Friday, June 27, 2008

For The Children

Liberals: is there no end to the suffering they'll endure for the sake of da kidz ?

Don't forget to click through to read about the NSPCC's somewhat... expansive vision of child protection. Apparently, what Britain's kids need most of all is protection from the evils of light kiwi fruit.

You Know What We Need More of Round Here ?

Via our cultural enrichment correspondent: this.

Image and Reality With The Five-Oh

One of the country's most senior police officers announced he would abandon the Government's overall target for detecting crime to prevent his officers being hamstrung by an "over zealous obsession with chasing numbers".

[Martin Richards, Chief Constable of Sussex Police] said he wanted to encourage his officers not to focus on "easy detections" of low-level crimes but to concentrate on more serious offences that "people really care about" including violence, burglary and domestic abuse.
When Frank McCourt's home was targeted by young hooligans hurling rocks and eggs, he challenged them and told them to leave and never return.

But the next day they came back so Mr McCourt, a former soldier, tried to phone [Sussex Police} but was put on hold for 45 minutes.

At the end of his tether, he grabbed one of the louts by the arm and hauled him inside, telling him he was performing a citizen's arrest.

But it was Mr McCourt who was arrested later that day - for kidnap.

The 57-year-old spent six weeks on bail before being charged with the lesser offence of assault.

The case hung over him for two and a half months before it was dropped just days before the trial when prosecutors accepted there was no realistic prospect of convicting him.
On the other hand, let's be fair: maybe safety at work for vandals is one of the issues "people really care about". Or perhaps not.

Note that all the usual indicators of police sleaze are present and correct. There's the attempt to bounce the citizen into accepting a caution, combined with the attempt to intimidate by over-charging, then the looooong period where the victim is kept on the hook, before the police admit they don't - in the strict sense of the word - have an actual case.

See, this is what's so sleazy about all those libs insisting citizens have the right to self-defence. That may be true in the strict legal sense, but the process is the punishment. What relevant information were they hoping would change things after, say, the first month ? Nada - they were just trawling for dirt while ramping up the stress levels - and the legal bills.

This also sinks the other great excuse Mr Plod hides behind. Let's pretend, for the sake of their sleazy argument, that the mere fact a complaint was made means they just had to arrest him. Two and a half months. That's a lot of paperwork. Ditto, how come this maximalist arrest policy doesn't apply to the chav scum ? Not only do we have the vandalism, we have the chavette piling in ? How come the police didn't have to arrest her ?

This is why modern policing is worse than mere anarchy. Anarchy is when Vikings attack a village. What we have now is where the Vikings get beaten back, then call in the King's troops to rampage through the village looking for inflammatory parchments and unlicensed swords.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hug That!

Just in case you haven't seen it, Guido has an excellent example of one of my favourite genres over here. Yep, a Nu Tory gets mugged by reality!

Quote Of The Day

Rachel Lucas on the not-getting-any-less-weird 'pregnancy pact' story:
I think everyone has completely lost touch with some of the positive effects of ostracizing people who do stupid, dangerous things. It’s not always bad to impose some shameful consequences, and if that’s one way to make these little psychos stop what they’re doing, then good.

This is one of the results of the fact that we’ve decided as a society that being “judgmental” is a horrible thing. Seems to me that people need to start being MORE judgmental. I’m doing it right now and it feels pretty good.
Exactly. For all the whining from the libs about the right victimising single mothers, they're can't hardly find anything crueller than their own sterling work in convincing young girls that getting pregnant at 14 won't destroy their lives better than getting hooked on crack.

Non-Pathological Conservatism

Liberals are battling with the whole mystery of why conservatives are so much happier than them. Yes, it certainly is an enigma why people who believe in personal responsibility are psychologically healthier than people who believe they're the hapless victims of wider society.

Surprisingly, the answer turns out to be that conservatives are insensitive pigs. Again. So even when liberalism turns out to be the more damaging ideology, that's only because conservatives are even sicker. It's science!

The Good Ones Died On The Somme

Since we're apparently stuck with open borders, why can't we use the opportunity to import some new aristocrats ? Preferably some with working genitals ?

I'm with Ross: if what James McGrath said was so offensive, why do leftists keep lying about it ?

