation of Britain into Not Britain.

 Hence, why I can't get too excited about Gerard Batten appointing Tommy Robinson as an adviser. Personally, I think it's bad politics, but on the other hand, who would be the respectable alternative to Tommy Robinson? As Mark Steyn himself has pointed out, if respectable politicians won't deal with the elephant in the room, then the public will turn to non-respectable ones.

We already have three parties hiding behind ludicrous euphemisms, like 'grooming gangs'. Meanwhile, in so far as Tommy Robinson was banged up for contempt of court, that means we've had more people jailed for reporting on jihadist rape gangs, than for actually assisting them. Police officers and social workers have destroyed evidence, buried crime reports and intimidated witnesses, without facing so much as the ghost of a charge. Turning a blind eye to outright corruption: that's what counts as 'Respectable Conservatism' these days.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tories Defuse The Corbyn Bomb

As I understand the Tory position, it's that we need to hand the country over to the EU, otherwise it'll fall into the hands of a bunch of Britain hating loons with totalitarian tendencies. 

I can't be the only one getting a distinct frying pan/fire vibe here. 

True, there's a difference in style: the Labour Party favours unhinged ranting, while the Eurocrats prefer to hide behind a legalistic smokescreen, but it all comes down to the same basic worldview and even specific policies. Is there any real differce between the EU and Labour on the following?

Open Borders


Leeching power away from the voters to unaccountable bureaucrats

Hatred of the US & Israel

Suppression of free speech, the free press and, indeed, freedom in general 

Und so weiter...

There is no better proof of the fundamentally corrupt nature of Professional Conservatives than that they either embrace or denounce the self-same policies, depending on whether they come from Corbyn or from some dude with a fancy accent. 

Some say the Tories aren't thinking any further than the next election. I don't even think that's true. Once the country's signed over to the EU, who cares which puppet stands at the dispatch box? You could have Ian Huntley as PM but if all he can do is read his orders from Brussels, what does it matter?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Quote of the Day: Strange Sense of Familiarity Edition

Ace of Spades is talking about US Republicans, but I can't help feeling a strange sense of deja screw:
Are we going to keep pretending that obvious urban, socially-liberal, economically-moderate establishment types who are always calling the actual conservative base "crazies" and "Hobbits" are the most conservative of all of us?
Or are we going to be grown up and start admitting that our alleged NeverTrump Super-Conservatives are just urban/suburban liberals looking out for the preferences of their fellow urban/suburban liberals?
Hmmmm.......that sounds hauntingly familiar. Professional Conservatives in the UK have spent most of this century selling out the conservative base and justifying it all with patronising lectures about muh electability and how the base needs to stop obsessing about wacky side issues. Suddenly, Brexit comes along and all bets are off.

Call it a wild shot in the dark, but I'm thinking leaving the EU might be a winning issue politically, what with it actually winning the referendum and all, but finally the Professional Conservatives have decided that there are some hills worth dying on after all. They've finally decided to stand and fall on their principles, such as.....

What exactly? How exactly do you get from conservative principles to defending the right of seemingly every member of the Kinnock family to a well-paid sinecure in Brussels?

Hey, this ought not to be a tough one for any actual conservatives: where does sovereignty lie? With the citizenry or with the snoot class? This should be like asking your local vicar who the dude was who did that trick with the loaves and fishes but apparently it's a tough one for members of the party of small government, free markets and liberty.

If the only thing voting changes is which particular members of the snoot class get to run the country into the ground, what is the actual difference between left and right anyway? True, Labour is a party of dim thugs, but the Tories are a bunch of corrupt perverts. Who really cares one way or the other if it all turns out like Monty Python's cafe, where you can have whatever you want, but it all comes with globalism.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Licenced Rebels

Who'd have thunk it? Liberals were still busy being outraged by the Grenfell Reenactment Society when a top lefty luvvie popped up to explain that poppies were 'racist' and 'white supremacist'.

