Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save The Queen's Head

Yep, it's a tricky dilemma all right. Speaking as a real conservative, and therefore someone who even in his resting state generates as much patriotism as 1.6 million David Camerons, I was tempted to watch the Royal Wedding, but then I remembered I'm not gay.

Besides, it has the same flaw as every other wedding: no matter how much you slice and dice it, you're still seeing a man descend into the bowels of Hell itself.

On the other hand, not watching sounds republican, which is a form of liberalism, and therefore may lead to being the kind of snivelling little weenie who's spent the last two weeks telling all and sundry how you're totally not going to watch the wedding, 'cause that's the kind of rebel tiger you are.

Yes, indeed: they're prepared to risk being seized by the Royalty Squad and arrested under the Compulsory Watching Act of 2011.

Spare us. Recent events have confirmed it is - literally - braver to sing karaoke than be a republican right now.

So what to do? There's only one answer find a place where it's on but there's no need to actually watch it. And on a sunny public holiday too. It's tough, but on the other hand if I drink Bombardier, I reckon I can get up to 2.6 million Camerons.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Great Post on the Kung Fu Kristalnacht

First up, Woman on a Raft summarises the precise legal basis for the police's action - or, more specifically, the complete absence of any basis.

So, a citizen was deprived of his liberty without the ghost of the shadow of the memory of a legal basis, and dear old Shami and the rest of the usual suspects on the left have either suddenly remembered an urgent dental appointment or they're actually telling us that he must have done something, otherwise he wouldn't have been arrested.

Still, if nothing else, here's a great line from Jim Treacher:
Oh, we see how it is, England. A black man can’t have a hit song?

Greatest Leader Ever (And This Time We Mean It)

OK, I'll grant that it's kind of tough to find anything useful to say about The Dave, but this is kind of desperate.

Yes, indeed: The Dave has had a personality transplant and now he's turned out to be exactly the guy the MSM told us he was in the first place. I take it this is also by way of admitting that all their reporting back then was garbage, right? Now he's turned over a new leaf and everything will will be different from hereon in.... and just in time for the elections coming up in two weeks too! What are the odds, hey?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karaoke Squad! Drop the Mike and Come Out With Your Hands Up

Police cutbacks: are they always a bad thing?

This is the important caveat that has to borne in mind when the police claim that electing Chief Constables would allow extreme extremists to be elected. There's always been a logical flaw in the idea of an extremist winning an election, but now they're just ramming home the point that for the police, the mainstream apparently flows through Hampstead.

Try this:
A Hampshire police spokesman last night said.... ‘If a victim believes that an alleged crime is racially aggravated, the police will treat it seriously. Investigations into this incident are continuing.’
First up: that's alleged victim, Comrade Officer. Second, in this era of 'me resources fell down the stairs, guv' policing, actual, real 'that'll need stitches' crimes are ignored all the time. They have chosen to pursue cases of malicious singing just as they have chosen not to pursue real crimes. Public servants who waste public money on fringe lunacy being subject to criticism is how it's meant to work. It's a feature not a bug.

On the plus side, that guy's just lucky it wasn't 'Rock the Kasbah'.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Left Goes Full Retard

Oops - looks like they forgot to dial down the crazy.

Never mind anything else, is Mr Llewellyn really the best person to be demanding people have proper 'Anglo-Saxon' names?

I guess we're just lucky it isn't anyone from UKIP appointing himself 'Non-Anglo Name Finder General' - otherwise we'd never hear the end of it. Which is kind of the point.

I'm a real conservative - unlike some David Camerons I could mention - so I all for free speech. What I object to is these guys being able to let their freak flag fly, then whip off the balaclava, put a suit on and have the MSM present them as disinterested seekers after truth and justice.

Monday, April 25, 2011

'Shut Up', Nick Clegg Explained.

Great though it always is to see Simon 'Straight Choice' Hughes coming out - as it were - for honest debate in politics, I'm thinking the Lib Dems latest meltdown might just point to a certain lack of self-awareness.

As I understand it, they're generously allowing folks to discuss AV, but only providing they discuss it in a way Lib Dems approve of.

