Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just In Case You Ever Though PC Was Class War By Other Means...

How very dare a mere serf not treat the death of the Greatest Man Ever with the correct degree of respect!

Clearly they need a lesson in decorum from their betters!

I guess we'll have to file this under 'If Nigel Farage Had Done This...'

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Fictional Character Threatened By Fictional Problem

Bad news everyone: a guy who dresses up and reads stuff off a script is warning about the dangers of ManBearPig.

 I got nuffink!

Seriously, this is the perfect example of Ann Coulter's line that the left's biggest advantage is their resistance to parody. How can you satirise this? It's like they've sucked all the stupid out of the room.

These are the guys who call the right ignorant morons but I don't notice any of us warning that if green taxes aren't cut, Santa won't be able to heat his house properly and he'll die of hypothermia... except that actually happens to people, unlike Gerbil Worming which, much like Santa on Christmas Eve, covers the whole planet without leaving a single trace of its existence.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's The Future In HD

Yes, indeed, price hikes in fuel are all down to greedy capitalist pig dogs.

Ditto, poverty in retirement is all down to those meany insurance companies.

Likewise, the cost of legal advice is.... No, wait, it turns out that lawyers are hard working altruists and the government should just air drop blank cheques over Lincoln's Inn Fields until Hell freezes over. Still, that's obviously one of those cases where we just don't understand the nuance.

For every other line of business though, it's all aboard the John Galt Express to Caracas:
"I want a Sony plasma television for the house," said Amanda Lisboa, 34, a business administrator who waited seven hours outside a Caracas Daka store, similar to Best Buy. "It's going to be so cheap!"
What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Just Saying...

Hey, wasn't it just a month ago that liberals were outrageously outraged that anyone could criticise a veteran?

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

BSc MONA Studies

Is this not the most perfect example of modern policing you've ever seen?

How about a bit less emphasis on 'feeling safe' and more on actually being safe? But no, wandering wound with a guy in a blue body suit is one thing, but actually releasing useful information is a little.... controversial.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sauce For The Goose...

Don't be shocked, but the people who are freaked out by the idea that a country GP might want to own a target pistol think maniacs with guns are just loveable jack-the-lads.

Personally, I loved the bit where he claimed the family had no experience of the legal process.

Yeah, I'll bet.

 Not that it isn't always fun to see a member of the predator class whine about how they've lost their faith in the legal system, but I'm noticing a certain double standard here. The Scumbag In Question talks a lot about the truth, but never gets around to dealing with any actual 'facts'. You have to look elsewhere to see what they're really pushing:
In the months after his death Mr Duggan's family, along with the police and MPs, received an anonymous letter claiming Mr Duggan had been set up. Mr Underwood said: "That letter alleged that a Trident officer had hatched a plan with an informant to arrange for Mark Duggan to pick up the gun from Kevin Hutchinson-Foster. "The allegation was that the informant said he could persuade Mark Duggan to pick up the gun and then the police could catch him. "What the letter goes on to suggest was that that would lead to Mr Duggan being shot dead as anything less than doing that would reveal the identity of the informant."
He was set up by being forced to carry a illegal fire arm round with him. Hey, it could happen to anyone. Who hasn't been visiting a friend and had them say 'if you're going down town, can you drop this uzi off for me'?

 Still, since the Guardian is apparently taking seriously anonymous letters alleging huge conspiracies (which may or may not have copied in Messers Sue, Grabbit & Runne), I guess that means they can't really dispute intelligence reports so specific they even named the firearms supplier?

I mean, that is kind of the issue here: the utterly demented nature of the modern left, which wants us to believe any old nonsense put out there by violent thugs but disregard anything from anyone who might conceivably vote conservative.

Meanwhile, in related news, no one from this family has yet been offered a column in the Guardian.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Joe McCarthy Was Right

Like the Great Man said, if it was just stupidity, wouldn't random chance mean that these errors wouldn't always favour exactly the same cause?

