Thursday, November 24, 2011

'Loser' Is The Word

I'm in two minds about the MSM's born-again Davosceptics. It's great that they're finally managing to remove the kool aid IV from their rectum, but some of us ignorant chav scum got there years ago.

Equally, it's all second order stuff. Back in the day Cast Iron Dave's arrogance, paper thin skin and snobbery were all useful clues to how he would ultimately govern, but now he is PM, we don't need clues any more, we know exactly how he governs: badly.

Like I keep saying, The Dave's success was based on two myths: firstly, that he was an political genius and secondly, that he was a brilliant manager. Blowing a General Election in the middle of a recession scuppered the first one, and now his total incompetence is managing to kill off the second.

The Dave's whole appeal as a touchy-feely moderate was based on the idea that he could run a Labour government better than the Labour Party, and anyone who suggested that liberalism just doesn't work was clearly some kind of right-wing extremist who had no place in the modern conservative party.

Apparently, no one pointed out to The Dave that running as a technocrat sneering at the stoopid ideologues only works if you're more competent than a drunk five year with ADHD who hasn't slept for three days. As it is, Call Me Dave's whole reign has been like a giant experiment to disprove the old line about even blind pigs finding the odd truffle. At this point, talking about his control freakery, dubious land deals and five holidays a year counts as letting him off the hook. It's utter failure that's the outstanding feature of his time in office.

I think we can take a lesson from Ace of Spades blog, and it's running gag of referring to the Obamamessiah as SCoaMF - as in Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure. The Dave don't stutter, but he's more than made up for it with the rest of it, so why pretend he's anything other than a loser?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What James Murdoch Should Tell The Select Committee

I knew exactly as much about phone hacking as Theresa May knew about abandoning border controls, or John Prescott knew about blowing half a billion on a failed reorganisation of the Fire Service.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Theresa May, Or Possibly May Not

Who can tell, huh? It's always the little things that trip you up, like the defence of the realm.

Now Theresa is busy deploying the Reverse Nuremberg defence: whatever happened, they weren't following orders, plus the dog ate her briefing documents and she didn't know nuffink, guv.

It does raise an interesting philosophical question: which possibility is worse? Theresa May is too thick to work out that border security is important, or she just decided that there were higher priorities than stopping the Mad Bomber coming in?

Whatever the specifics though, this case has exposed the fault line in Cameronism. The Dave's whole selling point was that he wasn't some nasty old right-wing extremist, he was a cool, middle of the road unifier - once he'd finished purging all the conservatives out of his party anyway. In reality, Cameron's supposed reasonableness boiled down to the Tories taking all the face card jobs in Whitehall (oops - guess the coalition thing scuppered that) but leaving Labour appointees in place to get on with the job.

Whatever May did or did not do, in so far as it was a central part of Cameron's strategy not to clear out activist civil servants, he bears ultimate responsibility for the fact that liberals are free to continue to push liberal policies, even after Cameron's Cronies all got their keys to the Executive Washroom.