If the murder of a cardboard box is actionable then I think this must cross the line but, curiously enough, there's no evidence that his bins have been searched. In fact he remains remarkably 'not arrested'.

Hey, at least the Grenfell Reneactment Society weren't actively advocating for more fires, meanwhile - in the context of the whole #punchanazi, no-platforming, lynch mob left - it's not hard to see why some people might think Bastani's comments were a tacit endorsement of violence.

Personally, I'm a free speech maximalist. Some people go the other way, and think the government can and should enforce virtue on people, but there is surely no constituency for what we have now, where Joe Public gets his house raided by the Joke Police at the drop of a match, but members of the snootocracy can be as foul as they want and all they get is the chance to posture as courageous rebels.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

You Will Be Made To Care

If only the Heretics D'Jour had asked my advice, I'd have told them to claim it wasn't a model of Grenfell Towers, it was actually one of the Twin Towers. Instead of facing a lynch mob, they'd now be  getting their own Channel 4 show.

Hey, is it just me, or does it seem like the having the savoir faire to navigate the fine line between edgy humour and offensive filth is just a subtle form of class privilege?  

Then there's the fact this all started because some SJW found the whole thing so offensively offensive that they had little option but to secretly record the whole thing and then upload it so other people could be offended by it as well, and then forward it on so everyone else would have the chance to be offended. 

Say what you like about Mary Whitehouse, but when she denounced the evils of Da Porno at least she didn't insist on posting everyone a copy of Anal Invader IV so they could see exactly how offensive it was. Meanwhile, it appears the left have turned into exactly the kind of curtain-twitching hypocrites they always accused us of being.

Come to think of it, the left are worse. Back in the days of government ministers proclaiming 'Back to Basics' while banging hot young things, at least they were getting something out of it - specifically, banging hot young things.  Leftists are happy to be judgemental hypocrites just for the sake of it.  

Talking of people who are full of it, in so far as the only issue is whether or not this even constitutes an offense, why exactly have the police started searching their houses, including the bins? What are they hoping to find? Evidence of a secret, underground network of satirists? Do they all think they're starring in '24' and they've got just 2 hours 34 minutes to stop the extreme extremists going online with a Youtube video featuring finger puppets called Diane Flabbot and Sadiq Khan't?

Nope, it's pure intimidation and a fishing expedition. They're trying to find something, anything, to stick on these guys, and meanwhile they'll rummage through their daughter's underwear draw just to show them who's boss.

By the way, if you're wondering how the Met found the resources to trawl through someone's bins, well, the answers simple: they took them away from investigating minor trivia, like stabbings. 

Misusing search warrants in this way is a genuine outrage against civil  liberties, but don't expect any of the usual suspects to complain about this. They're too busy being outraged that ISIS supporters who went to Iraq might be tried under Iraqi law. That outrages them, but the de facto return of blasphemy laws is a yawner.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The New Aristocary

Mark Steyn writes about an earlier referendum, with a point that's still relevant today:
This was an important victory for western society's real silent majority: those people who dissent from the notion that career politicians should carve up all the most visible offices of state for themselves. Some of this silent majority are monarchists; some believe in a directly elected president; a large proportion are just average contented folks who aren't obsessed about politics. But they have far more to bind them to each other than they do to the establishment republicans who believe that the presidency should be just one more gift in the ruling party's box of baubles. If Australian voters tell us anything, it's that a political state isn't enough. At heart, most of us are romantic enough to demand more — either the mystique of monarchy or the rawer form of democratic politics in which a man must embark on his campaign to win the presidency by pressing the flesh in the Elks Lodge. Constitutional monarchy and a US-style presidency don't have much in common — except insofar as, either way, you find yourself sitting next to me come early November — but both speak to something larger in a nation's sense of itself.
Exactly. All this talk of a 'United States of Europe' is giving them too much credit. No self-respecting Eurocrat would ever stoop to pressing the flesh with the common rabble. The whole ethos of the EU is that everything is the gift of the political class.

