Friday, February 26, 2010

Liberals: Given Up Even Trying To Hide It

Kids today:

Too sexualised?

Or not enough?

Spookily enough, either way, it turns out the answer is Big Government.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steyn D'Jour

Yes, indeed: it's Diversity Day at the House and who better to sum it all up than the Great Steyn:
"Diversity" is not a virtue; it's morally neutral: A group of five white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women is non-diverse; a group of four white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women plus Sudan's leading clitorectomy practitioner is more diverse but not necessarily the better for it.

How Did The Tory Party Ever Miss Out On This One?

Hey, at least the MSM has now found one bogus discrimination case to report on. I'm sure it's just a bizarre coincidence that it happens to involve one of their own.

Of course, now that the MSM have uncovered the First Bogus Case In History, that means Lisa Aziz will certainly face.... well, nothing really. Not getting an undeserved multi-million pound payout is apparently punishment enough. Hmmmm.... maybe she is a natural for Westminster, after all.

It's Hard Out Here For A Race Pimp

Trixie reports that Lib Dems have been passing themselves off as Nu Tories. How can anyone tell?

On the plus side, finally, Oxbridge educated city slickers have a voice in this nation. At last, Cast Iron Dave is bringing millionaire Old Etonians out of the shadows.

Still, what are the odds, hey? Captain Diversity turns out to have the same CV as every other one of Dave's Drones. Apparently, this is the type of diversity where everyone's the same.

But let's think this thing through: in so far the only sense in which there's anything diverse about this guy is his DNA, is it still the right that's obsessed with race? Here's a guy who's lived a life of privilege and plenty and he's supposed to reach to all da brudders in da hood 'cause, hey, he kind of looks like them (or would do, if he wasn't wearing Armani). Patronising, much?

Anyway, how does this work? The Nu Tories clearly hope that there's an as yet untapped mass of black voters who'll only vote Tory if they start hiring black guys. Meanwhile, any white voter in Spelthorne who objects to arrogant, Metropolitan poltico-luvvies handing out seats in the House like a medieval King handing out Dukedoms is clearly some kind of raycist.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

David Cameron: Saviour Of Conservatism

Alan Duncan has come out with a whole new line of attack against the right: YOU'RE STOOPID!

Of course, I mean 'new' in the sense of 'used in every second Guardian editorial since 1974'. At least this kills the myth that the whole 'Nu Tory' thing is just tactical, and they're actually all rock-ribbed conservatives. Unless there's a previously-unsuspected pro-criminal voting bloc out there, they come out with this sort of thing because it's who they are.

Still, even leaving aside wider issues, I have two questions:
  • Are we sure people on the right who criticise Duncan are still just anti-gay bigots?
  • How does this new direction for policy mesh with his plans for capital punishment for people who oppose gay marriage?
The usual suspects will no doubt point out that Duncan doesn't really think critics of gay marriage should be murdered. True enough, but then again, I doubt he really thinks the problem with the current legal system is that the courts are just too punitive.

There's simply no way you can look at what's been happening in this country since 1997 and honestly conclude that the problem is that a legal system too focused on punishment. Duncan's comments are literally senseless, but that's the thing: Duncan, just like his boss and the rest of the Nu Tory face cards is a fully-paid post-modern politician for whom actual reality is just one of a number of competing narratives.

Forget the 'Heir to Blair' thing, the real comparison is with the Obamamessiah. Consider this exert from the Great Steyn:
The defining moment of [Obama's] doomed attempt to prop up Martha Coakley was his peculiar obsession with Scott Brown's five-year-old pickup:

"Forget the ads. Everybody can run slick ads," the president told an audience of out-of-state students at a private school. "Forget the truck. Everybody can buy a truck."

How they laughed! But what was striking was the thinking behind Obama's line: that anyone can buy a truck for a slick ad, that Brown's pickup was a prop – like the herd of cows Al Gore rented for a pastoral backdrop when he launched his first presidential campaign...

Howard Fineman, the increasingly loopy editor of the increasingly doomed Newsweek, took it a step further. The truck wasn't just any old prop but a very particular kind: "In some places, there are codes, there are images," he told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. "You know, there are pickup trucks, you could say there was a racial aspect to it one way or another."

Ah, yes. Scott Brown has over 200,000 miles on his odometer. Man, he's racked up a lot of coded racism on that rig. But that's easy to do in notorious cross-burning KKK swamps like suburban Massachusetts.

Whenever aspiring writers ask me for advice, I usually tell 'em this:

Don't just write there, do something. Learn how to shingle a roof, or tap-dance, or raise sled dogs. Because if you don't do anything, you wind up like Obama and Fineman – men for whom words are props and codes and metaphors but no longer expressive of anything real.
Cameron and pals don't come out with this rubbish because they believe it, they come out with it because they believe it's what politicians are supposed to say. It's entirely self-referential.

