Saturday, September 22, 2018

Return Of The Greatest Living Englishwoman

I'm guessing you guys have been thinking the same thing as me recently, namely 'if only we had more chances to hear from Gina Miller'.

Good news, everyone! She's back and she's got a whole book full of Top Grade Super Genius available in all good book stores.... and all good pound shops, if you wait a week or two.

What's it about? What do you think it's about? It's what it's always about: the Everlasting Glory of Gina.
'For having an opinion and holding the government to account and ensuring they abide by the law, it seems I have upset people in an extraordinary way and it has unearthed a part of Britain I didn't know existed.
Yep, the bit outside the M25.

Maybe she doesn't realise this but, as a True British Heroine once said, 'it’s part of our culture to speak out.'

And particularly so when faced with such an unpleasant combination of victimhood and entitlement as Gina Miller.

Just occasionally the mask slips:
If you have money and work hard and dare to succeed you get put into a corner and must be quiet, which I find extraordinary.
 Will no one speak out for the filthy rich? 

This is further support for my theory that the New Left is just like the Old Right.

Seriously: you can just imagine the Caricature Tory Boy character coming out with something like this in some Godawful BBC drama.

Deeper point: this is what multiculturalism and the open borders lobby have done to this country. If someone had immigrated to the US and become filthy rich they'd call it living the American Dream. Here, we have someone who came here and got rich, but she's still a victim so screw you all. She'll take all the benefits of citizenship, but as long as there's one guy in Sunderland who fails to worship the ground she walks on, forget about her giving anything back to this country.

You'll never guess what she just remembered too:
As part of her new memoirs, Ms Miller also reveals how she was sexually assaulted by a gang as a student and how the ordeal turned her into a terrified recluse.
Say what you like about former UKIP leader and fantasist Paul Nuttall, but at least having a PhD and playing professional football are actual achievements, even if not ones he actually, technically,  achieved. Meanwhile every female politician in the country is suddenly recalling that time they got raped, 80% of them by Nigel Farage.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Tories Have Actual Good Idea

The figures are in, and it looks like the Nu Tory quest to sacrifice all their principles in exchange for muh electability appears to have been only partially successful - specifically they've managed to disown everything they once believed in but with pretty much the opposite effect to the one predicted by the Smartest People In The Room. 

Admittedly, the SNP are the only people in Britain who appear to hate the Union Flag more than the Nu Tories, but they're not an obvious example of the electorally damaging effects of patriotism. 

Still, if there's one thing Respectable Conservatives know how to do, it's doubling down on failure. They know what the real problem is: too many patriots in the party:
Ms Soubry  said: 'We are on a membership drive at the same time as the likes of Banks are urging members of Ukip and other hard Brexiteers to join our party to topple the leader and destroy government policy.
'I've called on the party chairman to end the membership drive until we can be confident we are not being infiltrated by people who are not Conservatives.' 
Yes, indeed:  they want to screen incomers to make sure they will make a positive contribution instead of causing trouble.

Sounds intriguing, huh?

Say, I wonder if we could apply this principle to any other areas of public life?

For those of you keeping score at home, the current Nu Tory position is this: strict screening for people who want to join the Tory Party, but not for the guy coming through Heathrow with a stripey vest and a large bag labelled 'Swag'.

At this point, who can deny that the Tory Party is anything other than an employment service for Metropolitan snoots?