But no: new rules from the top are that what people actually say is irrelevant, it's all about what other people might think they said. But who are these other people exactly ? Sane people or race-hustling pond scum ? I'm sure the race pimps did detect a racial subtext in McGrath's comments, but then they find racist overtones in the weather forecast. When did we start letting crazy people define our standards of behaviour ?

Still, at least the race hustlers are being exactly what you'd expect them to be. On the other hand, in so far as Cameron has now hung a 'kick me!' sign on every Tory in the country, I'm really starting to question his status as a political super-genius.

There's more to it than just the politics though. The Tory position only makes sense if you accept the absurd Marxist position that victim groups - or, more correctly, their self-appointed representatives - should be pandered to no matter how ludicrous their demands.

Needless to say, the Cameroonatics would defend all this as the price of reaching out, but is it really ? There's the obvious point that by folding so rapidly the Tories make themselves look guilty, as though they accept the liberal slander that you scratch a conservative and find a Nazi. But there's more to it than that.

By pandering to the race hustlers, the Tories have implicitly accepted not only the right of these self-appointed fanatics to speak for every member of the communities they claim to represent, but also bought into their whole train wreck agenda of racial balkanisation, taxpayer-funded social engineering and permanent victimhood. In other words, the Cameron prescription for ethnic minorities is all the things conservatives recognise as causing disaster when employed in any other context. Now that's racist.

Monday, June 23, 2008

That Just About Covers It

Defence of the Realm in the age of lawfare

Moral Authority

To paraphrase Joe McCarthy, if the UN was merely stupid, surely random chance would mean some of its recruits were competent and sane. But no - it's always guys like this.

At Last! Terrorists We Can Hate

Not that we will, of course. After all, liberals keep telling us that the anti-jihad movement is just a cover for The Racism, so I guess we'll give these guys a pass, right ? But wait....

I've just checked: apparently, it's the totalitarian ideology that's the problem, so I guess we can hate them after all. Still that sets me thinking: now liberals are faced with terrorists who can't blame it all on colonialism/slavery/The Racism, I'm sure we can rely on the left to pitch in, right ?

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Teacher

As a hater of all forms of government, I'd normally have sympathy with a group of professionals forced to deal with prescriptive diktats from distant civil servants, but there's two things stopping me where teachers are concerned.

Firstly, I was educated during the supposed Golden Age of the 1980s, back before the national curriculum and SATS, when teachers were at liberty to, like, do some stuff about... y'know, other stuff. Or something. Secondly, I have noticed that no matter how grindingly grinding the treadmill gets, there's always time for garbage like this or this.

We Knew That

Now the wheels have really come off the AIDS bandwagon, even the Guardian is scrambling to find a way to blame it all on the right - and they've come up with a lu-lu:
Both Conservative and New Labour governments exploited the disease to create a new moral framework for society. Through baseless fearmongering, officials sought to police and regulate the behaviour of the public. No longer able to appeal to outdated Victorian ideals of chastity or restraint, the powers-that-be used the spectre of an Aids calamity to terrify us into behaving "responsibly" in sexual and social matters.
OLD NARRATIVE: Evil Lady Thatcher didn't take the spread of AIDS seriously enough because she hated gays.

NEW NARRATIVE: Evil Lady Thatcher invented the AIDS scare just to be a buzzkill.

This is why it's important that we nail these liberals down now, otherwise ten years from now, we'll start hearing about how climate change was all an evil right-wing conspiracy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Is Why They're Called Feminazis

How to justify anti-male bigotry when the figures totally debunk your argument ? Just like this.

Council Snooping Reaches Logical Conclusion

Expect councillors to suddenly come out against these regulations, after all

Liberal Theory Collapses (Part 9744)

Liberals claim that by constantly grovelling to Islamofascists we can persuade them to forsake jihad in favour of a new hobby, say, trainspotting, rather than train bombing.

I don't think it's working.

Well, either that or it's his poverty causing terrorism. Still, at least he's being monitored. What could go wrong ?

The Essence of Dhimmitude

There's a lot of overlap between the phenomena of creeping sharia and dhimmitude, but with one huge difference. Sharia is at least an objective body of law, whereas the defining feature of dhimmitude is the absurd lengths to which Infidels will go to humiliate themselves even (or especially) in the absence of any rational reasons to do so. Which brings me neatly onto the Hairdressing Jihad.

