Monday, December 29, 2008

Killer Jews Slaughter 14 School Kids

Just kidding!

While the MSM combs through the Gaza Strip in search of orphan kittens killed by Israeli strikes launched for no reason at all, back on Earth this sort of thing passes with nary a whisper. I guess it would need some kind of visual hook to make the news, y'know, like actual video of the attack.

Quote Of The Day

VDH on the new class war:
A few generations ago, Democrats would have opposed Palin but appreciated her blue-collar story, and applauded a working mom who out-politicked entrenched and richer male elites. But now the new aristocratic liberalism has adopted the values of the old silk-stocking Republicans of the 1950s—and so zombie-like worship rather than question entitlement.

Evil Banks Lending Irresponsibly Irresponsibly Not Lending

I guess the credit crunch must be easing after all. Now the usual suspects are complaining that the evil banks aren't lending enough money. Hmmmm... that's not exactly what they were saying back in the day.

You know what'll fix this? An enormous bureaucracy. We could call it something like the 'Financial Services Authority' and site it in the most expensive office development in the entire universe. That'll help.

Stupid Hippy Fired, Liberals Outraged

Not to give aid and comfort to the enemy, but if teachers are determined to try and convince people that they really are committed professionals, and not just geriatric adolescents, they might want to try not closing ranks round every unprofessional slob in the staff room.

It gets better:
A PE teacher who was sacked for wearing trainers in class has criticised the Government for promoting the "corporatisation" of the capital's schools.
He's not a slob! He's protesting against the system, maaaaaan!
The 57-year-old, of Canning Town, said: "Children would much rather have a good teacher who wore trainers than a bad one who was dressed like a businessman.
Yep, the kids are being educated by people who sneer at folks with actual jobs. Is it time yet for another 100 articles about how teachers don' get no respect?
"Pupils learn best in an atmosphere where they feel comfortable and not in a corporate, office-like setting, so I really don't like the way that education is going."
So we have a 57 year old man who's enraged! that he has to follow his managers orders even though he doesn't agree with them. Yep, it's a mystery why the kids are so screwed up.

Liberals Shocked! Pope 'Catholic'

Don't be shocked, but the Reverend Dale has had a squealing fit. He's claiming that His Holiness's Christmas message proves he's a really big Nazi.

Given Dale's penchant for creative writing, I thought I better check the original text and, wouldcha'believe it, it turns out....

Just to run through the scores on the doors: His Holiness suggests we need to protect the social environment as well as the physical one - a point which surely comes under 'Blindingly Obvious' even for those of us who don't play a conservative on TV - and Dale calls him a Nazi. Hmmmm...remind me again which side of the debate keeps yammering about 'hate speech'?

See, this is kind of the point: if even the most tepid support for sexual restraint sends you into an unhinged screaming fit then, yes, you do have a problem with morality. You certainly have a problem with any recognisable form of Christianity.

But no: apparently, 'True Christianity' turns out to be like 'True Conservatism' - whatever Dale and pals say it is that particular day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's That Time Again!

Yep, here they are again: Full Metal Elves.

Ecoloons 4 Crashes

I guess this is a win:win for them. They protect the fishes from salt in the water (????) and they take vehicles off the road. Who says ecoloons hate people?

Still Waiting For The Ramadam Rebuttal

I've got to admit I've always had a certain admiration for Channel 4's 'alternative Christmas message'. Something about the way it effortlessly combines a raging desire to stick two fingers up to everybody else with an utter lack of any actual message, it seems like the perfect distillation of modern liberalism.

Of course, back in the day Channel 4's wadical webelliousness mainly took the form of stupid puns, so we had Quintin Crisp presenting an 'Alternative Queen's Message' (geddit?), or we had a 'Black Christmas'. Unfortunately, as with much else in modern liberalism, it looks like they've lost the ability to distinguish bugging the squares from actual evil.

I'm guessing Mugabe was rejected for being just too cosy with the Establishment, maaaaaan. On the other hand... it is the season of peace and goodwill, and he's definitely the alternative to that. I just wish we didn't have to listen to these idiots congratulating themselves on their own transgressiveness when you know hell will freeze over before anyone on the right gets ten minutes to talk unchallenged about their views.