This is the one big advantage the Remoaners have over Leave campaigners. Leave voters in 2016 were happy that they won, then they went back to real life. Remoaners recognised their defeat as the beginning of the end. Look at who the lead Remoaners are: people like Alistair Campbell, Lord Adonis, Gary Lineker.... aka the Great Unelected, people who have never gone within a country mile of a ballot paper, but nevertheless made out like bandits.

To the point: some people favour small government, some support big government but - as evidenced by the Remoaners reliance on Project Fear atrocity stories - there's no constituency for government as a combined ATM and full employment service for members of the snoot class.

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Remember the rule: when liberals are enraged about something, but refuse to go into details, they're up to no good.For proof of this, consider the coverage of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Liberals and journalists - but I repeat myself - are enraged at the killing of A Journalist but won't go into details about who exactly he was.

You need to go to alternative media to find out the real story. 

'Journalist' doesn't quite cover it. More to the point though, what's the overlap between MSM drones claiming to be outrageously outraged by the murder of The Journalist Jamal Khashoggi and MSM drones who claim the legal harassment of Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins is no big thing because, hey, they're not real journalists anyway.

True, they might go to places and report on stuff, but that doesn't count as journalism because... reasons. 

There is no possible definition by which Tommy Robinson can be an extremist but Jamal Khashoggi isn't. It's not about extremism, it's about holding the approved set of prejudices.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Return Of The Greatest Living Englishwoman

I'm guessing you guys have been thinking the same thing as me recently, namely 'if only we had more chances to hear from Gina Miller'.

Good news, everyone! She's back and she's got a whole book full of Top Grade Super Genius available in all good book stores.... and all good pound shops, if you wait a week or two.

What's it about? What do you think it's about? It's what it's always about: the Everlasting Glory of Gina.
'For having an opinion and holding the government to account and ensuring they abide by the law, it seems I have upset people in an extraordinary way and it has unearthed a part of Britain I didn't know existed.
Yep, the bit outside the M25.

Maybe she doesn't realise this but, as a True British Heroine once said, 'it’s part of our culture to speak out.'

And particularly so when faced with such an unpleasant combination of victimhood and entitlement as Gina Miller.

Just occasionally the mask slips:
If you have money and work hard and dare to succeed you get put into a corner and must be quiet, which I find extraordinary.
 Will no one speak out for the filthy rich? 

This is further support for my theory that the New Left is just like the Old Right.

Seriously: you can just imagine the Caricature Tory Boy character coming out with something like this in some Godawful BBC drama.

Deeper point: this is what multiculturalism and the open borders lobby have done to this country. If someone had immigrated to the US and become filthy rich they'd call it living the American Dream. Here, we have someone who came here and got rich, but she's still a victim so screw you all. She'll take all the benefits of citizenship, but as long as there's one guy in Sunderland who fails to worship the ground she walks on, forget about her giving anything back to this country.

You'll never guess what she just remembered too:
As part of her new memoirs, Ms Miller also reveals how she was sexually assaulted by a gang as a student and how the ordeal turned her into a terrified recluse.
Say what you like about former UKIP leader and fantasist Paul Nuttall, but at least having a PhD and playing professional football are actual achievements, even if not ones he actually, technically,  achieved. Meanwhile every female politician in the country is suddenly recalling that time they got raped, 80% of them by Nigel Farage.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Tories Have Actual Good Idea

The figures are in, and it looks like the Nu Tory quest to sacrifice all their principles in exchange for muh electability appears to have been only partially successful - specifically they've managed to disown everything they once believed in but with pretty much the opposite effect to the one predicted by the Smartest People In The Room. 

Admittedly, the SNP are the only people in Britain who appear to hate the Union Flag more than the Nu Tories, but they're not an obvious example of the electorally damaging effects of patriotism. 