It goes without saying that, in so far as 'indirect' discrimination is defined so loosely, this is almost a textbook case of an unconstitutional law, but it's even worse than that. Consider that the left's new baby seal wasn't turned down for a job at interview (no matter how often the MSM will claim otherwise). Nope, she'd already been turned down, had asked to stop by for an informal chat, then turned round and sued her hostess (say, anyone know why conservatives accuse lawyers of poisoning our society) ?

Never mind the question of whether this case should even be actionable in the first place, the alleged victim suffered absolutely no loss whatsoever, but the tribunal decided to award her compensation anyway. Huh ?

Ditto, even if you accept the absurdity that not allowing a hairdresser to wear a bed sheet on her head constitutes 'indirect discrimination' - and try to imagine the left's reaction if terrorism was defined so loosely - that would only work if wandering round under a sheet really was an Islamic requirement. Don't be shocked, but it ain't.

Head covering is an avowedly political statement, not a religious one, and pretty extreme politics at that. This isn't banning crucifixes, it's banning Klan regalia.

So, for those of you keeping track at home, we have a small businesswoman being subjected to legal harassment by an Islamofascists lunatic, who has suffered no hardship whatsoever but still gets awarded compensation anyway for the trauma of potentially being turned down for a job because of her demand to wear fascist regalia on the job. See ? That is dhimmitude!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Outrage D'Jour

Like I said below, I'd take David Davis (and, more to the point, his new friends) more seriously if they at least acknowledged that there is something seriously wrong with how we're fighting this war. Stuff like this, for example.
Freed Islamist hate preacher Abu Qatada was today starting his new life outside prison - in an MI5 safe house under 24-hour guard.

The cleric once described as 'Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe' was released on bail last night after a judge ruled there were no longer any grounds to detain him....

Qatada was convicted, in his absence, of plotting a series of bomb attack in Amman in 1998 and for his involvement with terrorists planning a series of explosions in the Jordanian capital on millennium night.

Not Very Wise

Excellent blowback here! Serves them right, of course. The whole point of hate crime laws was to allow leftists to torment people, so at least they're only harassing each other this time.
A union activist was branded a racist for producing a leaflet with an image of the Three Wise Monkeys proverb.

Onay Kasab, secretary of Greenwich Unison, is one of four branch officers facing a disciplinary hearing after handing out the pamphlet at last June's conference for the union, which represents more than a million public sector workers.


Maybe Douglas Adams was right - if the '42 days' debate can make politics interesting again, there's nothing this number can't do. Of course, in so far as David Davis' resignation was a principled sacrifice of career in defence of liberty, it looks like the Cameroonatics might be right about him being out of touch with modern politics.

Actually, Davis has thrown a spotlight onto two of the more obvious problems with the Ayatollah Khameron. In so far as Davis managed to seize the moment, even as Cameron thrashed round ineffectually, it did debunk the myth that Cameron is a political genius.

Equally, David Davis was able to radically change the terms of the debate in exactly the way Cameron has refused to do. Indeed, the defining feature of Cameroonacy is the belief that true leadership involves following the polls like a bloodhound. Davis has shown that it is possible to advance an ideological agenda without falling into the Sun, or whatever it is that scares Cameron so.

Still, for all that, I'd take all these people praising Davis' principled stand more seriously if some of them would be similarly glowing about Ann Widdicombe's stand. True, she didn't actually resign, but she did defy Tory whips to vote for legislation she believed was vital to the defence of the realm. If 'principles' are your thing, rather than, say, pushing a particular line, both deserve credit.

Similarly, just as it's possible to see the basic problem with Davis' position that 42 days is an outage while 28 days is fine - where's the border ? 32 days 35 ? 38.75 ? - even while accepting the validity of his wider point about the slow strangulation of freedom in Britain, Widdicombe position is a respectable one even if you disagree on the specifics.

Most of the political establishment - and all of the legal one - have utterly failed to rise to the challenge of war. Shouldn't party politics stop at the water's edge ? In so far as this country has never tried to wage war via the courts before, how relevant is precedent anyway ? Isn't national defence properly a parliamentary matter, not a judicial one ? For that matter, how does Davis' pro-freedom agenda mesh with unelected, and unelectable, philosopher kings on the bench pulling bogus rights out of thin air ?

