Sunday, August 29, 2010

Needs A Gay Dude

Other than that, this movie looks a dead cert for an Oscar.

Liberals: Given Up Even Trying To Make Sense

Julie passes on this gem from the Guardian:
Impassioned responses to Beck's event, Dr Laura Schlessinger's recent N-word gaffe and offensive remarks about female supreme court justices are justified and necessary. But they must occur in the context of an unrelenting commitment both to change the institutions that provide platforms for such regrettable incidents, and to move away from soundbites towards a sustained discussion of racism and sexism in all its complexity.
A-huh! So we need to move towards a sustained discussion by silencing anybody who disagrees with the left.

Still, it's a perfect example of Liberal Turettes, the strange syndrome where leftists suddenly blurt out the truth about what they really believe. Whenever sane people hear liberal arguments advanced, they're naturally appalled, hence why the left's only hope of winning the debate is to silence the opposition before hand.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Politicians Telling Us Who They Are

So now we know: our elected representatives are a foul-mouthed collection of thugs. All of which means....

No, wait: Mr Liberal would like to point out it's just a tiny minority who don't represent the vast majority of peace-loving MPs. Really? If these people are just an unrepresentative fringe, why are their colleagues so reluctant to discipline, or even name, them? These guys are public servants, using their working hours to scream abuse at near-minimum wage public servants in a public building. If ever there was a right to know, this is it. Seems like the average MP is plenty comfortable with thuggery, after all.

But there's something deeper going on here. This all supports Canadian writer Kathy Shaidle's theory that PC is Class War by other means. For years, we've had to put up with finger-wagging lectures from our self-appointed betters about insensitive language - even in the most absurd of contexts. PC witch hunts have wrecked careers and wasted billions of pounds, but now members in good standing of the chattering classes are on the hook, it turns out that screaming real abuse and actual threats at people is perfectly fine.

Who'd have thunk it?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You May Not Be Interested In Culture War, But Culture War Is Interested In You

True enough, this is appalling, but it'd still take a heart of stone not to laugh.

Hey, wasn't the whole point of Nu Toryism that they'd turned their back on those dullsville suburban Daily Mail.... oops, Daily Heil (geddit?) readers and their incessant whining about 'PC gone mad', just cause in new, improved Britain, you can get a gun shoved under your nose and a night in the cells on the unsubstantiated word of a race-hustling nogoodnik?

At best, Cameronism was a strategy of evasion, kicking the can down the road on any contentious issues. At worst, these people were positively sneering about anyone who suggested that the whole apparatus of political correctness was inherently totalitarian.

Now suddenly the Dear Leader has fallen foul of PC - though without being arrested as yet - and....? What's happening to the Tories now is just the super-sized version of what millions of ordinary citizens have had to deal with for years.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shock New Report: Britain Sux!!!!!!

On the plus side, I think we can now safely say beyond a shadow of doubt that liberals hate Britain. What other interpretation is there for the reverence with which the BBC reports on this load of old pony?

Anti-British psychopaths led by a member of a foreign cult blew up British citizens, and this proves Britain sucks? Even from first principles, that'd be a stretch, but the logic on show makes 'I wouldn't start from here' sound like genius:
Al Hutchinson's report, published on Tuesday, found that by acquiescing to a deal between the government and the Catholic Church to move Fr Chesney to a parish in the Irish Republic, the Royal Ulster Constabulary was guilty of a "collusive act".

He said this had compromised the investigation and the decision "failed those who were murdered, injured or bereaved" in the bombing.
Hey, think how the bombers feel: they missed out on the chance to become Ministers of the Crown like Machine Gun McGuinness and pals.

Seriously, let's check the scorecard here: police follow the lead of the elected government in 1972 and go easy on Father O'Semtex = Bad Pigs! Headcases holding public office right now = hooray for the peace process!

Apparently, there's appeasement and there's appeasement!

Meanwhile, liberals supported the IRA all the while it was murdering civilians, but now it's all moot, they claim what they actually meant was 'let justice be done though the heavens fall'.

For further evidence of humbuggery, consider the BBC's description of Sinn Fein as 'the political party closely identified with the IRA'. That's how the BBC describes them right now. In 1972 the police were under political pressure and dealing with a background of sectarian lunacy, what's the BBC's excuse?

Indeed, if there're any parallels between 1972 and modern life, they lie mainly with the BBC's determination to duck the tough questions.

All of which leads to the wider issue: for years the left in general, and the BBC in particular, depicted Ulster Unionists as crazed bigots with some wacky, irrational fear of Irish Catholicism. Now we know the truth: the Catholic Church in Ireland was exactly what the Unionists said it was. True, the bowler hat thing is kind of weird, and the Pope probably isn't the Anti-Christ after all, but objecting to being ruled by people who think True Christianity means murder and ethnic cleansing, well, that used to be what the Left claimed to stand for.