But here's the thing: is that really such a surprise? Yes, the Tory Party is an arrogant, narcissistic mess of smug, incestuous weasels with nary the slightest interest in carrying out their supposed mission of promoting conservative values, but you know what that reminds me of? Every other quasi-governmental body in Britain. The Tories are the perfect example of everything real conservatives have ever said about the corrosive effects of the state on anything it touches.

On the other hand, who cares? I've pointed out before Cameron's eerie ability to not only miss the bandwagon, but to get run over by it coming back the other way, still, recent events have taken that to the next level. ManBearPig must be destroyed!

Tough luck if you were hoping to vote for a mainstream party that didn't support massive tax hikes, crony capitalism and a bureaucrat peering over every shoulder. Instead, you can vote for the People's Front of Warmenism, or the Warmenist People's Front. Either way, you're going to take it in the shorts. Except... it's all going horribly wrong.

Then there's the Great Republic. Back in November 2008, the usual suspects were assuring us that the ascension of the Obamammessiah meant that the Republican Party was DOA. Fourteen months later and its the Democrats that are scrambling for the lifeboats. Crunch question: did this turnaround happen because the Republican Party finally got its act together, or because it utterly failed to? Isn't the whole Tea Party movement a symptom of public contempt for a Republican Establishment that seems almost Cameronesque in its contempt for the ordinary voter?

What links the Tea Partiers in the US with the anti-Gerbil Worming movement in Britannia is that they're both genuine grass roots movements that have risen in the face of utter contempt from the political classes. Well, that and they're both winning. They're setting the political agenda even as the alleged realists like Cameron explain that all the right can really do is bend over and take it like a man. What definition of 'realism' are we using here?

Is his own way, Cameron is exactly what the conservative movement needs. There was always something deeply unconservative about the idea that we could just vote every now and then for a bunch of politico-luvvies down in London and hope they'd sort everything out, and now Cameron's sneering contempt for the conservative base has rammed home just how absurd that was. Leaving aside you-know-who (who the Nu Tories hate anyway), what arguments have the Tories won in the last forty years? Nada! The Tories have always been useless at actual conservatism but now they've finally gone the whole way and elected a man who doesn't even bother pretending to try. Let these elitist dolts disappear up their own narratives, the real battlefield for conservatism is out in the country.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Never Forget

Glad to see 'Biased BBC' reminding everyone of the BBC's role in acting as a publicly-funded PR agency for a bent copper. Still, I do like to ram the point home, so let me say it explicitly. The BBC - ever anxious about the rise of 'extremism' - granted a violent criminal the chance to push inflammatory, racist rhetoric without even the inconvenience of dealing with an interviewer.

But what was worse was that this lunatic's rantings were presented as objective commentary on the state of modern Britain, and the police in particular. Anyone right of Tony Blair is introduced as a 'right-winger', but a sleazy, race-hustling crook needs no warning label.

Attack of the Clones

David Cameron is battling to save the political career of one of his favourite women candidates today after she dramatically quit less than four months before the General Election.

Joanne Cash mysteriously resigned at a special meeting of her local Tory association after reportedly clashing with Conservative party chairman Eric Pickles.
Well, OK, same ol' same ol'. One of Dave's Drones is a prima donna completely unsuited for practical politics? I find that very hard to believe. No, what caught my eye was this: she's an Oxbridge-educated barrister, married to a millionaire who's one of The Dave's Eton cronies, and the Tories are trailing her thus:
Conservative colleagues have spoken about her representing the sort of candidate that Mr Cameron has been desperate to attract to inject a wider range of experience into a future ministerial team.
This really ought to be item no 1 on the list of 'ways you can tell a party is too incestuous': when a media lawyer from London is their idea of a maverick loose cannon.

Weakest Palin Slam Evah?

Some days 'respectable conservatism' seems mightily like drinking the kool aid.

Yes, writing notes on your palm is exactly like being tied to a teleprompter, just like if she quotes the Declaration of Independence in a speech, that means she's a plagiarist. Huh?

Proof of concept: if Palin's notes had washed off on the way to the podium, would she have turned in to a babbling mess this... uh... guy?

And then there's this.

Kabloooey! Suddenly I realise where I've seen this all before. Think of Sarah Palin as the Roadrunner and the 'respectable right' and all points left as Certified Super Genius Wile E Coyote. Every single time they think they've totally nailed her, they somehow end up under the boulder while Sarah disappears in the distance.

Liberalism's 'Animal Farm' Moment

Again I say: who'd have thunk it? A race-hustling liberal pin-up turns out to be a crook.

Yes, indeed: tempting though it is to note that these days having a sympathetic profile published in the Guardian ought to be admissible in court as evidence of guilt, just this once we should listen to the libs when they say there are wider issues here. Not, as they will doubtless claim, that the raycism made him do it. Nope - there's something even more profound here.