These are all serious issues, but the left would rather ignore them. Why not ? Consider that ex-Labour leader Michael Foot brushed off claims that he worked with the KGB with a defence that boiled down to claiming that there was no sinister reason for him supporting a vicious, totalitarian regime - it was just a normal part of being a liberal.

Friday, June 13, 2008


The spin starts:
It also means that three million voters have effectively decided the fate of a bloc of almost 500 million people.
Well, 'effectively' in the sense that no one else was allowed to vote. It's reminds me of the crucifixion scene in 'Life of Brian':
Parvus: All right! All right! All right! We'll soon settle this! Hands up, all those who don't want to be crucified here. [addressing men whose arms are already nailed to crosses]

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shakedown D'Jour

Classic rent-seeking going on. They're too shameless even to try and come up with some blather about the need to cover the costs of the process. Nope, they just come out and admit their real motives:
The officials behind the scheme justify it by saying the money is needed to maintain public transport and roads.
Yep, not even the pretence that there's any relation between the charge and the planning process. They're taking people's money for the same reason the dog licks it's own nads: because they can.

And who's behind this scheme ? Well, it's like this:
The 'bedroom tax' has been brought in under laws which allow councils to ask for money from developers such as supermarkets in return for granting them planning permission.

In Purbeck, which is run by a minority Tory group, those building home extensions are considered developers and will be asked for £993 for each room that can be used as a bedroom.
Truly, they have learned well from the teachings of Ayatollah Khameron.

Quote Of The Day

Many observers believe that Barack Obama secured the liberal base of the Democratic party because he was antiwar from the beginning. But I think it’s because he mastered the art of complaining and won over the Whine Caucus. Today the Democratic party is dominated by groups making claims of victim status — blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, unwed mothers, artists, pampered academics, environmental activists, the poor, the unemployed, animal rights activists, women, homosexuals. As Michael Crowley openly admits on Slate: “What does define and unify the [Democratic] party is a sense of victimhood.”
Read the whole thing to see just how deeply grievance has become the left's defining emotion.

This is why the Obama/Clinton standoff went on so long. It was no mere argument over policy, more the ultimate game of victimhood poker.

Dept of the Obvious

It's never a good idea to accuse someone of doing the self-same thing you're doing in the same report:
The BBC's flagship news bulletins are failing licence-fee payers across the country by being too "London-centric", a hard-hitting report will claim.

The strongly-worded study, commissioned by the BBC's governing body, will accuse the corporation's national news and current affairs programmes of ignoring events in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Yep, that's how it works: come off the M25 onto a roundabout, then take the first exit for London, second for Wales & Ulster, third for Scotland.

This is when you know you're in Flyover Country: even the report on geographical bias ignores you. Clearly, we haven't been indulging in enough stupid violence.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moronic Convergence Continues

Further evidence for Tim Blair's that all the world's idiocies are converging into one big ball o'stupid.
The BBC was under attack last night for paying expenses to a disgraced academic who says the 7/7 London bombings may have been an intelligence agency conspiracy...

Dr Kollerstrom, 61, who also denies the Holocaust, is due to appear in a programme in the BBC's Conspiracy Files series.
Of course, some of us would also say that the media narrative of four loveable young scallywags who, totally for no reason at all, suddenly decide to blow stuff up is ridiculous. The only problem is that, in so far as we ascribe the bombings to Islam, we wouldn't be allowed to say that on the BBC.

On the contrary, the BBC constantly issues pious proclamations about the dangers of 'extremism'. Even a simple statement of Islamic doctrine is apparently as too 'inflammatory' - another favourite word - for the BBC.

The BBC has long established itself as an organisation that would rather see whole theatre-fulls of people roast than give airtime to anyone shouting 'fire!', except now it turns out that neither extremism nor inflammatory rhetoric are problems for the BBC, after all. You just have to be the right kind of extremist.

Neo-Prohibitionists: Most Of Us Take Ten Pints To Get That Stupid

Yep, once was bad enough but now I guess we can safely write Tesco off as having turned fully to the dark side

Atheists: Still Bringing The Class

I think I may have solved the mystery of why the Dawkettes have had so little success pushing their agenda. Free Clue: it's not because they're being held down by evil theocrats.

