Monday, March 28, 2022

Annnd It's Still Not About Slavery....

For possibly the first time ever, I actually think the race hustlers have a point. Bearing in mind that everyone knew he'd have to address the issue of slavery when touring the Caribbean, surely Prince William could have come up with something less pathetic than this? 
This is complicated, the issues themselves aren't complicated. All the repercussions if diplomatic relations and dealing with other countries and other organisations are extremely complicated.
Just kidding! 

That's actually leftist pin-up Gareth Southgate talking about the slavery that's happening RIGHT NOW in Qatar. 

No wonder they're talking about Southgate as a potential Labour MP - that response was truly Starmeresque. I can't wait to see what he thinks a woman is!

Apparently, Prince William is required to all but self-immolate to make up for slavery two hundred years ago, but champagne socialist Southgate can get away with generic blather like this safe in the knowledge that no one in the access media will ask him any difficult questions about his absurd position. 

Ditto - with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster - race hustlers like Raheem Sterling, Tyrone Mings and their pals. The MSM have spent years ignoring their sponsorship deals with extremely dodgy leisurewear companies and they're not going to start asking awkward questions now. 

On the plus side the good thing about having your clothes made in Chinese labour camps is that you don't have to worry that you'll get a badly produced shirt just because the slaves were slacking off on a Friday afternoon. 

Meanwhile, back in the real world, if the England team held a minute's silence for every slave killed building the World Cup stadiums, they'd be there for four and a half days. On the other hand, there's no evidence that any of the dead ever held a gun to pregnant woman's belly like St George of Floyd, so why should we bother commemorating such losers anyway? 

Besides, you know, it's complicated!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

I Don't Think It's The 'Slavery' That's The Issue....

Nothing to see here, just the Church of England putting up a monument to a slaver...and you probably will guess why. 
What the Cathedral describes as 'a bold new artwork' is a twelve-foot-tall bright red effigy of the ruler of the African kingdom of Benin, Oba Ovonramwen, who was deposed by a British expedition in 1897. There is no doubt about the celebratory intention of this work: its artist, Victor Ehikhamenor, describes it as 'reawakening Oba Ovonramwen and every other person that was violated during that oppressive attack on the Benin Kingdom.'
Yep, sometimes it's so blatant even The Cucktator has to acknowledge it.

Wait until someone tells this Victor guy about the oppressive attack on the Confederacy. 

For now though, I note a complete lack of effigies of Jefferson Davies in Anglican Cathedrals. 

Thursday, March 10, 2022

It's A Big (Football) Club And You Ain't In It

Ah yes, the Football Association, where soccer is a mere backdrop to the real business of pandering to the chattering class.

First up, let's see how black stacks up against gay in FA Victimhood Poker: 

Middlesbrough defender Marc Bola has been warned and ordered to complete an education course over a homophobic social media post from when he was 14.

Bola, now 24, accepted a Football Association charge brought after the historic tweet, written in April 2012 when he was a child at the Arsenal Academy, came to light last year.

Yeah, take that you fiend! Zero tolerance for children making a single offensive tweet even if it was ten years ago!

I guess that means gay beats black this time around. 

Don't be shocked though but the rules are a little different for the really important people:

The complaint has been dealt with in the strictest confidentiality inside the FA, who are understood to have offered guidance and advice to John. 
The informal letter cites a number of instances where the employee believes John has over stepped the mark. 
John, in the complaint, is accused of shouting, being dismissive, giving unjust criticism, using aggressive tactics and malicious behaviour.
Yep, she's promoting diversity one Downfall video level freakout at a time. 

In a statement released to Sportsmail, John said: ‘At the heart of who I am, I’m an activist and am direct in my communication style.

Yep, just what football needs: an activist. 

Hey, is it worth asking if, say, the people in the Northern Wall get any activist representation or is that the wrong kind of activism?

As a senior Black woman joining the football-industry in the middle of a pandemic, I am honoured that The FA empowered me to try to be a change agent. 
‘A challenge of driving change is that sometimes, I have to be uncomfortably direct. I ask the questions that no-one wants to ask. I have difficult conversations about topics that people haven’t engaged on for centuries and doing that can mean pushing boundaries and people.
Yep. Centuries, my dudes, Centuries. 