Mind you, considering the demographic involved, 2000 non-existent people appearing from nowhere is standard practice. They're probably all on the electoral roll in Bradford.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

They Can Give It Out....

Surely everyone now knows that member of thr Inner Party are not to be quizzed as though they were commoners?

No doubt this will be the next bogus scandal after the Twitter Wars. Meanwhile, don't hold your breath waiting to find out how many times during his tenure the BBC ran shows featuring alleged 'consumer' journalists ambushing small businessmen?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Liberal Outrage: You Can't Say That (But They Can)

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that our would-be Twitter Police are graduates of the Al Gore School of Leading By Example. Apparently, threats of sexual multilation and AIDS gags count as cutting edge humour, provided you're really in with the in crowd.

They're not even hiding it any more, they really are arguing that they can say things other people can't 'cause they're, like, licenced media people.

All of which makes this call for civility halfway between the Duke of Wellington complaining that railways will allow the working class to move around and a consortium of buggy whip makers calling for a clampdown on the anarchic world of automobile manufacturing.

It's the perfect example of how liberalism has gobbled up socialism. Here we have the party of the left giving house room to a bunch of absurdly well-connected members of the New Class complaining that they let anyone on the 'net these days.

It's the perfect example of the fraud of political correctness. PC was always about giving soi dissant socialists an alibi for sneering at the lower orders. Keeping up with the absurd PC euphemism d'jour is just the left's version of knowing which knife to use for the fish course. Being unconcerned about the impact of open borders on public services is their equivalent of the old aristocracy professing to know nothing about 'trade', such proletarian matters are simply beneath them, doncha'know?

For proof of all this, consider the Twitter Wars Bandwagon Jumper In Chief: Stella Creasy. She claims to be worried, shocked, appalled and worried again about fellow media luvvies facing rape threats on Twitter, but what happened when girls in Rochdale were facing real rapes? The Criminal Protection Service and the Police buried these cases and where was Stella? Chaining herself to the railings, or happy to climb aboard the Good Ship Diden C Nuffinkguv? Need you ask?

Stella's the fearless fighter against fantasy rapes, who doesn't want to know about real ones. Truly, she is a heroine for our times.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

Well, apart from absolutely everyone.

Yes, indeed: it turns out that the law which was drafted to prevent this happening turns out not to prevent this happening. Or, to put it another way, us conspiracy nuts were right and the Nu Tory Party's fanboys in the MSM were either lying or insanely gullible.

Like I keep saying, every statement by David Cameron comes with a sell by date. This law was totes not going to impose on religious freedom, but that was then, and this is now, so no doubt we all need to 'move on'. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another Memeber of the Tiny Minority

Like I keep saying, if it's the right that's a hot bed of extremism, how come it's always the left that gets caught hiring guys like this?

On the plus side, he's 'reformed' - but he can't seem to say exactly what differentiates him from the jihadists save for some quibbling about methodology. and timescales.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mental case of No Appearance?

Hey, as the left always say, I'm just 'asking questions'.

Besides, I always like the way the left will effortlessly throw one lot of baby seals overboard as soon as some group higher up the Victimhood Scale is threatened. The left has spent years sneering at anyone crude enough to suggest that an off-meds schizo with a machete could possibly be 'dangerous'. Now suddenly it turns out that crazy is as crazy does. Loons, hey?

Don't ask what type of nut she was, or what particular form of madness could possibly have driven her to do what she did. The offender was nuts, hence she did nutty things, that's all you need to know.

Of course, this is all guesswork, but I can't help noticing we also have a sighting of the rare, yet increasingly common, VONA too. You have to google the original reports to find out that the victim was not, in fact, Somalian.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Yeah, yeah, all true: it is kind of sleazy the way the Usual Suspects are anxious to blame it all on 'The Government' without telling us which government, but how much sympathy can you have with The Dave?

