Monday, September 25, 2023

Dixon Shrugged

Say, did I miss anything? 

Last time I checked Sunak was an empty suit and Starmer was a slippery weasel sooo....guess not. 

In fact, so useless are our political class that even people on the Government's payroll are  checking out. 

Reminder: 90% of the left's stupid ideas rely on them convincing their intended victims to allow themselves to be preyed on. Once actual sane people tell them to shove it, it all goes horribly wrong. 

It's a true mask off moment though. Apparently the ones who handed back their 'ticket' have been threatened with being deployed on Response teams i.e. patrolling around responding to emergency calls. 

In other words, policing.

That's it. That's how senior police officers think about actual policing: Siberia with junkies. 

And then there's the charming 'community':
The fatal shooting, which sparked mass protests from the black community including from British rapper Stormzy, led to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) launching a murder investigation. 
Say, I wonder when someone in the MSM is going to ask Stormzy and his pals about the Nottingham Horror? 

Personally, I'm going with  'never' - unlike Mr Plod MSM journalists only shoot blanks these days. They'll probably hit Stormzy with a tough curve-ball like 'is it hard to be so awesome and yet so wonderful at the same time'? 

Ditto, legal leftists. If you threw a bucket of water over them at 4 AM they'd jerk awake sermonising about muh sacred legal process. Now it turns out that 'Independent Prosecutors' are only independent right up until Burn Loot Murder start doing what they do best, but the right is required to pretend not to notice there's a large elephant in the room and it's sitting right on top of the CPS. 

Hence why the Usual Suspects are outrageously outraged at Suella Braverman coming out in support of the police. Just like Stormzy and his pals, leftists want to be free to attack the right, but they're outraged that anyone fights back.