(And a tip of the hat to TDK for this one)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Social Workers: Not Agenda-Driven In Any Way

Well, I guess all this debunks any charges that social workers soft-pedal child abuse where dealing with it would damage the leftist agenda.

I guess beating Junior senseless is just one more of those wacky cultural quirks that do so much to enrich British life.

Anyway, the left prefers to engage with the RoP. Hey, how's that working out?
The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (Minab) - a government approved organisation established in 2006 - has set up a minimum standard for mosques which includes guidelines to safeguard child welfare. However, membership is purely voluntary and Minab has yet to recruit a single mosque.

Quote Of The Day

The Great Dalrymple on the liberal love of the scumbag:
Intellectuals need to say things that are not immediately obvious or do not occur to the man in the street. The man in the street instinctively sympathizes with the victim of crime; therefore, to distinguish himself from the man in the street, the intellectual has to sympathize with the criminal, by turning him into a victim of forces which only he, the intellectual, has sufficient sophistication to see.

What Forty Years Of Liberalism Hath Wrought

....people who can see through the whole 'weather' scam.

This is what you get when you mix post-modernism with the entitlement mentality. They're not arguing that the weather was just fine and it was all a huge fraud. Nope, it's pure hysteria, as though high volume outrage! can overcome facts. Why not? It worked for Labour for 11 years.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Battle Against Racism Proceeding Much As Expected

Hmmmmm.... race-hustling celebutard Estelle is complaining about The Racism in the media. I'd mock her, but I think she might have a point. What can you say about an industry where people can express overtly racist sentiments like this?
Adele ain't soul. She sounds like she heard some Aretha records once, and she's got a deeper voice - that don't mean she's soul. That don't mean nothing to me in the grand scheme of my life as a black person. As a songwriter, I get what they do. As a black person, I'm like: you're telling me this is my music? Fuck that!"
I bet Estelle is going to speak out against this bigoted loon any time now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Liberal Multiculturalism Is A Fraud

Liberals might wax lyrical about the wonders of non-western cultures, yet they're blindingly ignorant about them. That's why we keep getting headlines like this. For all their allegedly evil assumptions of cultural superiority, at least the nasty old Victorians were aware that there were, in fact, other cultures out there - liberals prefer to just assume that the world is full of folks just like them and all that stuff about killing Infidels is just a rhetorical flourish.

Quote Of The Day

Jonah Goldberg on shoegate:
There's a weird double standard buried deep in all of this, and I don't just mean the biases against Bush. When conservatives hold up unsavory Muslims or Arabs as representative of the region's problems, we're told how simplistic and two-dimensional we're being. But when the same sort of unsavory doofus behaves in ways that confirm liberal biases and coform to liberal passions, then suddenly this doofus speaks for millions.

Femiloon Round-Up

Now Sexist: Asking female employees not to put it all in the shop window.

Still Sexist: Any male employees caught window shopping.

Not Sexist: Running eighty bazillion articles on how a 'superwoman' has stuck it to those men in the City.

Now Sexist: Running articles noting 'superwoman' lost nearly 10% of her funds 'investing' in an obvious fraud.

Still Sexist: Refusing to throw out basic principles of law to ensure more rape convictions.

Never Sexist: Opposing the only change in the law that would unequivocally make it harder for rapists to practice their calling.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hollywood In A Nutshell

Don't miss the last line:

Lt Dan Now At Least 637% Cooler Than Even We Thought

Besides, you have to like a star whose photograph betrays such obvious embarrassment at his award.

Environmentalism As Hard Science Latest

Nope, not a religion at all.

Child Dies After Social Workers Rule 'Not At Risk', Liberals Enraged

Specifically, they're enraged at people mentioning the case.

Hey, like I keep saying, if social workers aren't a bunch of leftist kooks, how come liberals always close ranks round them? Note that in a shocking break with tradition these people don't engage with the substance of the charges, they just try and smear the critics. See, that's the whole thing: people are disgusted by the death of a young child after another brilliant decision by social services, and liberals are baffled by it. No one could seriously regret the loss of innocent life, so what game are they really playing?