Not only did The World's Smartest Man leave these people in place, but he actually made that one of his key selling points. The Dave explicitly marketed himself as a post-ideological PM, throwing those suburban squares with all their talk of 'culture war' under the bus, in favour of canap├ęs with fellow members of the political class like the CQC.

Now it turns out that liberal political hacks used their positions to try and push the left's narrative even to point of putting innocent lives at risk and the Dear Leader claims to be shocked - shocked - to find you can't trust lefty fanatics. But he still can't bring himself to denounce them with half the passion he uses to condem anyone who might vote UKIP.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Liberals Ask Why Was No Action Taken Against No One In Particular

There is no greater barometer of the complete uselessness of Britain's Professional Conservatives than that the left has decided to blame the Woolwich attack on the Security Services for not stopping the killers.

It's as if they're so sure of their hegemonic control of the culture that they think they can push any old rubbish.

What exactly do liberals think should have been done? They've spent years as Arthur Dent lying down in front of the bulldozer, loudly insisting that this whole 'terrorism' thing is just a few high-spirited Jihad-the-Lads, everything's fine and anyone who says anything different is some kind of extremist nut.

More to the point, even while they explain that they totally would have done, like, something different, they can't even bring themselves to say who they would have done it to.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

When You've Lost Pompous. Whiny, Hysterics, You've Lost....

Not very much really.

There may be universes where this would be a problem...but this isn't one of them.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's A Party That *Looks* Like Britain, You're Not Meant To Actually Do Stuff

This is too perfect: the Hitler Spotter In Chief is caught up in a race row.

Mind you, I don't think the guy in question is the sharpest tool in the box:
Shaun Bailey has been moved to a 'non-position' in the Cabinet Office after losing his job as the Prime Minister's special adviser for youth and crime before a number of former public school pupils were appointed, it has been reported.
Ehhh.... I don't think he's moved to a non-job. What's his problem anyway? He's complaining about spending his days on trivial nonsense with no chance of actually achieving anything?

 Hey, if it's good enough for The Dave....

It gets better:
Tory MP Therese Coffey revealed she was encouraging the Prime Minister to undergo so-called ‘unconscious bias’ training in a bid to help make both the Government and the Conservative Party more diverse.
Orwell was too optimistic: now we have an alleged conservative arguing that even if you haven't committed any Thought Crimes, that just means you're unconsciously committing Thought Crime.

Hey, that sounds strangely familiar. Oh yeah, here it is:
Door Gunner: Git some! Git some! Git some, yeah, yeah, yeah! Anyone who runs, is a VC. Anyone who stands still, is a well-disciplined VC!
If only there was training for 'unconscious liberalism'?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Important Public Service Announcement

Remember: UKIP are a collection of shaved chimpanzees, not even worth bothering with. 

Hell, don't even know why I mentioned them.

Hey, if they were any good, they'd be able to come up with super brilliant strategies like attacking the party that represents people left on the kerb by the political classes with the line that they're a bunch of squaresville bumpkins who probably live in 'semis' and send their kids to state schools.

As it it, I'm thinking this may just be the point where the Tory offensive turned from farce to actual insanity.

Mind you, you'd think the Tories would know enough to avoid bringing up the subject of self-proclaimed Messiahs who led their countries to disaster, all the while ranting about how they had been betrayed by their peoples. But no: hence the inevitable (complete with 'Little Britain' reference!).

Monday, April 22, 2013

How The Thatcher Death Parties Prove Socialism Sucks

No, not just on taste grounds, or even through exposing who's really the nasty side of politics. I'm talking about something more profound, more central to liberalism.

Consider those losers who blamed every single thing wrong in their lives on FATCHA! What's all that about? Isn't the whole point of leftism that we're all just the helpless victims of vast, impersonal social forces? If you spent sixty a hours a week for a decade building up your business, that just means you've won the lottery of life. Meanwhile, murderous lunatics are victims of society. Who's to say? We're all just, like, flotsam caught up in the tide of events.

