Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Electability: It Used To Be A Thing

Hey, I'm so old I can remember Fat Dave Cameron's Reign of Error when we were constantly told that the Tory Party had to throw any conservatism whatsoever overboard in pursuit of the votes of a supposed group of moderates who would totally vote Conservative except for the whole 'conservatism' thing. 

It was all about 'electability' you guys!

How times have changed - and not just because the party of BoJo and Crazy Dom Cummings managed to get more than twice as many votes in one go as electoral super genius Fat Dave managed in two attempts combined. Don't be shocked, but with vague signs of actual conservatism in the Conservative Party, the cucks have suddenly decided that crude vote chasing in no substitute for principle after all. Nope, now they've finally found some hills that are worth dying on. 

Like the very vital human right of spoilt rich kids to harass member of the public. 

Or protecting members of one of our most vulnerable communities: sex offenders. 

And yes, that is *that* Crispin Blunt.

Truly, he is a vote-winning machine. Either that or 'electability' was only ever a bogus concept used to purge anyone with actual conservative views from the Grifters Party. 

Monday, April 11, 2022

A Cuck Gets Capped

Like I keep saying, you can get into bed with the left but they won't respect you in the morning. Latest example of this rule: former future Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

Hey, it seems like only yesterday he climbed aboard the SS Strange New Respect by endorsing the left's screechy eye-scratchy attack on BoJo for mentioning the Jimmy Saville thing. Apparently it was outrageously outrageous to suggest that the head of the Crown Prosecution Service has any influence over prosecutions. 

And that's how Rishi Sunak got the enduring gratitude and affection of the left!

Remember: this is the guy that the Professional Conservative Brains Trust was assuring us was a political genius. These cucks are still out there now, trying to stop anyone pointing out the absurdity of the left's position.  What is the left's point after all? That billionaire globalists have utter contempt for the countries they pretend to be loyal to? 

Yes, I do believe some of us have already noticed that. Meanwhile, the left (and the cucks) have spent years calling anyone who mentioned it a Nazi. They might not like billionaires but if it was a choice between supporting them or being on the same side as actual patriots?