Needless to say, when you look at the case itself, all the usual elements are in place. True, you can argue just how much could have been done to save the child, but social workers didn't even try. On the contrary, they reportedly took a 'positive' view of a pair of dysfunctional lunatics with a record of drug abuse and violence (including homicide). The bottom line is that this is just further proof that the criteria used by social workers to assess families are completely bananas.

Thanks to years of collective binging on the femiloon, pink, psychobabble kool aid, social workers are convince that the traditional family is a hot bed of abuse and, by 'eck, they'll got to any lengths to prove it. Meanwhile, anybody who can convincingly claim victim status gets a pass, with even violent insanity and drug abuse treated as just proof of authenticity.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Best Comments Thread Evah?

It's Christmas, and Mr FM's running through the classics!

Have Yourself A Very, Merry Winterval

Take that right-wing maniacs and your pathetic claims of a war on Christmas!

Meanwhile, also at that link, the Reverend Stephen Coulter besmirches a glorious name by banning the hymn 'O Little Town Of Bethlehem' because he considers the lyrics no longer appropriate now that Bethlehem is a war zone - y'know, as opposed to the oasis of peace and reason 1st Century Judea was.

Still, the winner of Best In Show is the Reverend Wriiiiiight, for remembering that 7th December all those years ago when America dropped the bomb on Japan.

Hey, how was Obama to know his spiritual mentor of 20 years standing was a complete loon?

Quote Of The Day

A cultural interlude, with Dirty Harry reviewing the remake of 'The Day The Earth Stood Still':
For Hollywoodists it makes sense for Reeves’ Klaatu to land in Central Park. After all, second only to themselves, New York City is the center of the universe. As a story point, however, this makes no sense. In the original Klaatu not only landed dead in the heart of American democracy, Washington D.C., but also in the heart of America itself as represented by a baseball field. For most of America (those folks Hollywood used to make movies for), the sight was an unsettling reminder of our own vulnerability, whereas Central Park ranks only as an unsettling reminder of how many bad romantic comedies Hollywood produces every year.

Liberals Against Diversity

How come we never need Depts of Social Work that 'look like Britain'? Instead, we have departments that look like the student's union from hell. Take this for the latest example.

Yep, someone who's married to the Mad Bomber gets to define what is and is not a dysfunctional family. What could possibly go wrong?
In that role [i.e. director of children’s services], she approved the forced removal of Mark and Nicky Webster’s three children, all then under five – a decision condemned by Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb as ‘an appalling miscarriage of justice’ and which has been highlighted by The Mail on Sunday.

The Websters fought a long battle to prove they had not harmed their children. Last year, experts agreed that leg injuries suffered by one youngster were due not to physical abuse but to a disorder that stopped him eating anything other than soya milk.
So someone who thinks terrorist bombers are cute, has no qualms about pursuing the innocent. Who's have thunk it?

This is what I keep saying: it's not about 'judgement calls'. It's about the fact that these people are fringe lunatics whose world view is completely out of the mainstream.

Gene Hunt Is Innocent!

Who says hipsters can't be religious? While the sane people are gearing up for Christmas, these guys are busy with the feast of St Jean the Martyr. Whether groovy liberals or prissy libertarians, the ostentatiously disengaged rollers-of-eyes have been getting ready to party like it's 1999.

Trouble is, the Great British Public is strangely unmoved by the fact ten morons, drawn from the electorate that twice voted for Livingstone as Mayor, have ruled that Kops Suck!!!!!!

Hence the hipsters' descent into madness. Still, at least some of them are keeping their heads, like libertarian Tom Paine, who writes this:
The witch-hunters cannot have it both ways. However much they may describe any attempt at rational thought as "...near-lunatic ranting..." If they are allowed to get away with their afternoon-TV, chav sentimentalism, what next?
I keed! I keed!