NB: just to make it explicit, the lass in question is - at the least - agnostic, and possibly atheist (but never Atheist) herself.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quote Of The Day

What KS said:
People will pretend that they're trying to "win over" the bewildered, who flutter away in fear when they hear a raised voice, but those people will never be worth anything to whatever side they end up drifting to. People that cowardly will not turn into warriors for righteousness if only we pitch our murmurs at the right decibel level.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm Waiting For The Guy Who Accidentally Claimed Too Little

The good news is that at last we found an area where even rabid big government MPs (i.e. 99% of them) admit they rules and regulations are too ludicrously absurd for anyone to grasp. The bad news is that the area in question is MP's expenses.

Caroline Spelman is the latest MP to get all confused. She knows how your business should be run, and what school your kids should go to, but she's still struggling with the whole secretary/nanny distinction.

Needless to say, Tory kool aid drinkers are just enraged at the whole suggestion of sleaze. Apparently, the Tories new motto will be 'you can't prove nuffink, guv!'. For the sake of their slimy argument, let's specify that the evidence of criminality is not 'beyond reasonable doubt', or even enough for a 'balance of probabilities' test. Fine - we're not trying to deprive her of her liberty or her property. We're just don't think someone who is, by her own description, borderline retarded should be running the country.

Humbug Goes Fabuuuulous!

Prepare for hysteria: a senior Army officer has just slagged off gays.

Oops no - turns out its the other way round. Phew - guess the police can cancel the alert. Still, he does have a point - everyone knows real courage is slagging off your opponents while hiding behind hate crime laws.

But let's not let the obvious humbuggery of his position blind us to the deeper humbug. True, things have gone wrong in British military culture - see the frightened 15 for further details - but just who is it who spent years claiming that this whole 'warrior' thing was just a myth conjured up by a conspiracy of straight white males so they could keep all the defence money for themselves ?

Indeed, in so far as Everett displays both complete ignorance about the military, and a determination to lecture the troops nevertheless, he might just be the perfect pin-up boy for the liberal attitude to the Armed Forces. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, it's not like Royal Marines spend a lot of time commenting on West End shows, but the favour is never returned. Instead, the post-1997 Armed Forces have been given the Year Zero treatment and re-engineered along liberal lines, with all that that implies (see here for the latest example). At the same time, real soldiers have been defamed as thugs or idiots, or worse.

Hey, this isn't a hard thing to grasp: operate the Army under the same rules as HSBC, and end up hiring a load of bankers.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

In addition, 44 per cent said they could name more WAGs than female politicians, and only one in four thought MPs were a force for good.
Besides, you never catch Amy blaming her problems on the 'Global Sobriety Slowdown'.

Reading This Garbage So You Don't Have To

Shorter Currie: 'I tried to sleep my way to the top, so that cow I hated must have done the same'

Social Workers Bamboozled By Cunning Criminals

JulieM points out another social worker success story.

It's even better than it looks. Turns out the scumbags in question managed to evade detection by using a complex set of forged documents and stolen identities.

No, wait - that's not it. This is it:
A baby girl on the 'at risk' register was shaken to death by her violent father after he evaded social services monitoring by moving two miles to a different local authority area.
Curses! Who could have imagined such twisted genius ?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Steyn D'Jour

A great obit for a genuine movie star, plus this:
One notes that, for all the apocalyptic nightmares over ever deadlier technology, the great slaughters of our age – Bosnia, Rwanda, Congo, Darfur – have all been low-tech affairs. Yet no one ever proposes “machete control”.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Quick, someone phone pretendey conservative Tim Loughton - I might just have solved the mystery of why social workers are not 'respected on a par with teachers, doctors and other public service professionals.'
A social worker sacked after the murder of Victoria Climbie was yesterday offered a chance of getting another job working with children - to the fury of her professional watchdog....

After the Climbie death, Miss Arthurworrey was sacked by Haringey and lost an employment tribunal case to win her job back, and was banned from social work. But three years ago a Care Standards Tribunal said she was 'another victim' of the Climbie affair and said she should be allowed to work in child protection.