The thing is that Ali Dizael isn't just a crook and a low-life, it's the particular form of criminality he practised. Liberal propaganda assures us that, sure, the Nu Police may have their problems, but do we really want to go back to the bad old days of Gene Hunt fitting people up?


Dizael wasn't just corrupt, his was exactly the type of corruption which liberals always cite as grounds for their PC reign of terror in the first place. You can't say both liberal and conservative approaches to law enforcement have their pros and cons. Liberal policing turns out to be all one big con.

Maths Is Raycist

Another one bites the dust:
One of David Cameron’s rising stars of the Conservative Party has had her house repossessed over an unsettled debt of £324,000.

Adeela Shafi was hand-picked by the Tory leader to open the 2008 party conference and was selected three years ago to be Parliamentary candidate in the Labour stronghold of Bristol East.

As an Asian Muslim woman, her appointment was greeted with plaudits and she was described as part of a ‘new generation’ of future MPs.

But Mrs Shafi’s suitability for public office was called into question this week when it was revealed she had three county court judgments against her over debts of almost £330,000.
Who'd have thunk it? One of Dave's Droids turns out to have a little trouble with the whole income/expenditure thing. Doesn't she know politicians are only supposed to waste other people's money?

Maybe the Tories are trying to reach out to people who can't count? Surely they're an under-represented minority group too? After all, surveys show that only 60% of the public understand percentages - the other half haven't got a clue.

Hey, I could go on like this all night, but no: there's serious point here. The Commons isn't meant to be the Big Brother House, with a carefully calibrated cross section of the public sitting around all day doing nothing. MPs aren't there to be feel-good tokens of diversity, their job is to hold the Executive to account.

Prime Ministers - even the Smartest Prime Minister Evah! - aren't meant to be absolute monarchs. That's why we have checks and balances in the first place. When Cast Iron Dave tries to stuff the back benches with slippery no-marks, he's sticking two fingers up to our whole system of government.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Who'd Have Thunk It?

Fat whiner and professional lifter of gentleman's shirts Johann Hari interviews David Cameron and banality ensues.

Don't be shocked, but Hari is enraged! by any attempts to link the gay movement with paedophilia:
But Mr Cameron, why can't you simply condemn people who call us "faggots" and "paedophiles" as homophobic ?
Yes, indeed, where could they have gotten the idea of links between the gay movement and people trying to mainstream paedophilia? Possibly from people like this guy:
[I have written] in favour of understanding and embracing despised minorities like gypsies and paedophiles...
That would be prominent gay rights activist and award-winning paedo-apologist journalist Johann Hari.

Clearly, that must have been the other Johann Hari.

The Cannibal State

Laban rightly points out the modern liberals have given up even hiding the fascist nature of their ideology. Still, there's something more going on.

Of course, there's the usual leftist humbuggery of claiming people have a right to force other people to hire them. Huh? But that piece of insanity is par for the course these days. Then there's the sheer absurdity - which even a lot of social conservatives miss - of claiming that organisations should be forced to hire people who violently and publicly object to their very existence. Hey, the Vegetarian Society isn't being forced to hire Bernard Matthews and Jeremy Clarkson's got no chance of getting voiceover work from Greenpeace, but those guys who parade through the town centre, dressed as nuns and sticking crucifixes up each other's backsides? Cruelly discriminated against (by being held to the same standard as any other potential employee).

Oh, and by the way, anyone know what proportion of employees at our publicly-funded universities 'wimmin's studies' departments are conservatives? Or, indeed, are there any conservatives at all?

But even that's not the whole thing. Liberal fascism demands that its enemies be ground to dust, the ground on which they stood salted and their works cleansed from history ... but here they are asking that the Catholic Church - aka the Worst Organisation Ever - give their insane cult members undeserved jobs and credibility. A-huh!

Forget all this talk of girrrl power and the pink pound. The defining feature of these freaks is parasitism. Their ideology may be, behind the half inch layer of touchy-feely drivel, driven entirely by hatred of western civilisation, but it's also entirely dependent on that civilisation, and more specifically those evil white males, continuing to support these worthless liberal dregs. Not only in the specific sense, that they need men (and evil corporations too!) to keep the lights on and the water flowing, but in the general sense that they require male taxpayers to keep their noses to the grind stone to keep the whole outhouse in orbit. Compare the breakdown of the sexes in the private and the public sectors to see who's really leeching off who. Ditto with the special people, some of whom in the more... enriched parts of the UK are finding out that mild social criticism may not be as bad as it gets, after all.

To the point, the only reason these spoilt brats are free to spend their lives raging about the horrors of western civilisation is precisely because the people they hate keep working themselves into an early grave trying to stave off the inevitable results of the left's insane ideology.

Hey, the Aztecs may have performed human sacrifices, but at least they didn't expect the victims to cut their own hearts out.