Liberals thought that history was moving their way in the Seventies but apparently, even the wave of the future is susceptible to a hangbagging. The impersonal social forces met a forceful person and socialism lost. Consider the irony: the more liberals rant about about FATCHA, the more they're admitting that an individual can make a difference. Nothing is inevitable, after all.

Except liberals being whiny losers, but that's their problem.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thatcher Dead, Still Beating Cameron

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that the women behind the Thatcher Death Parties was not a self-employed accountant from Harrogate:
The woman behind an internet campaign to organise street parties to “celebrate” the death of Baroness Thatcher has been identified as a Romany Blythe, a 45-year-old community drama teacher from south London...
She specialises in “facilitating workshops for young, excluded and potentially criminalised individuals and uses drama techniques she has developed to explore resolution of conflict and oppression”, according to the company’s website.
It's only April, but I think we already have a real contender for this year's Prescott Award for Self-Caricature.

In related news, what about those 'savage cuts', huh?

Which is kind of the point. Thatcher was 'divisive' but I'm betting the government that pays morons for nonsense is still also 'divisive'. So much for Cast Iron Dave's dash for the middle ground.

Lady Thatcher understood that no conservative government worthy of the name could ever hope to appease these tools. Meanwhile, the Certified Super Genii that make up our nation's professional conservatives really believed that if they threw the bumpkins and the white trash under the bus, then nut bunnies like Blythe would sign up for the post-modern, post-ideological future where everything is up for grabs and principles are for squares.

Thatcher was right, Dave's wrong and the left is still crazy.

Monday, March 25, 2013

UKIP Agent Reports 'Mission Accomplished'

Clearly, another crude attempt to smear the legacy parties as sleazy, money-grabbing trash.

Journalists Thought They Were The Wife Not The Other Women

Really, I can't get too excited about the whole post-Leveson thing. Yes, it's an outrageous act of governmental thuggery, on the other hand, the MSM's been perfectly happy to help the government shred plenty of other rights, just as long as it wasn't their ox being gored.

 Take the whole 'hate speech' thing. The very same people in the press who are now sermonising about the vital importance of a free press were the ones who helped throw free speech under the bus. Ditto, freedom of association, freedom of religion and free trade. Pre-Levenson one of the few certainties was that wherever there was a jackboot stamping on the face of a citizen, there would be MSM journalists there to report that it was a far-right, extremist face that didn't even recycle its rubbish properly.

Just as long as journalists thought they were fellow insiders, they were happy to pal around with politicians, sniggering at the Ford-driving classes. Now the MSM has found out that the pols just aren't that into them and suddenly they want us to believe they're Voltaire reborn.

Honestly, it's enough to make Monica Lewinsky look dignified.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Feeding Crocodiles Still Not Working

I've changed my mind. I used to think Tory MPs were useless because they were sleazy and gutless, but I now realise it may be that they are just plain retarded:
I have enormous respect for the police. But this has knocked my confidence in the police and made me wonder whether there are certain elements for whom political correctness has become too much of a driving force.
And these people accuse the conservative base of being out of touch? Still, at least now he's awake, he's got his head in the game, right?
The 50-year-old MP for East Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea yesterday said he would be demanding an explanation from Sussex Chief Constable Martin Richards.
Yeah, that'll teach him. Surely Comrade Richards will tremble as he realises that he has awoken a sleeping giant and filled him with a mild sense of dissatisfaction?

It gets better:
During the investigation, which is likely to have cost taxpayers up to £100,000, Mr Loughton’s staff were also interviewed and hours were spent trawling through archives for evidence before it was abruptly dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service last month.
Tough luck if you thought you'd written to your MP in confidence! More to the point, how can I put this? Even if you think what Billy might have said to Bob should be a matter for law enforcement, that hardly justifies them trawling Billy's letters to Brian and Brenda.

By the way: uniformed thugs stormed the office of an elected official, intimidated his staff and seized correspondence. Isn't that the stuff Amnesia Intentional and the rest of the Umanrites lobby used to complain about?

