Monday, April 04, 2011

Goldilocks Goes Fascist

Seems like only last week liberal artistocrats were whining and yammering about The Diversity!

Hang on... it was last week.

But a week's a long time in politics the completely non-partisan pursuit of truth and beauty, and so now they're shocked - shocked! - anyone could accuse them of being obsessed with The Diversity!

So for those of you keeping score at home, the Tories are bad for diverting money from the arts to dealing with real issues, but Queen Liz blowing the budget on hiring m'learned friends to harass journalists is just good sense.

But anyway, it turns out that the artistocrats pay neither too much or too little attention to diversity, they pay just the right amount, and you better believe it or else.

All of which shows why 'Respectable Conservatism' is such a waste of time. Last week liberals were sliming conservatives for not buying into their jibber-jabber about diversity, now they're attacking conservatives for calling their sliming what it is. In other words, if conservatives refuse to let liberals smear them as really huge raycists, then that proves they're even more raycist. There's literally no right answer.

As long as conservatives accept the right of liberals to set the terms of debate, there's no way to win. As it is, even a snooty uber-squelch like Letts has managed a more full throated condemnation of these liberal parasites than almost anyone in the Tory Party has managed for years.


JuliaM said...

The huge fuss over one side of the AV campaign (interests me so little, I can't be bothered to remember if it was the 'yes' or 'no' mob) using Benjamin Zephaniah on leaflets for the exciting, vibrant, diverse London population, while substituting Tony Robinson for the country folk, was very amusing...

Rob said...

I love the idea of punitive taxation on successful films to pay for the Peckham Marxist Contemporary Dance Collective. The luvvies get a kick in the balls and hit in the pocket, and best of all it is their idea!

If they deploy the sensible argument that it will drive the Britidh film industry abroad, then that's good too.

Anonymous said...

Rob, if they do deploy that argument, the flight of talent, then isn't that a declaration that they don't support collectivism. That they want the benefit of everyone elses tax money, so long as they aren't called upon to chip in their fair share when they hit box-office gold.

As I recall, in the days when the Wilson government taxed the rich at up to 90%, the arty farty brigade were the first ones to leave the country to dodge the taxes.