Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

I'm shocked - shocked!

Well, not that shocked. 

Who have thunk that allowing girls too young to vote to destroy their class mates' lives with no requirements for evidence or consequences for lying could turn out badly? 

Actually, the boys really impress me here. They've spent nearly a decade mired in the feminist gulag of the modern education system - yes, even, and perhaps especially, in these snooty schools but they've still got the right answer anyway, even as people like this cow doubtless try and convince Young Master Frog that there's no need for him to keep his distance from Ms Scorpion. 


Uh oh! Looks like the original story has got the memory hole treatment! 

I guess we'll never know if it's true or not that pupils at a top co-ed boarding school are self-segregating so the boys only eat with the boys and vice versa. Still, it would hardly be an isolated incident if it were true. The Mike Pence rule is real. 

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Live By The Victimhood...

Like many people, I've been on the edge of my seat watching the latest revelations about Noel Clarke.  

Honestly, I can't wait to see how a black guy accused of sexually harassing women turns out to be the fault of white men. It's the most compelling thing he's ever produced! 

Although, now I think about it, I did like that one where a hot white girl instantly jumps into bed with his character.

No, wait... that's everything he's ever done. 

I mean, I'm not saying it's a red flag or anything, but the fact this guy can't write a birthday card without including a sex scene between his character and a white chick does suggest a certain worldview. Even Woody Allen was more subtle and - how can I put this politely - this guy's no Woody Allen. 

Also, Woody Allen characters can go more than two minutes without referencing the Holocaust or encountering anti-Semites from central casting. Meanwhile, this guy's become a multi-millionaire celebrity through whining about how a brother can't get a break in the United KKKingdom. 

Oh yeah, and he was due to be given a lifetime achievement award - at age 45. 

Of course. 

Hey, you know who really can't get a break in the UK? Anyone who wants to practice actual journalism! Hence why we can't get a single interviewer in the whole country who will ask this guy what *would* count as getting a break? What would he have done if he wasn't held back by racism? Become a billionaire and been appointed King? 

Someone needs to ask him that. Until then, I'll just enjoy the show. 

Hey, normally I'm sceptical about the whole Me-Too stuff, but in so far as he's been accused of actual, specific acts in specific places with actual victims, these claims are approximately 1 bazillion times better sourced than his constant claims of super-secret raciss conspiracies designed to prevent the Greatest Filmmaker Evah from ascending to his rightful place in history, so you know, sauce for the goose....