Friday, September 24, 2021

I Have No Idea How This Keeps Happening

At this point, being featured as Victim Of The Week in a MSM documentary should be admissible in court as proof of guilt: 

A Mixed Martial Arts fighter who told a Channel 4 documentary he wanted to prove people who thought he would end up in prison wrong has been jailed for throttling his ex-girlfriend.

Demornia Cantrill, 24, featured in a true-life 2015 film about his upbringing in care and how he was desperate to be a success.

Hey, it could have been a gritty warts and all take on this guy.... but would you really bet on that?

If Nigel Farage's show had ever given a violent thug this kind of soft focus boosterism, liberals would now be demanding air strikes on GB News HQ. 

Instead it's Channel 4 and so now we're supposed to just 'move on', 'draw a line under it' and definitely - definitely - do not ask what it is about media liberals that they keep getting caught palling around with violent thugs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Don't Mention The...

Never change UnHerd! It's the website that promises to 'to push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking' yet always ends up serving up conventional wisdom, just with a wacky haircut. 

Yep, I'll give him some credit for talking about the housing market and actually mentioning the demand side of the equation but he never mentions the one thing pushing up demand more than anything else. 

Y'know, THAT thing, O*** B******.

Aside from anything else, it renders the whole article pointless. If it's electoral viability you're after, you should probably be concerned about the left's determination to import a whole new electorate.But no - the cuckservatives will do everything to preserve muh electability except the one thing they need to do.

Winning elections is kind of important but not if it means risking their dinner party invitations, you guys!