Still, if there's one thing Respectable Conservatives know how to do, it's doubling down on failure. They know what the real problem is: too many patriots in the party:
Ms Soubry  said: 'We are on a membership drive at the same time as the likes of Banks are urging members of Ukip and other hard Brexiteers to join our party to topple the leader and destroy government policy.
'I've called on the party chairman to end the membership drive until we can be confident we are not being infiltrated by people who are not Conservatives.' 
Yes, indeed:  they want to screen incomers to make sure they will make a positive contribution instead of causing trouble.

Sounds intriguing, huh?

Say, I wonder if we could apply this principle to any other areas of public life?

For those of you keeping score at home, the current Nu Tory position is this: strict screening for people who want to join the Tory Party, but not for the guy coming through Heathrow with a stripey vest and a large bag labelled 'Swag'.

At this point, who can deny that the Tory Party is anything other than an employment service for Metropolitan snoots?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Diversity: This Is What It ALWAYS Means

Don't be shocked everyone, but it appears that contrary to the spin from the MSM Eunuch Army, even Disney aren't convinced that the public is crying out for a bold new era of SJWised Star Wars. Otherwise, why so slippery about what it is that the 'Lucasfilm Story Group' actually does?

The always interesting Itchybacca at DSWID rounds up the many - many -  different explanations given for this group's role, and pieces together what they really do. 

Yep, Disney shareholders are paying for a deranged SJW version of Saudi Arabia's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice

That would be bad enough but as Itchybacca points out, this isn't a group of unusually PC movie people, this is a bunch of PC clowns who are barely qualified to make YouTube videos. They're obsessed with ramming politics into Star Wars because ideological purity is literally the only thing they're bringing to the table.

And that's how they lost $80 million on a Star Wars movie....

Thursday, August 09, 2018

You Can Say You Were There The Day 'Electability' Died

To borrow a line from the legend that is Ace, to British Tories the Earth is nothing but an infinite series of hills upon which one must not die. 

Everything is up for grabs with the Tories, all the family silver needs to be thrown overboard lest actually taking a position on anything damage da sacred electability....

....except it now turns out that 'electability' means ginning up phoney baloney scandals.

The sheer brass neck of these people! They've spent years pretending to be rock-ribbed conservatives who are desperate to push conservative polices, you guys, but they just don't think they're politically viable.  Suddenly, the cucks have the chance to try and shaft one of their enemies and all bets are off. 

They don't care about electability, they never did in any meaningful sense of the word. It was just a means to the end of throwing any actual conservatives out of the party so they can carry on treating it as a job creation scheme for vacuous Metropolitan snoots.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Solo: A Culture Wars Story

In amongst everything else going on, Disney have managed the impossible and lost money on a Star Wars movie... quite a lot of money in fact.

Not that it means anything though - which is why so many media SJWs have written about how it means nothing. That's what people do when something means nothing - write 800 or so articles about it.

Curiously enough though, Tom Cruise's Mummy movie bombed without any SJWs writing articles explaining why that didn't matter.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, this is just the latest example of the 'Get Woke, Go Broke' phenomenon. 

True, 'Solo' wasn't the spiteful screech of hatred that 'The Last Jedi' was, but it is still hobbled by woke messaging. Head Hag Kathleen Kennedy's feminism meant not only that the story was weighed down with strang, independent wimminz what don't need no man but also - in keeping with the weird zero sum mentality of feminism -  all the male characters had to be reduced down to chumps and caricatures... meaning that in a movie named after, and built around, the coolest character in the Star Wars universe, he was presented as a goofy, Jim Carrey style character, basically Ace Ventura: Space Pilot.

Still, Han got off lightly compared to another fan favourite.

Yep, these writers have got a whole galaxy to play with and  their idea of innovation is .... weird sex.

That's it, that's SJW originality in a nutshell: man-toaster sex.

And, yes, this is all in a supposed family film. Try explaining that to Junior.  Or don't bother, and  just stay home - just like everyone else did.

