Wednesday, February 07, 2018

They Don't Want It, They Just Want You Not To Have It

We’re now more than a fortnight from the outrageously outrageous revelations about The Presidents Club and the feminazis are still begging the question: if there is ‘no place for this sort of thing in modern Britain’, what is there a place for? 

Hey, it’s a serious question: in so far as they’ve successfully bullied charities into turning down donations from these guys, what are they going to do to plug the hole in their accounts? 

To put it another way, if the folks at the Presidents’ Club really were just a bunch of anachronistic losers who need to get with the New Girl Order, the feminazis should have no trouble selling tickets for their hip & happening [Current Year] alternative. They can call it the Commissars’ Club, with Clare Balding lookalike waitresses dishing out organic vegan meals while Julie Bindel entertains everyone with a 45 minute routine about sending men to ‘some kind of camps’.  

But no: the floor is clear for as these empowered wimminz to fill the gap but, strangely, it turns out that they’re more concerned with criticising how men raise money for charity than actually, y’know, raising any money themselves. In the bonkers zero sum world of the feminazis, men have lost so they’ve won, and pointing out that the fact that charities are objectively worse off is, like, sexist or summink. 

Has there ever been a more perfect example of feminism in action?

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