Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stores Trashed By Mob, Still Looking Better Than Special Ed

You know you're a liberal if... you're more enraged by a lone banana being thrown on a football pitch than you are by hundreds of bottles being thrown at police officers.

Apparently, while BananaGate demands we look into the dark heart of British football, riots breaking out at a leftist demonstration are just one of them things. In fact, Libs are enraged that anyone could accuse them of supporting mayhem.

See, that's the thing right there: if liberals spent half as much energy condeming the rioters as they do condemning people who condemn their failure to condemn them their condemnations of the ConDems that condemn them wouldn't be so plain contempable.

As it is, they're so angry about the 'slur' that the Labour Party is thinking of convening a special committee to investigate the option of moving towards the possibity of potenial disciplary action for any party members found to have taken part in the violence. Meanwhile, the liberal side of the MSM has started featuring tear-jerking articles about leftists who were at the riot but not with the riot.

In other words, the people who endlessly jibber-jabber about hate speech and 'unconcious discrimination' are now arguing that mentioning their public expressions of support for thuggery is some kind of underhand trick.

It's not as if the thuggery is some kind of wacky byproduct of an otherwise good cause. Labour lost the election, but they still think they should be allowed to implement their agenda anyway. What was noticable about the demonstration was that it didn't seek to advance any coherent cause or point of view, merely to demand that everyone else continue to fork over the cash to Labour's payroll vote or else. If it wasn't any attempt to subvert the democratically-expressed will of the people by intimidation, what was it?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Great Experiment Goes Bad

I don't think this is what 'Republic' means.

The Rich Are Different

Fatty Johann is shocked that being a waster doesn't always lead to a well-paid job. Naturally, the solution is for everyone else to hand over their wallets and let the government build some kind of 'welfare system'.

See? That's the kind of bold thinking which explains how we ended up with the hard working kids of today as compared to our skivving ancestors.

Or something.

Still, Fat Boy manages to samba round the other elephant in the room. Yes, he was an idle, self-obsessed little brat - rather than now, when he's a very big one - but he managed to pull out of it and become a media-luvvie. And?

The privileged and the pampered have always been able to indulge in self-destructive lunacy confident that their background would protect them from the consequences. What's new since the 1960s has been people like Hari trying to re-brand dysfunctional insanity as morally superior to those conformists squaresville losers, who waste their lives doing actual 'jobs'.

If there's one thing more than any other that afflicts 'disaffected yoof', it's that they've bought into the myth pushed by spoilt rich kids like Hari that screwing up your life makes you a heroic rebel striking a blow against The Man.

Kosovo With Kamels

By my reckoning, the US has now dropped approximately a squillion times more explosive on Libya than Reagan ever did back in the day, without receiving any of the whining from the Usual Suspects.

Of course, Reagan was bombing hapless conscripts wandering round the desert while the Obamamessiah is trying to take out terrorist training camps and Ghaddafi himself...

Wait, that's not right.

Nope, our ever-egalitarian friends on the left are OK with incinerating teenagers but arranging explosive enemas for dictators is simply beyond the pale. That makes no sense, but that appears to be a common problem right now.

Liberals were shocked that President Bush didn't have an exit strategy for Iraq (except for the whole 'winning' thing) but now they've landed us in a war without any actual entry strategy. We've gone to war to support the rebels, but without the slightest idea who they are and what they're trying to do - it's the geo-political equivalent of voting Lib Dem. Meanwhile, the actual tactics appear to be modelled on the British justice system, with force being delivered to targets in exactly inverse proportion to their significance. Imagine the air campaign as the equivalent of those police forces that arrest vicars for hate speech while ignoring honour killings.

Of course, Colonel Ghaddafi has connections to terrorism, sort of like Minister of the Crown Martin McGuiness, and he doesn't enjoy the kind of popular support the guys roaming round eastern Libya with AK47s have. Indeed, polls show 100% of people in areas occupied by people with AK47s support the people with AK47s.