All of which is by way of getting to the wider issue. Lucasfilm under 'Kray Kray' KK has adopted an explicitly PC agenda, and especially an obsession with pushing muh diversity. The MSM fawned over them and critics were smeared as out of touch bigots who just didn't get that society had changed, but a funny thing happened on the way to Tatooine. In a better plot twist than anything in Solo, it turns out the public actually quite like squaresvillle white male stuff, such as coherent plots and likeable characters. Who knew? 

Say, that sounds vaguely familiar....if Lucasfilm had only been aiming to sell tickets to jaded, upper middle class media luvvies, this movie would have been a roaring success, but unfortunately for them they had to try and sell tickets to normal people as well. To the point, it turns out that pandering to the MSM and their crazy virtue signalling is no way to get normal people to turn out and support you after all.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It's The Moronberg Rally

To borrow a riff from the great Stefan Molyneux, the 'Trump ballon' was the perfect metaphor for the left's anti-Trump rally: way smaller than the MSM tried to make it out to be, it was a load of hot air that served simply to show that the Metropolitan left has all the cash, but no actual ideas.

The left wanted a show of force, but it turned into a show of farce. They claim to be for 'The People' but they can never get any actual, normal people to attend their little tantrums. Instead, there were the usual suspects:

 Public sector union thugs

Totes moderate, you guys, Islamists

Spoiled, upper-middle class brat antifa kids

And most of all....

Smug, Metropolitan remoaners

If you didn't, like, totally hate Drumpf anyway, the sight of these people protesting against him would have left you thinking better of the Golden Don. This wasn't virtue signalling, this was snobbery signalling, a sneerathon for the priggish and the privileged.

You don't need to be Sigmund Freud to see that reason they hate Trump so much is that they're projecting on him their generalised hatred of the uppity lower orders what don't Know Their Place.

In fact, the only people who really seemed to be impressed by this freak show were the Tories. On a weekend when normal people were reminded how weird and repulsive the modern left is, the Cuckservatives all but joined them in the street.

That's what we mean when we say the Tories aren't conservative. It's not about specific policies, it's their basic worldview. They might pay lip service to the idea of trusting people, getting the state out of peoples' lives and the like, but when it all comes down to it, they share the same basic worldview as the self-satisfied ponces marching through the street.

Hence, why they misread the mood of the country like this. They're not part of the country, they're part of a tiny sliver of the country, situated in about six postcodes in north London, and they think normal people are just ignorant chumps to be bamboozled every five years when an election rolls round, but otherwise ignored.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Certified Super Geniuses Search For Vegan Lion

The worst thing about Britain's professional right isn't so much their monumental arrogance, so much as the fact they have so little to back it up. They act like they're the Albert Einsteins of politics when it's blindingly obvious they're not even Albert Steptoe.

Hence why we end up with fiascoes like this.

Yes, indeed: the type of people who approve of an unaccountable, elitist, micro-managing super state tend not to vote conservative anyway, and vice versa. You may think that's kind of obvious but clearly these guys didn't. Then again, these chumps managed to blow an election against Evil Santa (he's got a beard, likes the colour red and comes into your house with his sack to seize your prezzies for redistribution to the workers).

I'm thinking their claims to genius status might be looking a little tenuous...

To the point: professional conservatives keep giving the base patronising lectures about the importance of 'electability', even while continually screwing up actual elections. No wonder they're Remainers, what else could they be?

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Remoaners Are The Wile E Coyote Of Politics

These guys seriously don't get why they lost. Hence, why every time they unleash some supposedly brilliant plan to destroy Brexit, they instead end up dropping a huge anvil on themselves.

A bunch of Julians and Cressidas carried out an investigation into the Leave campaign, then presented it to themselves, carefully considered their own evidence and announced that Leave campaigners were all witches. 

Honestly, at this rate the International Guild of Banana Republics is going to be writing to the Remoaners telling them to take it down a notch: seriously, guys, you're embarrassing hard working Presidents for least try and set up some kind of kangaroo court for plausible deniability

Yes, they've achieved their ambition of allowing the BBC to use the phrase 'fined by the Electoral Commission' every single time Leave is mentioned but they've also summed up perfectly what's objectionable about Remoaners. 

