Monday, April 25, 2011

'Shut Up', Nick Clegg Explained.

Great though it always is to see Simon 'Straight Choice' Hughes coming out - as it were - for honest debate in politics, I'm thinking the Lib Dems latest meltdown might just point to a certain lack of self-awareness.

As I understand it, they're generously allowing folks to discuss AV, but only providing they discuss it in a way Lib Dems approve of.

Yep, they're all about The Democracy these guys. Not only is their position absurd from first principles, it's also a perfect metaphor for what's wrong with AV. We can discuss politics, but only providing we discuss it in approved ways, and we can vote, but only providing we have a voting system that guarantees the Lib Dems win seats no matter how many £9,000 fees they forget to mention before the last time they faced election.

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