Yep, they're all about The Democracy these guys. Not only is their position absurd from first principles, it's also a perfect metaphor for what's wrong with AV. We can discuss politics, but only providing we discuss it in approved ways, and we can vote, but only providing we have a voting system that guarantees the Lib Dems win seats no matter how many £9,000 fees they forget to mention before the last time they faced election.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Modern Life In A Nutshell

This story has everything!

The only thing I'm wondering is how they're going to find a white guy to blame it all on.

Quote of the Day

Andrew Breibart describes a common experience:
I just started to see trends in my personal experiences that ran so contrary to what the media narratives were. At first I was flummoxed by it and then I just started to listen to certain people on the radio who were more clear-thinking than the professors that I had in college.

I remember thinking when I was in college that a lot of these known Chomsky-like, verbose high lefty thinkers made absolutely no sense, but I thought that was my problem.
Liberalism's big ace in the hole is that they've managed to persuade people that if they can't make sense out of liberal ideology, that's just becuase their brain doesn't work properly. Equally, I'm thinking most conservatives have been through that one point in their life when they suddenly realise that, yes, liberalism is an incoherent mess of prejudice and degeneracy after all.

Actually, the whole interviews good - Breibart's big thing is that he realises that politics is just a subset of the wider culture war. We could do with a guy like him over here.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Satan's Representative on Earth Says Something Right

Still a scumbag though!

Hey, we're moving towards elected police chiefs - no thanks to 'sir' Al's Labour Party - so I guess we'll soon find out if the Great British Public want their money spent on real police officers, or on paying grandstanding berks in uniform to act like the Polly Toynbee of Solihull.


Thinking further about this, consider the contrast between this guy and the Cop Bloggers. Police Officers informing the public about how a public service goes about its business have to metaphorically write wearing dark glasses and a false beard, meanwhile this guy can denounce members of the public while hiding behind his badge and no one bats an eyelid. Is that the perfect example of the Nu Police's demented worldview or what?

Arise, Sir Geoffrey!

Hey, they've got to do something to get those
Yorkshire voters back!

If nothing else, that plus this means that at least we can retire the myth that the Nu Tories are savvy political operators. Of course, the whole 'blowing the election' thing kind of hinted at that too.

Also debunked: the myth that liberalism is a kinder, gentler ideology than nasty, old conservatism. For all their supposed extremism, you'd struggle to find a more blatant example of class hatred from any of those old timey Thatcherites. We're supposed to admire Dave's Drones for their bold denunciations of the last two Nazis in Britain, meanwhile they want to introduce exit visas for the lower orders.

True, this particular outbreak of liberal fascism does owe something to the particular pathology of Cameron and his fellow aristoprats, but as far as the wider issue goes, it's noticable that even the sob sisters at the Guardian can only quibble about the specifics of who should fall foul of the Department for Holiday Control.

Well, Cameronism turns out to be a mix of liberalism and snobbery, who didn't see that coming? Apart from the MSM obviously. They're still busy trying to work out why Cameron refuses to drain the swamp. Why would he when he holds pretty much the same opinions they do anyway?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Goldilocks Goes Fascist

Seems like only last week liberal artistocrats were whining and yammering about The Diversity!

Hang on... it was last week.

But a week's a long time in politics the completely non-partisan pursuit of truth and beauty, and so now they're shocked - shocked! - anyone could accuse them of being obsessed with The Diversity!

So for those of you keeping score at home, the Tories are bad for diverting money from the arts to dealing with real issues, but Queen Liz blowing the budget on hiring m'learned friends to harass journalists is just good sense.

But anyway, it turns out that the artistocrats pay neither too much or too little attention to diversity, they pay just the right amount, and you better believe it or else.

All of which shows why 'Respectable Conservatism' is such a waste of time. Last week liberals were sliming conservatives for not buying into their jibber-jabber about diversity, now they're attacking conservatives for calling their sliming what it is. In other words, if conservatives refuse to let liberals smear them as really huge raycists, then that proves they're even more raycist. There's literally no right answer.

As long as conservatives accept the right of liberals to set the terms of debate, there's no way to win. As it is, even a snooty uber-squelch like Letts has managed a more full throated condemnation of these liberal parasites than almost anyone in the Tory Party has managed for years.