But that was in the old days, before the Left was born again and liberals learned to accept the joy of hating Britain into their lives.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More on the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

This is exactly right:
It would never even occur to me, or any decent person, to erect a Museum of American Achievements in Aviation in Hiroshima.

This is not a joke -- I am not saying a museum celebrating the bomb. I am saying a museum that does exactly as I said -- notes American achievements in aviation. Not the Enola Gay, but the Wright Brothers, etc.

The museum I am talking about, hypothetically, would not be baiting, nor celebratory of the bomb, in the least. It would just be a museum of American advancements in aviation.

But of course no sentient being could possibly fail to see how Japanese would take it as a direct provocation, and a nasty reminder of the bomb that fell on Hiroshima 6 August 1945.

And if I were so stupid, tasteless, and Asperger's-afflicted to have suggested such a museum in the first place, if Japanese then told me "That brings up horrifying memories," I wouldn't then arrogantly double-down and begin explaining to them how intolerant they're being, how irrational they're being, how unfair to my enthusiasm for American airpower they're being.
All of which set me think about respected documentary maker and marathon runner Michael Moore.

Hey, wasn't fatty hailed as a hero after slamming Charlton Heston for holding a supposedly triumphalist NRA rally in Colorado soon after Columbine? Why, yes, and never mind that state law required the NRA to hold an annual meeting and that the whole 'rally' thing was kind of.... Mooresque.

BBC Reveals How Wimminz Won The War

BBC Breakfast (motto: 'have some stupid on your cornflakes') has just run a feature on the 'hidden' story of the Battle of Britain. Brace yourselves: it turns out that it wasn't just about fighters, there was a whole radar and reporting network too!

Apparently, 'hidden' in Beebland means you actually have to open the book, not just look at the nice picture of the Spitfire on the cover. Seriously, who is this guy, the one who knew all about the relative turning circle of the Hurricane vs the 109, but didn't know the fighters were being guided by radio rather than, say, using sniffer dogs tied to the fuselage?

Needless to say, the only thing 'hidden' in the report - and barely at that - was the BBC's agenda. See, the thing is that most of the radar operators, and plotters, were members of the non-reversing community. That was the whole point of it all: women played a role in the battle too - just like every history of the battle makes clear.

This is the other thing about the BBC's crappy reporting. Not only is the bias bad in and off itself, it also blinds them to actual points. It is genuinely interesting to hear from a - still lifey - 100 year old veteran plotter, and there is a serious point here about how the real difference wasn't Britain's technically meh radar, so much as that it integrated with a purpose-designed home defence system. But no: chicks fought too, that's all you need to know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Projection, Much?

Well said, Sir! Plus who's the Uncle Tom anyway? An MP who's risen to be a minister while still eating loads of pies, or a journalist who lives in Richmond, but gets paid to go into London and appear on TV, dressed in a Magpies shirt, while drinking a bottle of dog and talking about gan dan the toon?

Anyway, what does it say about the BBC that when they need a Northerner, they hire the Al Jolson of Surrey? Nothing we didn't already know!

If It Wasn't For Sneer Quotes, Some People Would Have No Way To Communicate

Heh. Timing is everything. A drive-by commentor on this post was mega, double, enraged by my criticism of libertarians: why, didn't I know, libertarians were totally super critical of liberal pandering to thugs? Then, wouldcha'believe it, Samizdata commented, apparently approvingly, on Alex Massie's Allahawful pay-no-attention-to-the-jihadist-behind-the-curtain article.

About Massie's article no more need be said than to repeat my original point: when exactly did we decide that putting sneer quotes round words counts as an actual argument? Equally though, I'm wondering whether those of us on the right might not have been suckered in to arguing over the minutiae with professional hair splitters like Massie when the honking great elephant in the room is THEY WANT TO BUILD A MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO!!!!

I'm thinking that the whole 'wanting to build a mosque at site of a brutal Islamic terror attack' pretty much kills the 'moderate' thing stone dead. Still, for anyone still struggling with the whole concept, gay Chicago democrats explain it better than most of Britain's Certified Rightists.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Geeks: This Is Why We Don't Trust You (2)

Just as with MP's expenses, I'm still waiting for the slip of the keyboard that inadvertently gives a much lower figure than expected.

Geeks: This Is Why We Don't Trust You (1)

The New Scientist has denounced Coaltion education policy, more specifically....

No, guess.

You'll never get it, it's.....


Of course, you do have to have a certain grudging respect for their adaptability. Leftists have moved smoothly from denouncing the National Curriculum for stifling their creativity, maaaaaan to complaining about a new Dark Age just as soon as the Tories came out against it.