The whole charge sheet against Ghaddafi appears to boil down to the idea that he's being unduly harsh in his treatment of guys rampaging round with AK47s. He's carrying out atrocious atrocities, even though the MSM has had more luck trying to flush out casualties from global warming than a bona fide case of anything Saddam wouldn't do on a slow weekend.

The MSM need to bring back the old crew from Kosovo days - those guys knew how to run with a bogus atrocity story.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Inevitable: Charlie Sheen meltdown comedy

Not Inevitable: The identity of the star in the best one.

(Culture) War Is The Answer

There is no better example of the eclipse of the traditional left by liberalism than the sight of Labour councils slashing services to protect non-jobs for their cronies.

If nothing else, it certainly undermines anything Special Ed may say about the supposed greed of the right. But don't except The Dave to make that point. In fact, don't expect him to say anything much at all. It's noticeable that pretty much all the running on exposing labour sleaze has been made by people outside the Tory Party.

No doubt the usual suspects will claim that this was all part of The Dave's brilliant plan, but they won't be able to explain just how this all fits in with Cameronism in the first place. After all, Dave was hailed as a Certified Super Genius for throwing ideology under the bus in favour of touchy-feely, bipartisan consensus. Conviction politics was out, to be replaced by a bold new era of European-style politics where the public had the choice of a left of right of centre party and a right of left of centre one.

Now it turns out that - in a twist obvious to everyone except Professional Conservatives - the left's definition of 'bipartisan' means conservatives agreeing with everything they say. Otherwise all bets are off, hence why Labour councils are passing scorched earth budgets and leftists are explaining that rioting is just a particularly vigorous form of debate.

It turns out that the World's Smartest Man bought a bottle of mineral water to a gun fight. What middle ground are we meant to find exactly with people who deliberately slash services to the vulnerable in an attempt to protect six figure salaries for bureaucrats? Or who claim trying to kill a police officer is just youthful exuberance?

These are the people the conservative movement is meant to be taking on. If they weren't upset, that'd be a real problem. Meanwhile, our allegedly conservative PM is still enraged that somewhere in Britain there are people who don't think the EU is all that.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Prince Andrew Calls For Left To Quit Over Links With Paedophiles

As I understand the left's current position on paedophiles, it's that they should be allowed to move next door to a playground or a primary school, but not hang out with Prince Andrew.

Hey, I'm sure his bodyguards will protect him.

I'm thinking the left may want to think carefully about emphasising that Prince Andy is 'unelected' and 'unaccountable' at the same time as the Supreme Court is busy gutting the Sex Offenders Register.

Consider the full implications of the left's position: the Sex Offenders Register has long been the left's favourite example of how sex offenders are tightly-monitored (and pay no attention to the scouser behind the curtain). Yet now, in so far as the Supreme Court has decided that the Sex Offenders Register isn't allowed to register someone just because he's a sex offender, the left's strategy has been crippled. Now they're prevented from carrying out the monitoring they claim can stop perverts striking again, all down to a handful of leftist philosopher kings on the bench.

Meanwhile, all Andy did was go to a few parties!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Phat Phraud Phails Physics

Obese fabulist Martin Samuels took time out from his busy schedule of making stuff up about attractive women to prove once and for all what we always suspected about hoplophobes:
Clearly, [Ashley Cole] attracts all manner of trouble on too many occasions to be blameless, but to allow any fool to own a firearm that can blind, maim or, if the most unfortunate circumstances combine, even kill is an accident waiting to happen.
Curiously enough though, even plenty of fools understand the difference between a firearm and an air rifle. And no, the law doesn't recognise the concept of 'close enough for government work'.

Yep, I know what you're thinking: he isn't really that clueless, he's just hoping his readers are so he can rile them up with the idea of ethic gentlemen rampaging round the Home Counties with AK47s, but no - he really is that stupid:
There should have to be justification for possession, even for air rifles, because there are a lot of idiots out there and the less access they are given to explosive devices the better for us all.
Anyone who says something that stupid deserves to shot repeatedly with a pellet gun until they can name what exactly the explosive is in an air rifle. Either that or they can explain why a country GP shouldn't be allowed to own an air rifle but the right of a fat fraud to publish bigoted rubbish is a vital bulwark against tyranny.