Put that way, demanding an explanation doesn't really cut it. In fact, it's the perfect example of why voting Tory is the real wasted vote. You vote Labour, you get witch hunts against anyone who refuses to drink the kool aid, you vote Tory, you get the same but with mild expressions of disagreement from useless timeservers like Loughton.

Monday, February 25, 2013

At Least Astrologers Don't Have A Body Count

It's another great day for the Rehab Industry:
A serial rapist who tied his girlfriend's housemate to a bed before killing her and dismembering her body was today sentenced to serve at least 37 years in prison...
The court heard how Sharp was allowed back on to the streets after multiple convictions for sex crimes stretching back 30 years, despite telling parole officers he fantasised about raping and killing women.
Oh, what does he know? He's probably just another tabloid-reading goon who didn't even go to Oxbridge.

Seriously though, if even the predator himself admitting to planning his next crime doesn't ring any alarm bells, this does kind of blow the whole 'carefully monitored'  thing out of the water. If nothing else, I think we need a benchmark here, we need to be told just what would have made Dr Julian Rubbish and his pals act.

Naaah. Just kidding. Nothing would have made these guys sound the alarm. It's the fundamental calculus of the Rehab Industry. They claim to be 100% successful and when an inconvenient body or two turn up, they go the class war route and try to claim all their critics are lager-poisoned Jeremy Kyle viewers who just don't appreciate the subtle genius required to consistently free maniacs to strike again.

There is no better measure of how utterly liberalism has triumphed over socialism than that such a frank appeal to snobbery is considered a winning argument for the left.

A vote of thanks too for the feminists. They're outraged that anyone would suggest that getting wasted then walking through the city alone at 2:00 AM isn't such a great move, but the courts setting perverts loose to strike again?

Cat got you tongue, ladies?

Truly, they are the Stepford Wives of the left.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chickens, Roost

Open Borders: how that's working out for you, m'lud?
The jury reached deadlock after sending the judge three separate notes containing 10 questions which suggested they were “struggling” with the most “basic concept” of trial by jury.
They included a question about whether they could reach a verdict based on something which was not presented in court, and whether the defendant’s “religious conviction” to follow her wedding vows of obeying her then husband, Chris Huhne, would be reason enough to acquit her of committing a crime with him.
Mr Justice Sweeney said he had “never come across” anything like the jury’s response in nearly 30 years of working in criminal courts.
Gosh, it's almost like the proper functioning of an advanced democracy requires that the citizenry hold a common set of assumptions about how society works.... kind of like how those fascists on the right always said it did.

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Like 'Cash In The Attic' Meets '1984'

I want to say something suitably acidic about Vince Cable's plan to tax elderly widows for the price of their wedding rings, but it's just too evil to do it justice, so instead here's a strangely apporpiate clip.

Compare & Contrast: New Dave Order Edition

Mentioning that the National Socialist German Workers Party was, in fact, just a little socialist? Fired!

Praising a terrorist? Carry on!
Of course there are differences. One of them was talking about a mad man who ranted about how God commanded him to crush the aliens polluting his sacred land, while the other was talking about Hitler.

Still, the comparison is compelling. As ever though we should not let the obvious foulness of the Cameroonian position blind us to the more profound foulness of it all. When exactly did conservatives start talking fondly of 'conviction politicians'? When did that get to be a good thing?

The whole point about conservatism is scepticism about government in general and politicians with big ideas in particular. When actual conservatives cite the guy ranting about how Ulster Protestants are alien transplants who deserve no rights, they mean it as an example of why politicians can't be trusted.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It Never Ends