That was him criticising me for being too harsh on child molesters, but that was then and this is now, and 'chav sentimentalism' is in! My favourite is this bit:
This, even after the defence team walked out in protest and the bereaved family made their feelings clear.
I'm pretty sure Sarah Payne's family made their feelings clear too! Where exactly is the dividing line between 'addled, tabloid emotionalis' and boldly speaking truthiness to power? Hey, the cops thought that at any second a fanatic might detonate himself and take them - plus a carriage full of passengers - with them. What was the Parole Board's excuse?

We have actual, specific objections to the way the legal system handles paedophiles. We are opposed to the mainstreaming of paedophillia. We demand more accountability in the rehabilitation industry. We don't believe it's the government's role to help paedophiles insert themselves into unsuspecting populations. More generally, we believe the law should reflect the common morality, not the agenda of the supposedly enlightened, and definitely privileged, few.

On the other hand, what is it that these people are so ranty about? Say what you like about 9/11 Truthers, but at least there was a grandeur to their loopiness, there was Chimpy McHitlerburton blowing up the twin towers so the neo-cons could invade Iraq and steal their oil. 7/22 Truthers? Not so much. As far as I can tell, they claim there was a vast conspiracy reaching to the heart of government, all to kill a bogus electrician. Huh?

That must have been some bad rewiring job.

Ditto, for all that he wants to convince us that the operation proves that the police are knuckle-dragging, semi-literate 'chavs' with guns, wasn't the actual commander of this op, Cressida Dick, with her blue chip CV, friend of the Fortesque-Bouquets background, and Oxbridge degree just the epitome of Tommyism?

This is equally true of the organisational structure the police operated under. This too reflected the belief that the average police officer was a borderline moron. Individual units were cogs in the machine, expected to perform their specific task while exercising zero initiative. They could talk to HQ, but not to each other. Everything had to run through Czarina Cressida.

In other words, this operation proves the exact opposite of the point Tommy is trying to make. The problem wasn't chaotic, ill-disciplined thugs in uniform going on the rampage, it was a plan that demanded a tight, centralised control of operations yet collapsed almost immediately, producing the worst of all possible worlds.

The firearms team were kept in the dark until the last moment, then ordered to race forward and intercept the mad bomber just before he could complete his dastardly deed. Complaining that they hit the wrong guy is like complaining that the postman delivered stuff to the wrong place just because you put that address on the parcel (actually, that analogy only works if you also prevented the postie from talking to anyone else and the package was ticking).

We can speculate as to whether alternative structures would have served better, but they can't. The organisation structure used reflected perfectly the hipster view of the police and policing. Other structures might have worked better, but in so far as that would require Cressida, Tommy and the rest of their pals to trust the boots on the ground, don't expect that to happen any time soon.

Executive Summary: Gene Hunt was not in the building.

Of course, one big clue is this: we want to wage war on all child molesters. The hipsters? Well, like I said, how come James Ashley and Harry Stanley aren't featuring in any movies? Come to think of it, ridicule people for still be hacked off at the police's role in the death of nearly 100 people and you get to be London Mayor.

The Cult of St Jean is a rescue hypothesis. From September 11 to July 7, hipsters regarded terrorism as a punchline. As late as December 2004, Law Lord Hoffman was hailed as a hero for ridiculing the threat from terrorism and - unlike where conservatives are alleged to have said something stupid and it always turns out to be have been twenty years ago with no independent witnesses - he said this in court while striking down anti-terrorist legislation.

Right up until July 7, there was no easier way to affirm your status as one of the too-cool-for-school, fashionably cynical pseudo-intellectuals than to refer to the 'so-called war on terror'. Suddenly, with eight bomb attacks in two weeks, that joke had gone flat. It turned out that terrorism wasn't an invention of the neo-cons after all.

Hence, the sudden canonisation of St Jean the Martyr post-July 22. In less than a month we went from these people arguing that terrorism was a fraud, to terrorism being kind of bad, but not as bad as fascist state death squads roaming the land. As political sleight of hand goes, this shows a certain chutzpah, but the Great British Public isn't buying it. Hmmmm... seems like those 'chavs' aren't so stoopid, after all.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's 'Only Highly-Trained Employees Of The State Can Be Trusted With Firearms' Stories

Reason Number 256 why only certified state employees can handle guns: us proles can't be trusted to keep them safe & secure.