Like I've said before, the Remoaners are telling us what they really want for Britain. They're telling us they quite like the idea that anyone who falls foul of the Snootocracy gets dragged before some Committte for Public Safety and denounced as an enemy of the people. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us prefer our quaint British traditions like free trials, the right to confront your accuser and a jury of our peers.

This is not a small thing. In fact, it's the whole debate in microcosm. Either the citizen is free and the state has to make a case to intrude on that liberty, or the state is free and the best the citizen can hope for is to avoid catching its eye.

Ultimately, the point is that one side supports meaningful liberty, the other is arguing about what figure goes in which column.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

And Just Like That 'Culture' Ceased To Matter

As I was saying, the worst thing about the Usual Suspects blaming every single problem suffered by the white working class on the supposed evils of white culture is that they would never in a million years apply the same logic to any other group. 

Consider Exhibit A.

Yes, indeed. The food businesses in the country with the lowest hygiene scores are in Birmingham and Hyndburn in Lancashire, and the MSM acts like it's a real three pipe problem: who can possibly say what's behind this phenomenom?

Not the Daily Mail, that's for sure. The Fearless Voice of Britain illustrates the article with a picture of fish and chips... because that's exactly the kind of establishment where this happens.

It's gets dafter. Say what you like about him, but Stan Collymore at least states the point clearly. Black commentators are sell outs if they're inoffensive *or* if they're likeable. Basically, the only way to keep it real is to be an obnoxious thug.

At least he's in the clear then!

Personally, I admire him for stating openly what is merely implied by charmers like Diane Abbot and 'Detective Dave' Lammy (when not hunting for the hidden dead bodies from Grenfell). Stripped of their standard evasions and slippery euphemisms, these people have spent years pushing the idea that  dysfunctional insanity is the true barometer of black authenticity. But don't you dare suggest that might have any negative social consequences....

...because that would be RACISSSSS!

Monday, June 25, 2018

They Hate You

Good news everyone! The political establishment have finally found a culture they *don't* approve of. They treat the morality of female genital mutilation and rape gangs like this century's Schleswig-Holstein Question, but some people are definitely  - no pun intended - beyond the pale:
Over the past few years, there has been a long overdue debate about white working class communities in England, and why they have fallen behind.

‘We are having to grapple with the unhappy fact that many local working class communities have felt the full brunt of economic dislocation in recent years, and, perhaps as a result, can lack the aspiration and drive seen in many migrant communities.’
Well, you know... chicken versus egg.

I'm going out on a limb here, but could the contempt these people feel for the education system be at least in part because they sense that the feeling's mutual?

One poster below that article hits the nail on the head:
So, when white, working class boys don't go to university, it's because they're lazy; whereas when minorities don't go it's because of institutionalised racism. Hope you're all keeping up. And I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with all the educational resources being sucked up by having 12 different foreign language translators in each classroom and six different culturally-sensitive school dinner options every day.
Yep, ethnic students get Black History Month, native students get Muh Slavery, Muh Colonialism and Muh Hitler.

The same attitude runs through the whole system. When ethnic students succeed, it's time to celebrate the empowerment, when white students succeed, well, duh! It's just their white privilege coming through.

At a very basic level these kids work out early that they can't win: they're either losers or oppressors. No other option is available.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Why Don't More People Do This?

You can tell how badly the attempted show trial of Aaron Banks went by the fact the usual suspects have never mentioned it again. 

I enjoyed it as much as anyone, but I’d probably have gone the Dominic Cummings route myself.  Either way, these guys are making an important point and it goes to the heart of the case for Brexit. 

In large parts of Europe – and here if the Remoaners get their way – it is doubtless perfectly normal for members of the political establishment to drag law-abiding citizens before phoney baloney Committees for Public Safety to face charges of ‘being a suspected person’ and the like.

