Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(Culture) War Is The Answer

There is no better example of the eclipse of the traditional left by liberalism than the sight of Labour councils slashing services to protect non-jobs for their cronies.

If nothing else, it certainly undermines anything Special Ed may say about the supposed greed of the right. But don't except The Dave to make that point. In fact, don't expect him to say anything much at all. It's noticeable that pretty much all the running on exposing labour sleaze has been made by people outside the Tory Party.

No doubt the usual suspects will claim that this was all part of The Dave's brilliant plan, but they won't be able to explain just how this all fits in with Cameronism in the first place. After all, Dave was hailed as a Certified Super Genius for throwing ideology under the bus in favour of touchy-feely, bipartisan consensus. Conviction politics was out, to be replaced by a bold new era of European-style politics where the public had the choice of a left of right of centre party and a right of left of centre one.

Now it turns out that - in a twist obvious to everyone except Professional Conservatives - the left's definition of 'bipartisan' means conservatives agreeing with everything they say. Otherwise all bets are off, hence why Labour councils are passing scorched earth budgets and leftists are explaining that rioting is just a particularly vigorous form of debate.

It turns out that the World's Smartest Man bought a bottle of mineral water to a gun fight. What middle ground are we meant to find exactly with people who deliberately slash services to the vulnerable in an attempt to protect six figure salaries for bureaucrats? Or who claim trying to kill a police officer is just youthful exuberance?

These are the people the conservative movement is meant to be taking on. If they weren't upset, that'd be a real problem. Meanwhile, our allegedly conservative PM is still enraged that somewhere in Britain there are people who don't think the EU is all that.

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