Wednesday, March 27, 2024

More Projection Than The Local Odeon....

Looks like crime's so low in the People's Republic of Caledonia that the McFilth have had to resort to policing hypothetical crime:
Police have been accused of targeting JK Rowling in a parody by inventing a fictional trans-hating character called Jo who believes 'they all belong in the gas chambers' in a hate crime scenario.
Yep, that would be the 'Jo' who's a massive Labour Party donor and Uber-Karen, but now they're trying to claim she's totally some demented liberal caricature of a right-winger.

Honestly, it's like a mashup of Taggart and the Self-Righteous Brothers. 

Still, I'm all about the equality me, so how about asking them what they would do if Jonathan 'India' Willoughby broke into Porton Down, stole anthrax spores and then hired an ice cream van and drove round south-east Inverness giving anthrax-laden 99s to passing school children while dressed as Amy Winehouse? 

Hey, you ever think about that one, PC McWoke? 


Will no one think of the imaginary children? 

Apparently, 'jihad' doesn't necessarily mean 'holy war' but everything the right says totally does - even if the rightists in question are identikit Guardian-reading bores like 'Jo'. 

Say, that sounds like something a bunch of creepy fanatics would use to try and bamboozle the public into supporting violent thuggery....

I mean I can't help noticing that all the actual, non-hypothetical, crimes appear to come from one side of the debate. 

Just who exactly is fantasising about herding their opponents into gas chambers, huh? 

They're not even hiding it anymore. A journalist for the BBC - of course - is openly fantasying about a 'Final Purge' - nudge, nudge, wink, wink - targeting people who [checks notes]... hate woke video games. 

Seriously, that's all it takes for a leftist to start fantasising about mass murder: not liking their rubbish, preachy games. 

These people are all nuts. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

That's Not What 'Random' Means

Friends, I thought the day would never come but here it is - I finally feel some sympathy for civil servants. 

Sometimes even I have to admit that their job can be impossible. Take the report that's finally come out re: the guy who went on a knife rampage. 

You remember.... the guy who went on a knife rampage in the Midlands.

No, not that, the one in Birmingham. 

Anyway, they've done a report into this case and the answer is....

Can you guess?
McLeod was known to be a violent offender and Ms Hunt said agencies had failed to communicate effectively and had not prepared properly for his release from prison.

Of course, preparation is kind of difficult when you can't acknowledge what you're preparing for. 

The BBC shows us two of the victims but not the other five - they're Victims Of No Appearance apparently. Say, I wonder if they have anything in common with the two guys shown? 

Nope, it's was all 'random' apparently - which is the line they were taking long before they even started on the report. 

Hence my feelings of sympathy. It must be hard to do a threat assessment for Fantastic Mr Fox when you're not allowed to use the words 'chickens' or 'hen house'.