So why do people call them 'Continuity New Labour' anyway?
The Coalition’s advisors on school food said head teachers should prevent pupils bringing their own lunches into school – and ban them from visiting fast food outlets – amid continuing fears over the state of children’s diets.
Nice, huh? The state can't say whether two parents are better than one, but it can tell you what your kids are allowed to eat. And then there's this:
It was claimed that the move would effectively force parents to pay for school dinners – allowing staff to spend more money upgrading kitchens and generating healthy canteen food.
Who said 'stealth tax'? Mind you, the whole idea of forcing people who don't want state-approved meals to pay for them anyway seems vaguely familiar somehow....
Speaking to The Sunday Times, Mr Dimbleby, son of the broadcaster David Dimbleby, said schools should consider banning packed lunches and requiring pupils to remain on site over lunch to drive up investment in school catering services.
Suddenly it all becomes clear. May as well just go the whole hog and call it a 'Food Licence Fee'. It's an interesting philosophical question though: which side of the debate has betrayed their roots most blatantly? The British left for allowing itself to be dominated by absurdly privledged rich brat snoborexics ranting at the 'scrubbers' (Copyright: J Oliver)? Or the right for even contemplating a national policy on lunch?

Funnily enough though, while the supposed threat of the 'obesity epidemic' is serious enough to justify these people stealing your money and your liberty, it never justifies doing anything that would inconvenience the teachoids.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Of Pigs And Proms

My thoughts exactly.

Like I said in the comments, we've been this way before. Less than a decade ago, we were told that anyone who thought civil partnerships would be the camel's nose for gay marriage was clearly a tin-foil hatted Jesus Freak. Now it turns out that not supporting gay marriage is a sign you're a tin-foil hat wearing Jesus Freak. Either way, they hate you, they really hate you.

Mind you, the old Endowment Flogger does have a point. Whichever side of the conservative movement you're on, the traditionalist wing or the minimalist government wing, once you accept that marriage is whatever the government says it is this week, what can't it do?

All of which reminds me of the guy who visits a farm and sees a pig with a bunch of medals hanging round its neck and a wooden leg. He asks the farmer what's going on and the farmer tells him about all the times the pig has saved the lives of members of his family, like pulling the farmer out of slurry pits, protecting his young daughter from wild dogs and waking them up when the house catches fire. The guy says 'well, OK, that explains the medals, but what about the wooden leg'? The farmer replies 'hey, a pig like that, you're not going to eat him all at once are you'?

Message to social conservatives: you are that pig and establishment conservatives are the farmer.

On the plus side, at least social conservatism's perfect record is intact: fifty years without ever having won one.

All of which means it's time to revisit the old advice about doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes. Is there a better way? Yes, actually. There's a - possibly apocryphal - story about a US lesbian who sued her Mid-West High School to win the right to take her girlfriend to the Prom and not have to abide by the dress code. She won, of course, and on the day in question the two of them strode boldly into the Prom, doubtless dressed in matching boiler suits, followed by a pack of journos anxious to document how they 'rubbed the right's nose in diversity'.Except...

Something wasn't quite right. Band playing? Check! Decorations up? Check! Any noses to rub in diversity? Errr.... not so much.

In fact, their fellow students were all across town at a 'Not The Prom', having a whale of a time and blatantly keeping their noses unrubbed. That's the key point here. The State could demand the right for these two jerks to attend something called 'The Prom' but it couldn't breath life into it. Instead, these two were left as Queens of the Empty Room, proud holders of the right to walk round an empty gym. They'd have stuck it to The Man, if only the The Man had stuck around.

That's the secret right there. Gay marriage might be a tactical win for the forces of chaos, but it's also a sign of their strategic weakness. We've had a half a century of the Gaystapo on the rampage but in cultural terms, they're batting 0 out of 10. They're firmly mired in parody and pastiche unable to create a single lasting cultural institution of their own. Hence the desire to hijack other peoples.

So now the government has decided that gay marriage is legal. Well, just that then. It's time for the Churches to leave the Prom. They need to refuse to perform legal marriages. If - for some insane reason - Christians want to follow up their Church wedding by inviting the state to get involved in their lives they can turn up at State Registry Office 2473 some wet Wednesday when they're both off work and fill the papers out. Other than that, the Hell with it.

