Thursday, January 26, 2012

Empty Suit Makes Empty Gesture

Inspired by The Dave's trip into the belly of the beast to ask all forty-something nations involved in the European Court of Human Rights racket to agree with his plan to make it less awful, I'm going on a trip to Scunthorpe to demand someone gives me a solid gold Ferrari full of diamonds.

Some might say my plan is a barely coherent fanatsy, but if it doesn't work I'll quit and go home, which at least makes more sense than The Dave's threat that if he doesn't get his way, he will ask them again.

Monday, January 23, 2012

About That Political Genius Thing...

IDS launches the long-overdue drive for a benefit cap and the Maximum Leader is nowhere to be seen. What are the odds, huh?

Call me cynical, but I can't help thinking that this policy was meant as a piece of red meat to be thrown to the idiots (i.e. actual conservatives) before being reluctantly abandoned after 48 hours but, shockingly, it turns out that there really is a huge chunk of the public who object to paying taxes to give people more in welfare than they earn themselves.

They'll be saying the Mail outsells the Guardian next.

See, that's the penalty of basing your policy platform on appealing to a tiny slither of North London. You really do start to think that an income equivalent to £34K gross is the equivalent of Dickensian poverty.

Meanwhile, that creaking sound is one of the central pillars of the left's platform collapsing into dust. They've spent years telling everyone that the Tories are heartless. Now they've got to explain that by 'heartless' they mean 'opposed to taxing people with jobs so they can give some other people more for watching TV than most of the country earns working full time'. Virtually single-handedly IDS has exposed the bogus nature of the poverty industry.

Mind you, Daveism isn't looking much better. The whole essence of Cameroonacy was the idea of going along to get along. Nasty old ideology was thrown overboard, in favour of squelchy, right of left of right of centre consensus. Now IDS have gone ahead with some red meat conservatism and the left has had to hide behind a bunch of unelected men in frocks (who incidentally pay some of their employees far less than £34K).

On the plus side, I guess the left will have to put a hold on its ranting about faith schools for a month or so.

As ever though, when the subject of the Greatest Political Genius In History is raised, you have to ask: what definition of 'genius' are we using here?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fort Apache: Salford

Now is this not the perfect metaphor for modern liberalism ? Britain's state broadcaster shifts some facilities from one part of Britain to another part of Britain, but let's not go crazy and expect them to start rubbing shoulders with the locals.

Hey, some of these people have never even heard of hummus.

Personally, I could almost live with the BBC making like Stanley Baker in Zulu, if only we didn't have to listen to their endless jibber jabber about diversity. Their staff roster looks like the United Colours of Liberalism, but they'd rather drink the local water than risk hiring someone who may once have gone to see a non-Premiership football match.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Rich Aren't Enriched

Who'd have thunk it? The Celebutrash have abandoned our nation's vibrant capital for the boringly monochorme countryside. What can it all mean?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If Ed Miliband Was Smart....

... he wouldn't be a liberal, would he?

Nevertheless, ignoring that fundamental rule of the universe, if Miliband was smart, then he'd realise he has a tailor-made opportunity to 'detoxify his brand' - as Satan's Representative in No 10 would no doubt put it - simply by throwing scum like this under the bus.

Nothing sums up the demented nature of the modern left better than a soi-dissant socialist party that supports taxing janitors in Leeds to give money to millionaire luvvies in London, so they can make films about how folk in Yorkshire are ignorant bigots.