Guess that means Mrs T was right all along, hey geeks?

Meanwhile, in so far as the charge is that absent a gun to their head, most teachers will go with any old crap, doesn't that suggest the geeks should be taking it up with their fellow leftists rather the government?

Naomi Campbell: The Only Black Liberals Ever Wanted To Jail

I have only three questions:

1/ How did the hell did we get in a situation where a freak show collection of unelected tranzi tossers could demand freeborn British citizens abase themselves before their crappy tribunals?

2/ Are celebs going to be more or less likely to take part in charidee events in future knowing that if they do, they risk being hauled before a kangaroo court years after the fact?

3/ If Charles Taylor really is that bad, what does it say about St Nelson of Mandela that he invited him to stop by?


Thena again, maybe Naomi got off lightly getting a few rocks - I hear Nelly and his pals usually go with the whole necklace.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Da Moreonz Wuz Rite

On the plus side, I guess we now know why the Legal-Welfare complex was so anxious to stop anyone reporting on the case of John Venables, the completely rehabilitated murderer now back in jail.

Yes, indeed: Venables has gone down for nonceitude, and plenty of would-be emperors are facing a charge of indecent exposure.

Hell, even after Venables got picked up and the story of his drug-fuelled odyssey of violence started to leak out, our betters were busily explaining how, while they found these allegations 'troubling', one should resist the temptation to be seduced by the partial and subjective reporting of the so-called 'tabloids' into somehow questioning the carefully-calibrated process of...


The results are in, and it turns out that the tabloid-reading, coupon-clipping, Ford-driving, Tesco-shopping, chip eating, TV watching, semi-owned-on-a-mortgage-dwelling scum were right. 100%, take it the bank, straight in the x-ring, bang on. Our self-appointed betters? Not so much.

All of which raises a philosophical question: if all the alleged super-geniuses were wrong, in what sense are they actually smart? Isn't superior cerebral functioning meant to prevent you talking rubbish?

Then again, there was always an essential tautology in their arguments: if you believed in the rehab industry, you were clearly super-smart, because only super-smart people could understand why the rehab industry was worth supporting.

Ah huh!

Now, in a carefully-controlled experiment, Certified Liberal Big Brains were given a metaphorical, and indeed literal, blank cheque to rehabilitate a loveable scallywag, and it all went a bit Pete Tong. Then they lied about it for years on end, claiming Brer John was both being closely monitored and under tight parole conditions - neither of which can possibly be true in the light of his ability to indulge in a consequence-free, coked-up brawlathon.

Indeed, the readiness of liberals to proclaim their faith in rehab, even absent any actual scientific basis, confirms what we always knew: liberalism really is a Godless cult.

All of which throws new light on liberal criticism of real religion. Transmutation might sound a little strange, but it's no sillier than maintaining that a convicted killer who gets out of his face on drugs and brawls his way round the one city he's banned from, is actually a pillar of the community. More to the point though, I guess it wraps it up for the whole 'paedo priests' thing.

The charge against the Catholic Church is that instead of punishing pervert priests they preferred to send them to therapy, then move them to a different parish where they could strike again. Sound familiar?

Of course, there is one obvious difference: in one case therapy was based on a load of superstitious nonsense, in the other it was based on Christianity. Then there's the other thing: at least the Church didn't announce that any pervert priests it moved where obviously completely cured and anyone who said otherwise was clearly some kind of subhuman monkey.

And let's not forget the other unlovely member of the hipster's pantomime cow. Yes, indeed: libertarians claim people should hire their own air force, crack should be available over the counter and the Royal Mail is part of a conspiracy to get people used to state employees intruding on their property. Meanwhile, state employees bleed the tax payer dry to provide bogus therapies, release dangerous lunatics out onto the streets, then lie about it for years?

Nope, nothing of interest there.

Consistent libertarians might claim it says something about the untrustworthy nature of state employees operating behind closed doors, but that would means rubbing ideological shoulders with the proles. Nope, if it came to a choice between opposition to statism and class loyalty to their fellow elitists, that was never going to be a tough one for libertarians.

The bottom line is that this is issue is the perfect microcosm of the divide in modern politics. For years the right - the real right - has allowed liberals to cast this as a debate between the unenlightened rabble and the sofiticayted elite. We were assured that the ability to put sneer quotes around words like 'evil' was, in and of itself, a brilliant argument. Meanwhile, to suggest that some things really were beyond the pale was evidence of near-retardation.

The point is not just that the right was right - these days, that pretty much goes without saying - it's that the left wasn't just wrong, their whole claim to intellectual supremacy was based on pseudo-scientific drivel and outright fraud. Liberalism is Scientology without Tom Cruise.