Meanwhile, round here we have Magna Carta and all that follows from it. If the state wishes to impose on the freedom of its citizens, it has to prove they committed an actual, real offense. 

This is not a small thing. Are law-abiding citizens *actually* free, or are they just provisionally free, subject to not falling foul of some twerp like Damian Collins?

You either believe in the right to trial or you believe in the right of the establishment to arbitrarily harass the citizenry. One side is clear about where it stands on this, the other is busy inventing conspiracy theories about Russians.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Existential Threat Of The Donald

Apparently, all it took was a successful summit meeting and suddenly The Golden Don has been transformed from Literally Hitler into Literally Chamberlain.

Don't be surprised if one of the left's more repellant groups rebrands itself the 'Start The War' coalition and Madonna and that tool from Coldplay get together to do a duet of 'Give War A Chance'.

Of course, it's just possible Lil' Kim has bamboozled the billionaire property developer, and only 20p a word liberal MSM writers are smart enough to see it, but how bad would it have to be for the deal to be worse than the Clinton era agreement?

Ah, yes: that would be the thing. For seventy years the Korean situation has been a running sore, now suddenly Donald Dumpf, Stupidest President Evah has made more progress than the whole of the foreign policy establishment, with all their fancy degrees from Georgetown U and their kill-me-now 50,000 word articles in Foreign Policy Snoot magazine.

There's a lesson in there somewhere. 

Monday, June 04, 2018

The Respectable Right Is Rubbish

Tim N rightly points out that the MSM's Licensed Conservatives sure seem comfortable with Putin-like behavior, providing it's aimed at enemies of *their* state.

In fact, it's worse than that. Say what you like about him, but Vlad never claimed to be one of those touchy-feely guys. Equally, whether he's Making Russia Great Again, or just stealing it piece by piece, at least he's thinking big.

Meanwhile, media conservatives make like they're Spartans at Thermopylae, fighting to their dying breath for muh justdis, muh umanrites, muh desensee... but ditch it all in a flash when there's a chance at a crappy newspaper column with some ludicrously self-aggrandising tagline like 'Jeff Tossari: The Man Who Calls It Like It Is'.

Of course, it's not just a British thing. From the sidebar at Ace's place:
Thought: Although conservatism argues for a lot of specific policy goals, there has always been a large part of what we call Republicanism that has never been anything more than a reflexive, steadfast defense of vested caste/class interests. We are entering the second year of discovering which "conservatives" have always been motivated primarily by what might be called Ruling Class Republicanism.
He expands on it here:
If there is going to be a law, then the law shall apply to all.
If the law does not apply to all, then there shall be no law at all.
This is not a novel, hard-to-understand, or revolutionary idea. We demand that we be treated equally. If a rule shall be inflicted on us, then we demand it be inflicted on the High Caste as well. If it is not to be inflicted on the High Caste, then we reject the rule as not a rule at all.
A rule which does not bind all men equally is not a rule. It is merely a partisan weapon.
It is, in fact, a marker of Caste privilege on the positive end and Caste disfavor on the negative end.
Why should anyone arbitrarily pushed into a Deplorable Caste willingly prop up the system of burdens and forbiddances which define the caste? Why wouldn't someone suddenly made into a member of a newly-invented Deplorable Caste by a newly-invented Media Aristocracy Caste reject the badges and markers of the Caste system wholesale?
I think what he means is kind of like where the courts decide some guy live streaming on Fakebook *near* to a courthouse is a terrible threat to justice, but a defendant being deprived of meaningful legal representation and instead being 'represented' by a government-appointed shill lawyer is just one of those things, you guys.

This is the bit our supposed betters just don't get. They really think we're too stupid to notice the contrast between their rote denunciations of the predators ('obviously, we all oppose gang rape...') and their frenzied ranting about the 'knuckle-draggers' who dare point out the utter failure of the legal system to deal with systemic sexual terrorism. Apparently, everyone - everyone - who finds this case a little fishy is a Nazi, but they're damned if they can find any underlying philosophy motivating the rape gangs....