On the plus side, at least in that case no one got shot. Like JulieM says, even folks who've never so much as handled a .22 know that a) all weapons are always loaded, b) never point a gun at anything you don't want to shoot and c) only touch the trigger to fire. Highly-trained firearms officer? The average Army cadet knows better than that.

Quote Of The Day

Great line in the comments to this post over at Dr H's place:
I've noticed with the democrats I am always poor when they want a vote but rich when it comes to paying taxes or actually getting anything for my tax dollars.

Karen Matthews: Conservative Heroine

Well, why not? At least she's forced the MSM to break their Omerta on the underclass.

Hell, these people are second only to members of the religion of peace in the MSM's reluctance to actually let them speak for themselves. Nope, whenever you see someone getting interviewed about this, it's always some professional activist who explains what the underclass would say, if ever they were allowed on air.

Ditto, with swords, oak leaves and gold cluster, the news about just how much Karen Matthews was soaking the welfare for. If it hadn't been for this case liberals would still be insisting that these people were living in a Dickensian nightmare.

Femiloon Threat Analysis: Tiaras > Rapists

The Hackney gang rape trial has just finished and, amazingly enough, it turns out none of the assailants were Inuits or ninjas. Also, you may want move anything breakable out of range before clicking here.

Yep, you are reading that right: the longest sentence for participation in a brutal and sustained gang rape was nine years in a young offenders institute aka playstation prison. So that'll be three years in the metric system, and out in time to catch some events at the Olympics. The winner of 'Best In Show' was the sentence given to a 14-year-old scumbag who not only gets to keep his anonymity, but also scored 'secure accommodation for two years and five months because of his age'. So that's a year's holiday under the firm rule of a bunch of social workers.

I guess the femiloons would have said something, but they were across town dealing with the real threat.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Liberals: Elitist? Us?

Heh. I don't think it's the quality that puts them off bloggers.

My unqualified view is that if you're that good, you shouldn't need to wave a flag to tell everyone.

One Day, Son, All This Constituency Will Be Yours (Part II)

Labour: abolishing hereditary peers, inventing hereditary MPs. It's the People's Party all right!

Liberal: Hey, You Know Who's Just Like The People Who Killed Baby P? You Are!

Is anyone still taking Barnado's seriously? It's like the whole organisation has gone on a coke & sodium penthol binge, and now they can't stop telling us what liberals really think.

Take this latest example of liberal tourettes. That's how they really think. Born into chavdom? Destined to be a scumbag. It's a world view every bit as elitist as anything The Dave could come out with.

Of course it's all bait and switch. These freaks don't really want to write off the progeny of the worthwhileness-impaired and the morally-dyslexic, they just want to put the blame for the inevitable train wreck right onto you. We're not spending enough on penguins, see.

Femiloons: Finding The Nuance In Gang Rape

Not entirely refuting the argument that feminism is the ideology of spoilt, geriatric princesses, they're celebrating a historic victory by a talking hairdo. Finally, autocue jockeys will be judged on their skills not just their faded looks.

Meanwhile, we still have a virtual media blackout about a growing epidemic of gang rapes in Britain. I'm sure femiloons don't necessarily approve of gang rape, it's just that...well, you know:
The majority of victims [of gang rape] - 60 per cent - were white, while 28 per cent were black.

Scotland Yard identified certain characteristics among attackers. Around 40 per cent of suspects were described as Afro-Caribbean. A further 13 per cent were of Indian or Pakistani appearance.

Officers insist that this is not a race issue, simply a reflection that most gang rapes take place in the most deprived boroughs, which have disproportionately high ethnic populations.
So gang rape is most common in areas dominated by certain ethnic minorities, but there isn't a racial angle because the disproportionately high ethnic populations mean that most of the victims are white.

Well, I'm convinced!

