Monday, October 28, 2019

So Where's Nick On The Chick With A Dick?

Thinking about those last two posts, the thing that really grates about listening to MSM hacks like Nick Robinson babbling about their vitally vital role in holding the people in power to account is that they clearly don't mean it anyway.

Sure, when it comes to wedge issues on the right, they claim it's their sacred duty to speak Truth To Power, but when it's a toughey for the left? Then they're desperate to cover the issue - with a pillow until it stops moving.

Hey, leaving aside Brexit, the one thing that people with real jobs are most steamed up about is garbage like this. So when is Captain Scrutiny going to ask oooh Jeremy Corbyn about this? Or Jo Swinson? Or anyone on the left?

The MSM is super obsessed with, say, Ann Widdicombe's personal views on gays, or what Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks about abortion, even to the point of asking them to answer absurd hypotheticals, but when it comes to actual party leaders and stuff that's happening right now?

Nope, no scrutiny required at all, you guys.

Hey, how about the MSM start hiring people who identify as journalists? 

Monday, October 21, 2019

PC Is Class War In Disguise

Julie's right again: no matter how hard you play the victim card, there's always someone higher up in the progressive stack ready to trump you.
Doreen Lawrence, whose 18-year-old son was murdered by a gang of racists in south-east London in 1993, said she has "no doubt" the response to the inferno that killed 72 people was motivated by racism.
"Had that been a block full of white people, they’d have done everything to get them out as fast as possible and make sure that they did what they needed to do," she said, in an interview with Channel 4 News last week.
Say, anyone thinking someone may have been turned down on their offer of anti-racism consultancy services for the Fire Brigade?

Expect our fearless MSM to ask about that about the same time they ask anyone on the left if they support this loony theory. 

Reminder: Fat Dave Cameron thought this sleaze was worthy of the exact same honour given to the longest serving Prime Minister of the Twentieth Century. Truly, he is the gift that keeps on giving.

A vote of thanks too for the BBC, who voted her Britain's most influential women in 2014, numerous universities who gave her honorary degrees, and the Pride of Britain Award's which gave her a lifetime achievement award, none of whom apparently noticed she was a race-hustling low-life. 

Say, why does that sound familiar? 

Channel 4's managed to beat them all though now. Here's a channel that constantly preaches about the dangers of inflammatory rhetoric and sneers at supposed conspiracy theories but carries claims of racist conspiracies to commit mass murder without asking for a single shred of proof.

Say what you like about T**** R******* but at least there really are jihadist rape gangs - except, apparently, we can ignore him because he's a hatey-hater.

Well, OK, then, if those are the rules, what do we call a bunch of Metropolitan rich kids who happily push insane theories about the fire brigade as a branch of the KKK?

Channel 4 ran with these claims without asking for a shred of proof because they believe it to be self-evident that any group of blue-collar, white, folks will be a cesspit of deranged bigotry. Their readiness to believe this insanity is proof of how much of PC is just plain class hatred.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Hey, You Know Who's Just Like Hitler?

People who refuse to pander to the absurd delusions of prats who think they're actually ubermensch, that's who:
Journalist Nick Robinson has likened the behaviour of Boris Johnson to a 'dictator' for broadcasting directly to the public on social media.
Presumably, as opposed to democratically-elected politicians, who are famously camera shy and communicate via mime.

Plus: you know who else had a dog, right? 

Of course, there's a reason for all this girly hysteria:
The former BBC political editor, currently a host of Radio 4's Today programme, called the Prime Minister's social media use a 'form of propaganda' and said it was undemocratic to avoid proper scrutiny by journalists.
...And, seriously, how could we do without groundbreaking analysis like comparing everyone you don't like to Hitler?

More to the point though, who does this prat think he is anyway? How did he become the Scrutineer In Chief? Is there some kind of Shaolin Temple for MSM drones? Did he beat the previous Scutineer in single combat?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, 'Freedom of the Press' is short for 'Freedom of the Use of the Printing Press'. It means anyone is free to print whatever they want with no requirement to seek some kind of publishing license from a Department of Approved Publishers....

 ....In other words, in so far as it guarantees the right of any citizen to publish what they want, it means the literal opposite of establishing some kind of super elite order of certified journaljismers, with special press freedoms no one else gets.

Nick Robinson can demand the PM invite him in for a meeting. So can Bob Smith, of 22 Acacia Avenue. Neither have the right to be granted a meeting.

Which is the whole point right there. We now have a MSM that's genuinely believes they're some kind of modern equivalent of the Samurai - wimpy, entitled Samurai admittedly - a cult of uber citizens with special rights, above and beyond the common rabble. They're utterly detached from real life, and proud of it. All that's happened now is that the penny has finally dropped with the conservative movement. Someone's finally run the figures and worked out that rather than pander to a bunch of elitists weirdoes, representing about six postcodes in north London, it's far better to reach out to actual, normal people.

I don't know how good Bob Smith is at the whole 'scrutiny' thing, but he's surely more in touch with reality than narcissistic prats like Nick Robinson.