Yesterday the same body said a decision by the General Social Care Council to refuse to register as a social worker was wrong. The ruling means the Council may now have to reconsider.
True, at the time of her death Victoria Climbie had 128 wounds or scars on her body, but social workers were victims too!

Let's revisit just one example of how this professional handled her job:
She visited the flat where Victoria lived twice in the last months before her death, but, after getting no answer, decided the family had left the area.
As you do.

Apparently, social work is a profession, but not in the sense of having any actual standards. To hammer the point home again, this isn't any kind of judgement call here. Here's someone who has stuck two fingers up to any kind of professional conduct, but even that doesn't merit the ol' heave ho.

In so far as social workers have no problem with this women as a member of their profession, how come they sulk when anyone else cites her as an example ?

Outrage D'Jour: Flag Day Edition

Some might say liberals have a problem with flags but that's not true - it's only their own country's flag they have a problem with. Well, that, and anything else that might be interpreted as patriotic.

Liberals claim to abhor flying the flag because it has too much historical baggage and too many extrimist overtones. All of which means it's lucky they've finally found a flag to fly with no connection to extremist lunatics or negative overtones.

Chelski Refute The Case For Race-Hustling

So, farewell then Avram Grant, you were.... kind of OKish, really.

I understand Abramovich had a replacement in mind who was as qualified as Grant, but with a higher profile and more public respect. The only problem was that Amy Winehouse was tied up working on her next album.

No - just kidding: it was actually the drug testing that put her off. Still, there is an important point here. Chelsea's recruitment policies ('all Jews, all the time') may be legally dubious, but look what's it got Abramovich: zillions of pounds spent on a team that keeps falling apart at the last hurdle.

Last season at Chelsea was one big rebuttal to the whole race-relations industry. Abramovich decided to exclude virtually all of the qualified candidates for the manager's job, and ended up with a very marginal manager. No need for tribunals and girly hysteria about all those gentile victims of discrimination. The realities of ruthless competition punished Chelsea far more effectively than the race hustlers ever could have done.

Quote Of The Day

Just by way of decontamination, here's Libertas on a real movie star:
Amazingly, John Wayne’s the only star to ever make the Harris Poll posthumously and has ranked every single year. In other words: Dead nearly thirty-years and still kicking George Clooney’s ass.

But What Is The Artist Trying To Say ?

Just one more review of that abomination, a splendidly ambiguous one from Debbie Schlussel.

Neo-Prohibitionists: Innumerate

Apparently, our neo-prohibitionist friends have decided on a new angle of attack: drinking makes women look like transvestites. Isn't that a hate crime ?

More to the point, consider the evidence for this new approach - the real evidence, not the neo-prohib sock puppets in the comment thread explaining how they drink 200 pints a night but now they're totally giving up...
Research by the charity revealed that two out of five women are worried about the physical impact of drink and only a third about health risks.
Gott in himmell! That's almost an extra seven percent! Now, that's a roaring endorsement....

More to the point, it's going to take a whole brewery full of booze for any woman to end up as unattractive as one of these pinch-mouthed, lemon-sucking, prohibitionist witches scowling in the corner.

Monday, June 02, 2008

At Least No One Ever Quit His Job To Work On His Iron Man Suit

Kyle Smith puts his finger on what's so freaky about the SATC demographic:
Unlike the "Star Wars" nerds, who are under no illusions that they will ever actually take the Millennium Falcon out for a chance to complete the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, the "Sex and the City" fangirls think that they can live the life they see on TV.

We're All Evil

Yep, this was pretty much my response to this story too.

Actually, it did give me pause for thought - isn't it normally the degenerates on the left that go in for blood dancing ? Shouldn't some things be above politics ?

Well, yes, they should, but it's people like Regan who decided personal tragedy is fair game for politics in the first place. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, if the case for gun control is so strong, how come it's never made by someone we can answer back to ?

Regan ruthlessly exploited her victim status to advance some truly vile positions, for example casting country doctors who like to blow off steam by shooting a few clays as slathering, homicidal maniacs. That would have been objectionable enough at the best of times, but consider just who her son actually was....

Or rather don't - the BBC omits his background from its report. You have to know to click on the supporting links to find out the real story:
When Danny Regan was shot dead a few days before Christmas in 2002, he was not mourned by many beyond his close family and friends.