At risk of stating the obvious, the refusal of members of the public to help the victim in this case, and the assailants' families obvious contempt for the law, arise from the same forces that lie behind this epidemic of gang rapes in the first place. To the point: femiloon have spent years detecting misogyny in everything in th world, but now we really do have cultures which regard rape as a perfectly acceptable tactic and femiloons don't want to know. They would say something, but that would put them on the same side as the right, and that would never do.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Journalists: Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

And anyway, who was it who decreed that ignoring the blindingly obvious was a sign of sofistikayshon?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fabulous! Quotes Of The Day

KS nails it!
What today's obnoxious gay brownshirts activists who dare to think of themselves as the next Rosa Parks don't get, is that Rosa Parks just wanted to sit at the front of the bus.

She didn't try to take the wheel and drive the thing in the opposite direction.
Kind of like this:
There are many different versions of the Bible; I don't see why we can't have one

Liberal Makes Amazing Discovery

Ho hum. Democrats win the election, and suddenly the New York Times discovers that terrorism might not be all down to America, after all. Who says the left are cynical?

Guardian Finds Guilty Person

Hallelujah! It had to happen eventually: the Guardian is enraged! by a show of support for someone they call a 'convicted criminal'.

Just to spell it out to the Guardian, Shields may indeed have been convicted, but a 'criminal'? Didn't the Guardian used to be in favour of actual trials? Still, let's check the scorecard here, guy captured by US troops on Afghan battlefield and sent to Gitmo: obviously innocent. Guy arrested in Fourth World hell hole and sentenced by kangaroo court: guilty!

It's actually an interesting question: is Guardian hack Daniel Taylor truly aware of how desperately he's having to scrabble round to try and make his case, or does this kind of bias just come naturally?
The FA's disciplinary department fined Norris £5,000 and is alarmed that Liverpool should also publicly back someone convicted of a serious crime and, in the process, open themselves to allegations of playing judge and jury.
Unlike the Guardian, which never questions the decisions of the courts.

For the record, Norris was fined for supporting somehow who really had committed an offence, which is such a blindingly obvious difference it probably explains why the Guardian can't actually quote a single named person from the 'concerned' FA expressing actual concern. Hell, you know it's gotten bad when the house journal of the elitist left is forced to cite radio phone-ins as proof of public concern.

The BBC: Finding The Nuance In Racial Harassment

In the comments to this post, interested of warks is listening to the BBC so you don't have to:
He teamed up with Diane Roberts to discuss the latest Russell Crowe movie, where Crowe plays a racist white cop who can't stand the fact that his next door neighbours are a white woman married to a black man.

It's apparently a very 'subtle' film where you end up liking the white racist and disliking the black victim. Good to see the Beeb really taking on those racial stereotypes in this review:

Diane Roberts: "It’s a very interesting film. It’s very unsettling. Russell Crowe is just terrifically watchable, but he’s frightening too. He’s just beyond the pale. We don’t know if he’s been driven mad by his exposure to American liberalism, or whether it’s living in this God-awful suburb where everything’s manicured… but he’s one of the best characters I’ve seen."

Lawson: "I agree. He’s very frightening, it’s fascinating and it’s a brave venture by both the writer and the actor I thought. We’ve had this tendency in American cinema to creat saintly white figures – understandably given the history of liberalism – but this is really daring. This invites the audience to dislike a character partly for reasons of his race and his racial attitudes."

Diane Roberts: "And his racism. I mean, he does not like for a young white woman to be married to a black man. Now, given this black man, I can kind of take his point, because this guy’s kind of useless. But that’s not the point. He’s not a saintly redemptive white man, thank God. He’s not going to teach the black people how to live. I’m so glad to see an angry – understandably angry – maybe crazy, we don’t know, ferociously rule-driven white man. This guy makes his children use perfect grammar, his children can’t listen to her iPod at the table… there’s all this sort of moral rectitude in his character that goes along with his rage and this misogyny…. I think the whole film, up until, ooh, maybe, the last quarter of an hour, is very subtle... You don’t know what to think. You want to endorse this interracial marriage, but you see some of the issues coming up and, frankly, you’re being forced to like the guy who seems a little crazy and not like the guy who’s a victim.
Well, it sounds familiar, but I think IoW must have got confused about a couple of details.

