Saturday, February 17, 2018

Not Part And Parcel Of Living In A Big City After All

Say what you like about the Florida shootings, but at least liberals have finally found a foreign culture that they're prepared to say is inferior to British culture. Dealing with cultures where they carve off their daughter's clitoris? That requires 'nuance', but the Second Amendment is bad, bad, bad.

Apparently, this time you should look back in anger. Hold the tealights and the balloons, and bring on the rage. If we don't do anything at all, the terrorists will have won.

Or something.

The thing is though that the contrast between Britain and the US when it comes to mass murder is exactly why Americans are reluctant to give up their guns. Some say the Second Amendment needs to be repealed to protect the public, others say the same about the UK Human Rights Act. The difference is that the Second Amendment is an integral part of a constitution that's not only older than that of Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, it's older than all of them combined. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Act was foisted on the UK by Blair in 1997, and the public keep voting for a government that promises to - but never actually does - repeal it.

To the point: the Second Amendment survives because the American people support it, while the Human Rights Act survives because the political class have imposed it on the public.

The Second Amendment is both a product and a foundation of a uniquely American view on the relationship between the citizen and the state. At a deep level the American people have decided that as many problems as an empowered citizenry brings, that's still preferable to a phoney-baloney democracy where a depraved political class is free to inflict obscenities such as the HRA on the serfs.

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