Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brendan Cox: Bringing A Touch Of Class

Recent revelations about Brendan Cox have just confirmed my suspicions that we should only ever pay half-price for newspapers, since they only give half the story anyway.

As I understand it, the two main excuses in the MSM for not reporting on this before now are:
  1. Savvy, streetwise journos were bamboozled by a smooth-talking master manipulator                                       

  2. Everyone knew, but they couldn't bring themselves to report it
To put it another way, the MSM's defence is to claim they're either morons or corrupt. Either way, they're not exactly making a good case why anyone should be all misty-eyed about the MSM going the way of the dinosaur.
For an example of Option One, consider this from Amanda Platell, which seems genuinely naive if only because otherwise she would surely have taken out this bit:
Hundreds of thousands gathered last year for the Great Get Together – which he organised to combat loneliness – where people extended the hand of friendship to strangers at street parties
It was extending his hand of friendship too much that got him in trouble in the first place.

Option Two is as here. I'd have more sympathy for MSM drones claiming they didn't want to go after a widower, if only they hadn't spent weeks tormenting a twenty-five year old bimbo model who told racist jokes about Megan Markel (as it happens, Me-Again has recently taken over from Comrade Cox as the most obvious beneficiary of the MSM's 'Don't Mention The War' reporting).

Plus all that's without remembering that the MSM didn't just refuse to report on these allegations, they actually ran glowing profiles of Creeper Cox.

This is just further proof of my theory that the New Left is just like the Old Right. Just like the Old Right they're obsessed with class distinctions and, no, basing their class divisions on politics and ideology rather than money and family is hardly an improvement.

This is not mere expediency, or ideological loyalty. They really do think they're better than us.  Consider this: all the commentary from our alleged betters has been about this guy's supposed struggle, and how it's super that he's 'reflecting and taking responsibility' (now he's been caught).

See what's missing? These are people whose whole lives are spent playing Victimhood Poker, but now there are real victims, not a word about them. They treat them like bit part players in the great drama of 'Brendan's' heroic struggle to be less of a sleaze. The MSM are the Duchess sweeping past the down-trodden peasants on the way to pay tribute to her fellow aristocrat, cruelly cut down by dirty rebels while attempting to exercise jus primae noctis.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Not Part And Parcel Of Living In A Big City After All

Say what you like about the Florida shootings, but at least liberals have finally found a foreign culture that they're prepared to say is inferior to British culture. Dealing with cultures where they carve off their daughter's clitoris? That requires 'nuance', but the Second Amendment is bad, bad, bad.

Apparently, this time you should look back in anger. Hold the tealights and the balloons, and bring on the rage. If we don't do anything at all, the terrorists will have won.

Or something.

The thing is though that the contrast between Britain and the US when it comes to mass murder is exactly why Americans are reluctant to give up their guns. Some say the Second Amendment needs to be repealed to protect the public, others say the same about the UK Human Rights Act. The difference is that the Second Amendment is an integral part of a constitution that's not only older than that of Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, it's older than all of them combined. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Act was foisted on the UK by Blair in 1997, and the public keep voting for a government that promises to - but never actually does - repeal it.

To the point: the Second Amendment survives because the American people support it, while the Human Rights Act survives because the political class have imposed it on the public.

The Second Amendment is both a product and a foundation of a uniquely American view on the relationship between the citizen and the state. At a deep level the American people have decided that as many problems as an empowered citizenry brings, that's still preferable to a phoney-baloney democracy where a depraved political class is free to inflict obscenities such as the HRA on the serfs.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

They Don't Want It, They Just Want You Not To Have It

We’re now more than a fortnight from the outrageously outrageous revelations about The Presidents Club and the feminazis are still begging the question: if there is ‘no place for this sort of thing in modern Britain’, what is there a place for? 

Hey, it’s a serious question: in so far as they’ve successfully bullied charities into turning down donations from these guys, what are they going to do to plug the hole in their accounts? 

To put it another way, if the folks at the Presidents’ Club really were just a bunch of anachronistic losers who need to get with the New Girl Order, the feminazis should have no trouble selling tickets for their hip & happening [Current Year] alternative. They can call it the Commissars’ Club, with Clare Balding lookalike waitresses dishing out organic vegan meals while Julie Bindel entertains everyone with a 45 minute routine about sending men to ‘some kind of camps’.  

But no: the floor is clear for as these empowered wimminz to fill the gap but, strangely, it turns out that they’re more concerned with criticising how men raise money for charity than actually, y’know, raising any money themselves. In the bonkers zero sum world of the feminazis, men have lost so they’ve won, and pointing out that the fact that charities are objectively worse off is, like, sexist or summink. 

Has there ever been a more perfect example of feminism in action?

Sunday, February 04, 2018

The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of The Patriarchy

Apparently, the online world is a cesspit of fake news and you should only trust the verified truthiness of the MSM and their deeply fact-checked stories. Like this:
Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson has revealed how she desperately fought off an attempted rape by a ‘nice young man’ she thought was a friend.
The former Minister only stopped the horrifying attack by shouting at him that what he was about to do was rape. Ms Swinson told The Mail on Sunday last night: ‘I was really under threat. I was physically pushing him away and saying, “I do not want to do it.” 
Sounds like we need to get this guy off the street ASAP! To the Batmobile, Robin!

But wait....
The traumatic incident happened in the late 1990s when she was a 19-year-old studying at the London School of Economics. She declined to name the attacker, who was a fellow student. 
Yep, this guy was so dangerous she decided to do absolutely nothing about him and still won't name him.

Say, does Haven Monahan have an alibi?
Ms Swinson, a former Business Minister in the Coalition Government, added: ‘He was about to do something horrendous and I managed to get him to stop. I told him, “If you make me, that’s rape.”
Alternative Interpretation: this silly cow goes back to some guy's place at 1 AM, he tries to get to first base, and she freaks out and calls him a rapist.

Which is not deranged at all.

Speaking personally, I'm thinking that if anyone dodged a bullet here, it was the guy who belatedly realised why no man should ever talk to a feminist.

They hate you simply for existing, hence why they come out with stuff like this: 
There is this view among many that this violence against women is something which is sort of the stranger leaping out of the dark alley, or a whole different series of horrible people that they wouldn’t have anything to do with.

Actually, what I took from that experience was that I could very easily see how rape could happen and the rapist could be a nice young man who would not consider that would be something he could do.
Yes, indeed, feminism is a nut shell: the complete lack of evidence that a guy is a rapist just means he's the worst type of rapist of them all, a non-raping rapist. He's clearly the kind of cunning predator who hides his evil by not committing any offenses whatsoever.

Oh, and the real reason she's suddenly remembered she was, like, kind of raped. Sort of:
Ms Swinson reveals her distressing experience in a new book, Equal Power. Described as a ‘call to arms’, it examines inequality issues – from the gender pay gap to everyday sexism – and how to turn them around. 
Yes, she's taking on sexism by pushing deranged conspiracy theories like 'rape culture'. Tune in next week when she'll be taking on antisemitism by demanding universities teach the Protocols of Zion.