These people genuinely think they just need another ten or so sneery articles about Tommy Robinson's past and the public will start to trust them again. They don't understand that the more they point out the skeletons in Robinson's closet, the more they're condemning themselves. No matter how bad this particular individual is, when it comes to the real issues, increasingly large numbers of the public still find *even him* more trustworthy than the Julians and Hugos in the MSM.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Princess Leia > Princess MeAgain

It's not all bad news! At least now we have an actual SJW Princess no one can deny the true nature of Social Justice Warriors. She's a princess, but then they're *all* princesses. They're pampered brats sneering at the lower orders for their crude ways. Back in the day, these people sneered at folks who didn't know what knife to use, now they sneer at people who don't know the correct term for a transsexual sex worker from Bangkok. Either way, it's all about the supposedly enlightened, and definitely privileged, mocking the unenlightened masses.

As Aussie writer Tim Blair said about Michale Moore, they're not standing up for the little guy, they're standing up *to* the little guy.

 For further evidence, consider that Social Justice Warriors have now decided to throw their hand in with the perfect example of a Bad Corporation. Hey, has anyone noticed that the US extends copyright law every time Mickey Mouse gets close to going out of copyright? Better question: has anyone not noticed? It turns out that having Congress acting as a fluffer for a big corporation is exactly what 'sticking it to the man' means.

 Unfortunately, back in Realville, it turns out that calling everyone in the world 'Nazis' turns out to be no way to get them through the door. Apparently, people who go to 'Star Wars' movies want to see a 'Star Wars' movie not an SJW nightmare where familiar characters wander in just long enough to hand off the story to empowered super girrls.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Prince And The Ho Girl

Just to clarify for anyone who misheard it the first time, Prince Harry has been made Duke of Sussex, not Duke of Cuckex.

Meanwhile, it turns out that even the supposedly devil may care rebels at Paddy Power aren't taking bets on how long it will all last...although that might not be down to lack of courage so much as lack of anyone stupid enough to bet on it going north of seven years. But this is about much more than another case of our alleged elite assuring us that there are no such things as 'icebergs' while sane people quietly make their way to the lifeboats.

Most political issues are fairly remote from daily life, but this fiasco gets right to the heart of modern culture. Take note of how all the alleged experts agree that Harry is the very model of the modern man. Never mind that sooner or later they will retcon him into the Worst Husband Ever, right now he's the pin up boy for the Guy Doing The Right Thing - and he's doomed.

Of course, it's not all bad news: some people serve as examples to inspire all who come after them, while others serve as cautionary tales. His Grace, the Duke of Cuckex, is firmly in group two but at least there's no room for ambiguity here. This is going to be a train wreck of epic proportions and that being so, soon no one will be able to avoid the elephant in the room.

Some people use a matrix analogy, and talk of blue pills and red pills. They mean in the sense of choosing between the blue pill, aka the comforting lies of modern culture, and the red pill as the brutal truths of modern life. It's a bit like, say, the choice between believing that you can have a successful relationship with an aging slapper who has successively ditched her family, her friends, her husband and even one of her dogs (her dog!), and realizing that, as the philosopher Louis D'Cris once said, you can't turn a ho into a housewife.

To the point, if there's any truth in the pretty lies of our feminized PC culture, then a war hero, nice guy and bona fide *prince* surely ought to be able to have a successful marriage.

There aren't, so he's screwed, and not in a good way.

That's not to say that you need to necessarily present Junior with all three of Rollo Tomassi's books on his thirteenth birthday, but we have to acknowledge that sending out young boys into our toxic culture without at least a basic understanding of red pill principles is a form of child abuse. If nothing else, they need to know enough to avoid women with more red flags than Anfield on match day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Quote Of The Day: Talented Footballer Edition

Douglas Murray with THE perfect summation of the, errr,.....  London situation.
Everyone in New York asks about the knife crime in London. I tell them it won’t be sorted out because we’ve already decided what the causes can’t be.