Monday, April 22, 2013

How The Thatcher Death Parties Prove Socialism Sucks

No, not just on taste grounds, or even through exposing who's really the nasty side of politics. I'm talking about something more profound, more central to liberalism.

Consider those losers who blamed every single thing wrong in their lives on FATCHA! What's all that about? Isn't the whole point of leftism that we're all just the helpless victims of vast, impersonal social forces? If you spent sixty a hours a week for a decade building up your business, that just means you've won the lottery of life. Meanwhile, murderous lunatics are victims of society. Who's to say? We're all just, like, flotsam caught up in the tide of events.

Liberals thought that history was moving their way in the Seventies but apparently, even the wave of the future is susceptible to a hangbagging. The impersonal social forces met a forceful person and socialism lost. Consider the irony: the more liberals rant about about FATCHA, the more they're admitting that an individual can make a difference. Nothing is inevitable, after all.

Except liberals being whiny losers, but that's their problem.

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JuliaM said...

Given the copious booze flowing, they also nailed the 'life on benefits is just grinding poverty' lie too...