Nothing will let the air out of the gay marriage movement like that moment when these tools are all performing fellatio on each other on the steps of State Registry Office 2473 (take that, daddeo) and a young Christian couple in jeans ignore them as they pass by on the way to get their Offical Government Stamp of Marital Approval.

Think of it as their Marily Manson moment.

Monday, February 04, 2013

The Root of the Problem

Crivens! The Five-oh are complaining that complaints against the police are recorded even when they're self-evidently absurd.

Hmmmmmm....... you could almost say 'the process is the punishment'.

Now why does that sound familiar? JulieM dismantles this garbage, but the thing that intrigues me is this bit from Gadget's post:
Sir Robert Peel wanted us not to pander to public opinion, but to remain impartial and apply the law.
Well, yeah... maybe, but probably not. Still, if you want to go down that road, there's this too:
Above all else, an effective authority figure knows trust and accountability are paramount. Hence, Peel's most often quoted principle: The police are the public and the public are the police.
Not exactly consistent with the Gadgeteers idea of the Police arresting all and sundry at the drop of a hat while insisting that no complaints be recorded against them unless accompanied by DNA evidence and CCTV footage.....

 ... And never mind all the Gadgeteers babbling on about 'civvies', like they've just spent the morning clearing out a pair of 88s dug in on Hill 239, instead of dealing with chavs texting death threats to each other.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That's Not The BBC TV I Was Thinking Of

Our completely impartial national broadcaster brings us this:
n an effort to support and positively address transgender roles on mainstream comedy television shows, the BBC has teamed up with artist collective Trans Comedy to bestow upon upcoming writers the Trans Comedy Award. Specifically BBC Writersroom, an ongoing program that helps scribes develop projects for the BBC, is offering talented writers up to £5,000 (about $8,000) to use toward producing a television pilot.
Well, they've certainly got the parody thing covered, albeit probably not in the way they were intending.

Hey, it's a free country, so if some guys want to get together to eat, drink and be Mary, why not? I'm just not sure why licence payers should be expected to pay for it, and especially so when the organisation that wants to 'positively address transgender roles' steadfastly refuses to call the guy with a bomb vest a 'terrorist' in the name of bogus objectivity.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The MSM: Shagging A Dead Horse

The MSM has been waiting years to use the phrases 'UKIP official' and 'BNP supporter' in the same sentence but now they get the chance, they've decided he's the good guy.

 Hmmmm..... a guy could almost think the MSM's 24-7 Hitler Watch round UKIP headquarters was not, in fact, inspired by a genuine fear of a Forth Reich after all. Meanwhile, we have further proof that there is no better way to go from a Nasty Nazi to a Romantic Rebel than to denounce real conservatives. Call it the Portillo Effect.

Not to give aid and comfort to the enemy, but I'm not sure the left has thought this all out. This guy may just have exposed the hollowness of their position.

The idea, I think, is to depict the right as a bunch of uptight squares who want to hash everyone's mellow. It's true this dude wants to throw off all those pesky restrictions on gay marriage but he also wants to go the whole hog and bang pretty much anything that moves, or at least used to move.

Hey, why not? If you're going to go blank slate, go big. On the plus side, incest means you don't have to bother with that same old argument every year about whose parents to have Christmas Dinner with. Ditto, necrophilia is surely just like married sex, only more so. As for the bestiality, at least you can domesticate some animals, which is more than anyone's ever managed with red heads. Still, this does kind of beg the question. Isn't all this pretty much what traditionalists have been saying is the problem with the whole marriage as an Etch-A-Sketch thing?

Conservatives support traditional morality because it's tried and tested. This guy wants to go the other way and let his freak flag fly. At least he's consistent. Meanwhile, liberals always claim to defend traditional morality, except for the bits they're attacking right now, but never can quite say what differentiates them from the guys asking 'was that good for ewe'?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Markers of No Appearance

This is bizarre!

Burglars leaving marks for each other? Who knew Lefty and Fingers had such a trade union spirit? It's not like there's a whole community of felons travelling round the country, is there?