After all he was a drug dealer who carried a gun and wore a bullet-proof vest because of the treacherous circles he moved in.
He wasn't a victim of gun crime, he was gun crime!

Hey, if having guns on the street mean people like this get shot, let's give glocks away free in cornflake packets. Cruel ? No - just making a point. It was already illegal for the 'victim' to have a firearm - and no one is seriously suggesting that it should ever be legal for a piece of slime like him to own a gun - but that didn't stop a known drug dealer from obtaining an illegal firearm. The only thing the death of Danny Regan says about gun control is that it doesn't work.

Equally, for all that Regan and her fellow hags were trying to convince us that suburban school kids on the way to the library were at risk of being gunned down by deranged accountants, just how many of the alleged victims of gun crime turn out to be 'playas' themselves ? Meanwhile, you could harass every GP in the country and it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference to the scumbag classes.

Like JuliaM points out, looking at the Regan family history, guns are not their biggest problem. You couldn't have a better metaphor for everything that wrong with modern Britain than the matriarch of a clan of dysfunctional lunatics being hailed as a courageous truth teller for defaming tens of thousands of law-abiding professionals who just like to shoot at the weekend.

I Thought We Were Hitler ?

Who says the ecoloons can't make sensible arguments ?

Never mind climate change, when will someone tackle the mystery of why no one takes the Church of England seriously any more ? Personally, my favourite bit was when the Bishop claimed he wasn't 'trying to imply that people who ignore climate change are child abusers', he was just using an analogy, sort of like if the Bishop tried to coerce a choirboy to have sex with him by threatening him with being eaten by ManBearPig. Or possibly not.

Of course, it's no wonder they're so frantic. The ecoloon's boat is sinking so fast they're even reduced to cobbling together rescue hypothesis after the fact. Note to libs: science means predicting stuff before it happens, not trying to think of an answer afterwards. It's the difference between predicting the footy results, and going down them after the final whistle and claiming that teams with an 'R' in their name are more likely to win.

Hence the desperation. This is classic liberalism: never mind the facts, respect our hysteria!

(A wave of the thermometer to Rob)

Admission Against Interest ?

File this under true confessions:
The local election results do not show a lurch to the right, they show a lurch to the Conservatives away from Labour.
How come Tories get all offended when I say that ?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kooks, In Their Own Words

I guess we can file this under 'Liberals Mugged By Reality'. Doubtless, if he'd claimed it could happen on one of his shows, he'd have been shouted down.

Here's my favourite bit:
It seemed in theory we were fine,’ says Gavin, ‘but not in practice. We kept being told we had the wrong ethnic background even when a child was only a quarter black, Caribbean or even Irish.

We were turned down to adopt a baby who was an eighth Jewish, something not even her foster family knew.
Himmler just e-mailed to say he sees where social services are coming from, but he thinks they're going a little too far.

Actually, that's not the daftest case of this type I've heard of. An Indian couple of my acquaintance are looking to adopt but, for reasons that will no doubt escape liberals, there aren't that many Indian babies out there. Naturally enough, they asked about a native child but no: no Indians - not even super-assimilated, British-born, professional ones - are allowed to adopt natives, otherwise the kid would lose contact with his culture.

Yep - social workers are worried that a British child being raised in Britain won't be exposed to British culture. These people are literally insane.

When social workers are talking amongst themselves, they're quite open about their racial obsessions. Then again, it seems like these folks are plenty choosy about what constitutes goodthink. Fathers are an optional extra. Family breakdown is fun. Gobbling down the open borders' kool aid is compulsory (just don't let them adopt native kids).

All of the above is important not only as another example of how our diverse! friends on the left always turn out to be kind of monotone, but also because it illustrates what the right has been saying for years. These people are agenda-driven kooks. Tough luck if you're a white, middle-class British family that comes to their attention. On the other hand, in so far as these folks criticise Cameron(!) for not grovelling enough to the gay rights movement, you have to question their ability to monitor... no, it's already happened.

Like I keep saying, these people don't keep victimising the innocent and ignoring the guilty merely as a result of some weird psychological compulsion or a collective head injury. They do it because they're left-wing social engineers, using innocent people as sock puppets in the culture war. That's what drives them - child protection is just a flag of convenience.