Thursday, June 28, 2018

And Just Like That 'Culture' Ceased To Matter

As I was saying, the worst thing about the Usual Suspects blaming every single problem suffered by the white working class on the supposed evils of white culture is that they would never in a million years apply the same logic to any other group. 

Consider Exhibit A.

Yes, indeed. The food businesses in the country with the lowest hygiene scores are in Birmingham and Hyndburn in Lancashire, and the MSM acts like it's a real three pipe problem: who can possibly say what's behind this phenomenom?

Not the Daily Mail, that's for sure. The Fearless Voice of Britain illustrates the article with a picture of fish and chips... because that's exactly the kind of establishment where this happens.

It's gets dafter. Say what you like about him, but Stan Collymore at least states the point clearly. Black commentators are sell outs if they're inoffensive *or* if they're likeable. Basically, the only way to keep it real is to be an obnoxious thug.

At least he's in the clear then!

Personally, I admire him for stating openly what is merely implied by charmers like Diane Abbot and 'Detective Dave' Lammy (when not hunting for the hidden dead bodies from Grenfell). Stripped of their standard evasions and slippery euphemisms, these people have spent years pushing the idea that  dysfunctional insanity is the true barometer of black authenticity. But don't you dare suggest that might have any negative social consequences....

...because that would be RACISSSSS!

Monday, June 25, 2018

They Hate You

Good news everyone! The political establishment have finally found a culture they *don't* approve of. They treat the morality of female genital mutilation and rape gangs like this century's Schleswig-Holstein Question, but some people are definitely  - no pun intended - beyond the pale:
Over the past few years, there has been a long overdue debate about white working class communities in England, and why they have fallen behind.

‘We are having to grapple with the unhappy fact that many local working class communities have felt the full brunt of economic dislocation in recent years, and, perhaps as a result, can lack the aspiration and drive seen in many migrant communities.’
Well, you know... chicken versus egg.

I'm going out on a limb here, but could the contempt these people feel for the education system be at least in part because they sense that the feeling's mutual?

One poster below that article hits the nail on the head:
So, when white, working class boys don't go to university, it's because they're lazy; whereas when minorities don't go it's because of institutionalised racism. Hope you're all keeping up. And I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with all the educational resources being sucked up by having 12 different foreign language translators in each classroom and six different culturally-sensitive school dinner options every day.
Yep, ethnic students get Black History Month, native students get Muh Slavery, Muh Colonialism and Muh Hitler.

The same attitude runs through the whole system. When ethnic students succeed, it's time to celebrate the empowerment, when white students succeed, well, duh! It's just their white privilege coming through.

At a very basic level these kids work out early that they can't win: they're either losers or oppressors. No other option is available.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Why Don't More People Do This?

You can tell how badly the attempted show trial of Aaron Banks went by the fact the usual suspects have never mentioned it again. 

I enjoyed it as much as anyone, but I’d probably have gone the Dominic Cummings route myself.  Either way, these guys are making an important point and it goes to the heart of the case for Brexit. 

In large parts of Europe – and here if the Remoaners get their way – it is doubtless perfectly normal for members of the political establishment to drag law-abiding citizens before phoney baloney Committees for Public Safety to face charges of ‘being a suspected person’ and the like.

Meanwhile, round here we have Magna Carta and all that follows from it. If the state wishes to impose on the freedom of its citizens, it has to prove they committed an actual, real offense. 

This is not a small thing. Are law-abiding citizens *actually* free, or are they just provisionally free, subject to not falling foul of some twerp like Damian Collins?

You either believe in the right to trial or you believe in the right of the establishment to arbitrarily harass the citizenry. One side is clear about where it stands on this, the other is busy inventing conspiracy theories about Russians.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Existential Threat Of The Donald

Apparently, all it took was a successful summit meeting and suddenly The Golden Don has been transformed from Literally Hitler into Literally Chamberlain.

Don't be surprised if one of the left's more repellant groups rebrands itself the 'Start The War' coalition and Madonna and that tool from Coldplay get together to do a duet of 'Give War A Chance'.

Of course, it's just possible Lil' Kim has bamboozled the billionaire property developer, and only 20p a word liberal MSM writers are smart enough to see it, but how bad would it have to be for the deal to be worse than the Clinton era agreement?

Ah, yes: that would be the thing. For seventy years the Korean situation has been a running sore, now suddenly Donald Dumpf, Stupidest President Evah has made more progress than the whole of the foreign policy establishment, with all their fancy degrees from Georgetown U and their kill-me-now 50,000 word articles in Foreign Policy Snoot magazine.

There's a lesson in there somewhere. 

Monday, June 04, 2018

The Respectable Right Is Rubbish

Tim N rightly points out that the MSM's Licensed Conservatives sure seem comfortable with Putin-like behavior, providing it's aimed at enemies of *their* state.

In fact, it's worse than that. Say what you like about him, but Vlad never claimed to be one of those touchy-feely guys. Equally, whether he's Making Russia Great Again, or just stealing it piece by piece, at least he's thinking big.

Meanwhile, media conservatives make like they're Spartans at Thermopylae, fighting to their dying breath for muh justdis, muh umanrites, muh desensee... but ditch it all in a flash when there's a chance at a crappy newspaper column with some ludicrously self-aggrandising tagline like 'Jeff Tossari: The Man Who Calls It Like It Is'.

Of course, it's not just a British thing. From the sidebar at Ace's place:
Thought: Although conservatism argues for a lot of specific policy goals, there has always been a large part of what we call Republicanism that has never been anything more than a reflexive, steadfast defense of vested caste/class interests. We are entering the second year of discovering which "conservatives" have always been motivated primarily by what might be called Ruling Class Republicanism.
He expands on it here:
If there is going to be a law, then the law shall apply to all.
If the law does not apply to all, then there shall be no law at all.
This is not a novel, hard-to-understand, or revolutionary idea. We demand that we be treated equally. If a rule shall be inflicted on us, then we demand it be inflicted on the High Caste as well. If it is not to be inflicted on the High Caste, then we reject the rule as not a rule at all.
A rule which does not bind all men equally is not a rule. It is merely a partisan weapon.
It is, in fact, a marker of Caste privilege on the positive end and Caste disfavor on the negative end.
Why should anyone arbitrarily pushed into a Deplorable Caste willingly prop up the system of burdens and forbiddances which define the caste? Why wouldn't someone suddenly made into a member of a newly-invented Deplorable Caste by a newly-invented Media Aristocracy Caste reject the badges and markers of the Caste system wholesale?
I think what he means is kind of like where the courts decide some guy live streaming on Fakebook *near* to a courthouse is a terrible threat to justice, but a defendant being deprived of meaningful legal representation and instead being 'represented' by a government-appointed shill lawyer is just one of those things, you guys.

This is the bit our supposed betters just don't get. They really think we're too stupid to notice the contrast between their rote denunciations of the predators ('obviously, we all oppose gang rape...') and their frenzied ranting about the 'knuckle-draggers' who dare point out the utter failure of the legal system to deal with systemic sexual terrorism. Apparently, everyone - everyone - who finds this case a little fishy is a Nazi, but they're damned if they can find any underlying philosophy motivating the rape gangs....

These people genuinely think they just need another ten or so sneery articles about Tommy Robinson's past and the public will start to trust them again. They don't understand that the more they point out the skeletons in Robinson's closet, the more they're condemning themselves. No matter how bad this particular individual is, when it comes to the real issues, increasingly large numbers of the public still find *even him* more trustworthy than the Julians and Hugos in the MSM.