Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Throwing Acid In The Public's Face

Yes, they do hate us, and have done so for a long time.

It goes back at least as far as the 1987 general election, when Neil Kinnock whined that you couldn't tell a working man earning good money, with his own house, a new car and a villa in Spain 'Brother, let me take you out of your misery'.

The left  love the downtrodden masses providing they stay trodden down. Once they start making a bit of money and getting ideas above their station all bets are off. Consider the reaction to Brexit for final proof of that.

You can't even put it down to self-interest or snobbery. It's something much more primal than that. For the left not only is the personal always political, but vice versa too. Never mind Clement Attlee or Nye Bevan, the perfect poster boy for the modern left is Elliot Rogers.

Too far fetched? Consider the left's response to Rotherham. Here are a group of people who've spent years producing saccharine drivel about life oop North, while also giving house room to feminazis ranting about how rape culture is, like, everywhere, sista. But as soon as they ran into an actual rape culture, on the loose in Brassed Off territory....

Suddenly, it turned out rape wasn't about power after all. Feminists all but queued up to explain how the victims were practically asking for it, the sluts. Large parts of the left seemed to positively relish the idea of young girls being sexually tortured and humiliated. Their reaction was like nothing so much as a frustrated stalker enjoying the suffering of the woman who rejected him.  

See, we were meant to be together, them as ruler, us as the ruled. They could have been so good for us, but us people, us whores, had to go off with those Tory bad boys, with their fancy 'home ownership' and 'personal responsibility'. Well, they're going to teach us a lesson alright, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE IGNORED.

The open borders lobby is a bunch of losers throwing acid in the public's face by proxy - sometimes literally.