Friday, April 08, 2011

Arise, Sir Geoffrey!

Hey, they've got to do something to get those
Yorkshire voters back!

If nothing else, that plus this means that at least we can retire the myth that the Nu Tories are savvy political operators. Of course, the whole 'blowing the election' thing kind of hinted at that too.

Also debunked: the myth that liberalism is a kinder, gentler ideology than nasty, old conservatism. For all their supposed extremism, you'd struggle to find a more blatant example of class hatred from any of those old timey Thatcherites. We're supposed to admire Dave's Drones for their bold denunciations of the last two Nazis in Britain, meanwhile they want to introduce exit visas for the lower orders.

True, this particular outbreak of liberal fascism does owe something to the particular pathology of Cameron and his fellow aristoprats, but as far as the wider issue goes, it's noticable that even the sob sisters at the Guardian can only quibble about the specifics of who should fall foul of the Department for Holiday Control.

Well, Cameronism turns out to be a mix of liberalism and snobbery, who didn't see that coming? Apart from the MSM obviously. They're still busy trying to work out why Cameron refuses to drain the swamp. Why would he when he holds pretty much the same opinions they do anyway?

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Rob said...

So, the current scorecard: libs want to ban cheap holidays to placate Gaia but not for people from Sheffield?