Actual founding date of the FA: 1863. 

She clearly has a deep love and passion for our national sport. 

Also: maths is racisss!
‘I have and always will listen to feedback and continue to grow daily as a leader and I hope that the leeway and scope that we as society afford strong, opinionated and vocal Black women continues to grow with me.’
Hey, is it just me or are other people beginning to suspect that she may be both black and a women?

I keep picking up subtle hints.  

Still, if that's the way she wants to play it, what does she think about the time black footballers were caught hanging out with a racist loon?

Any comments, Ms Activist? 

Or how about the time one of Britain's top clubs tried to destroy a man's career with bogus accusations of racism? 

Is the FA now officially neutral on whether or not referees have the right to do their job without fear of retaliation? 

Big clubs pressuring match officials to give decisions their way seems like it could be even more important than naughty tweets. 

And then there's her other claim to victimhood. What does she think about the  situation at Aston Villa? One of their highest profile players slimed the most senior women in British politics using racially-tinged and certainly misogynistic language. 

Does Ms Activist really think women who say things men don't like are provoking trouble or should England footballers maybe try and sound less like the average wife-beater? 

Hey, I only mention it because  it turns out the same club has had a player convicted of a brutal, possibly racially aggravated, rape. 

As Oscar Wilde might say, to hire one misogynistic moron may be unfortunate, but to have two on the books looks like a cultural issue (and he was gay so his view counts double).

But, no, apparently, she's not always 'vocal'! Either that, or she has no strong opinions one way or the other about the whole 'rape' thing (and don't you dare ask her how she defines a woman). 

Then again, why would she not slither away from any difficult issues? When even the supposedly 'right-wing' Daily Mail won't carry any criticism of her without immediately undercutting it with her own self-glorifying twaddle, it's not like she has anything to fear from the palace eunuchs in the MSM. That's the real issue here. 

The fact she is an obnoxious race-hustling piece of crap is her problem, the fact that our demented society has allowed her to make a life and living from it is our problem. 

Saturday, March 05, 2022

Ukraine? What About Mekraine?

Looks like not everyone is onboard with the sudden pivot to all Ukraine, all the time:
Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine could trigger a Covid surge, the editor of a top medical journal has warned.
Honestly, these people are insufferable! They're like 1980s pop stars still trying to trade on their 15 minutes of fame. 

The thing I always remember most about working with Elton was....

Stay strong guys! They'll be a Channel 5 documentary looking back to the good old days of Covid sooner or later. Start polishing your anecdotes now. 

But let's not accuse this guy of just being a self-obsessed grifter - he's also a woke prat:
He warned that 'the burden of war falls mostly on women and children', with 10million children aged five and younger having died in conflicts in the 20 years up to 2015
Yep, the men are all tucked up safe and loving it in the front line. Bunker? More like Fun-ker, am I right, girls? 

The one thing this whole fiasco has confirmed above all else is that our 'elite' are not serious people.

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

We Have The Elitism, Just Not The Elite

Things are looking pretty grim in the Ukraine but the good news is that the Russians have already lost 1,500,000 troops according to Neil Ferguson's modelling.

Yep, remember him? Back in the old days, when Covid was in all the papers until it suddenly wasn't. 

It must have been run over by a Russian tank. 

Also dead: misinformation. The usual suspects have spent the last two years insisting that only Very Special Certified Facts are allowed. Now suddenly the same folks are telling us that Boris Johnson is totally a Russian agent. 

Apparently, he's a Russian agent who was the first Western leader to send arms to Ukraine and took one of the most hawkish lines on sanctions so it looks like he's as good at being a Russian agent as Sir Kneelalot was at being Director of Public Prosecutions. 

As it happens, arms shipments from the UK started on Monday 17th Jan and Sir Kneelalot spent the next Prime Minister's Questions asking six questions about birthday cake, so you can tell the MSM is bang on about him being un homme serieux

Actually, it makes you feel more sympathetic to Professor Pantsonfire. His bad luck was that he was the one liberal who came out with some actual numbers so we can all see exactly how ludicrous his predictions were, meanwhile the rest of them spent years explaining that Trump was a loose cannon who needed to be replaced by savvy professionals like Joe Biden for the sake of global stability. 

And these are the people who call Leave voters uniformed idiots!