Hmmmmm.... all this from folks who never see anything subtle or ambiguous in opposition to open borders. Nope, that's racist all the way.

Actually, like JulieM, my favourite part was in the horrified references to dad having a downer on iPods and ebonics. Racial harassment of whites and supposed race traitors? They can see the upside to that, but iPod-free dining? Madness!

Oh, and one more thing: if these pretentious no-nothings are going to insist on calling themselves the 'creative community', could they just once in their worthless lives get through talking about suburbia without using the phrase 'manicured lawns'?

Tomat-o Tomat-ah

Don't be shocked, but Ross has caught liberals trying to mainstream deviancy.

Actually, I'm thinking what they're really about is indicting normality. Still, that's just two sides of the same coin. Liberals conjure up these fatuous proofs that everyone is guilty so they can let real predators off the hook, while harassing the innocent. After all, if there really are so many abused children out there, then that must mean child abuse is rampant in traditional families too, just like liberals have been saying for all these years.

The problem for the left is that pretty much all the risk factors for (real) child abuse are things they vigorously support: family breakdown, drug abuse, wacky third world cultures... Meanwhile, the only way liberals can provide proof of endemic child-abuse in traditional, working, native British families is to either define abuse down to absurdity or invent loopy theories about ritual abuse out of whole cloth.

This is why it's ludicrous for the left to defend social workers in the 'Baby P' case by claiming felons are tricky. Maybe, maybe not: the point is that these felons weren't. On the contrary, anybody except an agenda-driven kook looking at this wreckage of a family would smelled trouble right from day one. But no, that would be judgemental, where as using junk science to victimise innocent families is the very definition of social work.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Question D'Jour: Special 'Respectable' Edition

If it's us 'extremists' who are such a threat to social order, how come it's always the mainstream parties that turn out to be employing violent lunatics?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Guns Don't Kill People, MSM Witch Hunts Kill People

Thinking further about the possible role of Indian hoplophobia in the Mumbai massacre,it occurs to me that this battle not only debunks the supposed dangers of lax gun laws, it also exposes another favourite myth of the hoplophobes.

These people assure us that the public doesn't need to be able to defend themselves because, just as soon as the first shot is fired, professional law enforcers will descend upon the felon and bring him to justice. That would be questionable merely from first principles, but there's something deeper going on there. Allegedly supa-smart police managers to the contrary, you can't produce skilled firearms officers in a basically hoplophobic culture.

There's the obvious problem that in such a culture, firearms teams are going to suffer from shortages of both resources and talented personnel, simply through being treated as the mad woman in the attic of policing. More than that though, there's the fact the culture, both inside and outside the police, does not support the kind of aggressive action that's required to successfully deal with heavily-armed felons. To put it another way, consider the apparently bizarre news that many Indian police officers ended the day carrying as much ammo as they started with. Just why did they not even fire a shot?

Well, here's one answer. Turns out the police were already being raked over the coals for a shooting which the hipsterinders had deemed to be unnecessary, and so....

Wait, that seems familiar somehow. Say, anyone know if they're making a film about Rahul Raj?

No, wait: he doesn't qualify for the full hagiography - he had a right to be in India and wasn't a professional fraudster.

I guess we're back where we came in. Just as the MSM and the rest of the moral dyslexics carefully tot up crimes involving legally-held guns, but never those where available weapons would have helped save lives, so we will never, ever, see anyone in the MSM ask whether or not the deranged cop hatred and knee jerk hoplophobia amongst their colleagues contributed to the body count in Mumbai.

More Motard MOPEry

For your viewing pleasure, here's today's 'Islamic terrorism proves Muslims are the real victims' post.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Question D'Jour

In so far as the MSM insists that just about every act of violence in the US is down to lax gun laws, can we now put the slaughter of hundreds of people by less than a footy teams worth of Islamonuts down to India's lack of a Second Amendment?