Monday, August 31, 2009

They're Killing The People The British Just Won't Kill

I can't help thinking that in so far as liberals keep telling us that 'open borders' is a myth, wouldn't screening out murderous lunatics be pretty much a basic requirement for a functioning immigration system?

They Won't Respect You In The Morning

Heh. The Tories just got through with their latest attempt at Pink grovelling outreach and it's all gone horribly wrong. The members failed to show enough dhimmitude to troughing weasel Alan Duncan and that proves they're worse than Hitler. Or even the Pope.

Who'd have thunk it, hey?

It's noticeable that not one of his defenders can actually come up a positive argument in his favour. The bottom line - as it were - is that Duncan is a sleaze, a low-life and an arrogant weasel and the Pink Wedge has just outed itself. They're not fighting for 'equality', they're fighting for the right to behave like pigs with impunity.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Well, They Didn't Say What Year These Three Months Were In, Did They?

Two interesting links from Ace: first up, it appears more and more likely that the doctor who claimed Lockerbie bomber Megrahi was, like, totally dying was actually just Gaddafi in a white coat (of course, American condemnation of Britain for being soft on terror is hard to swallow when even the harshest critics of Spongeted seemed to think his support for the IRA wasn't worthy of comment).

Then again, it turns out we on the right are all nuts anyway. Again. I haven't checked the rules yet, but I'm betting if you don't agree, that means you hate science.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

£100 Billion p.a. Organisation Fails To Kill Everyone

Unbiased as ever, the BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show opened with this item:
The Patients Association has uncovered "appalling" cases of poor hospital care. But did you want to sing the praises of the NHS after your operation?
Yes, with only £100 billion a year and 1.3 million staff, the NHS manages to treat the odd person successfully. I take it all back! It's a finely-honed machine!

Now for Stage 2: counting up all those times when the BBC has reported on cases of alleged police brutality by asking people to 'sing the praises' of their local police.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great Line

Via Chairman Ann, there's this:
How I calculated WHEN to attack TK: Multiplied time he spent trying 2 save MJKs life & to be safe multiplied it by billion. But still got 0.

Pre-Rebuttal Rebuttal

Glad to see the Blogopshere is rising to the challenge and facing down the MSM's wall of noise over the death of the Jacques Cousteau of Boston.

Needless to say, liberals - the people who gave us the post 9-11 Question Time - will doubtless be shocked! by people showing such disrespect for a departed political Titanic... err, Titan. Mocking the dead? How low can you go? Depends on how deep the water is, obviously.

Still, just in case there really are any mythical moderates out there tempted to buy into the left's line that, hey, Chappaquiddick was all a long time ago, he paid a price and we should all 'move on', it worth stating two things: no, The Swimmer didn't pay a price, he weaved away scot free despite despicable conduct, as outlined here and here, and as for 'moving on', all that need be said is that the Senator for Atlantis was the proud owner of a Portuguese Water Dog called 'Splash'. All things considered, he couldn't have been more shameless if he'd hired O J Simpson to track down the 'real driver'.


Of course, Spongeted's role as Captain of the USS Oldsmobile shouldn't be allowed to obscure his open support for terrorism, the sexual assaults, the open borders lunacy, the offers to work with the Kremlin to undermine President Reagan, the cheating on exams, the poisoning of political debate, the nepotism and so much else....

Midlanders of No Appearance

Yep, they want to leave town to escape the crowded motorways. Of course.

Today's Non-Mainstreaming Story

Like the man says, this case is beyond satire. Still, three things bear repeating.

Firstly, we have another entry for the 'Tory cuts' file. The left keeps telling uas that any cutbacks in government spending means people dying in the streets, then we find that the taxpayer is stumping up for aphrodisiacs for perverts.

Second, there's this from probation service spokesman John McAngus:
We could not and would not restrict the use of prescription medication, be it Viagra or anything else. What we do is our utmost to help sex offenders address their offending behaviour.
Hmmmm.... so absent 'offending behavior' - I think he means child molestation - what would be the other use for Viagra?

I'm kind of getting a mixed message here. We told parents shouldn't worry about known perverts walking the streets because they're closely monitored by Brer John and pals, but now it turns out an unrepentant predator has been stockpiling powerful aphrodisiacs and that's just yawnerooney.

All of which brings me onto my final point: this is a perfect example of liberal projection. You can't open the paper without seeing some hipster douche whining about so-called 'paedo panic'. Well, here we have one of the poor, suffering nonces and it turns out he's not only been allowed to offend again and again, public servants are all but acting as his accomplices. Or, to put it another way, everything the right said was, well, right. Meanwhile, the hipsters are whining about non-existant atrocities committed against paediatricians. Just who's peddling hysteria and myths here?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lockerbie: The Rosetta Stone Of Liberalism

If nothing else, the release of the Lockerbie bomber has neatly undercut all that liberal whining about 'judicial independence'. They claim to oppose mandatory minimum sentences because they think only the judge should determine the tariff, but now a politician has chosen to set a scumbag free - sans any kind of public debate - that's completely different.

Then there's the whole 'tiny minority' thing. In so far as the guy who murdered 270 people was given a hero's welcome in Libya, this would seem to bring into question the whole 'Religion of Peace' thing.

Then again, if you want to talk about diseased political cultures, we have one closer to hand. Hey, like I keep saying, Celtic separatists give us real nationalistic bigots a bad name. There's nothing to redeem the SNP here. Not even the most bonkers calculus can show how this was in Scotland's interest. Nope, they released Megrahi for no better reason than to demonstrate contempt for civilisation in general and the UK in particular. That would be a ludicrous basis for any policy, but when it leads to releasing the mad bomber, you start to wonder if Hadrian had the right idea after all.

To the point: could leftists stop babbling about the dangers of English nationalists, at least until some English people start calling for murderous savages to be set free just to stick two fingers up to Scotland?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Culture War: Atlas Drugged!

At first glance, 'Fight Club' is not an obviously conservative movie. After all, isn't the source novel the type of thing Sir Elton would read, if only it wasn't just too camp? And isn't there an underlying nihilism to the whole thing?

Well, yes and no: yes the original novel is kind of gay, but no, for once Hollywood can truthfully claim to be describing a lifestyle not advocating it. The characters in 'Fight Club' are disengaged from life, but the movie sees this as a bug not a feature, the natural outgrowth of a society that's lost its soul.

That's where the movie is genuinely bold. It's prepared to say that something has gone very wrong with modern society. So much of Hollywood's output - so much of liberalism - accepts that social progress is always forward, with the Fifties as the Worst Decade Evah!, the Seventies as better, but still awful, and right now as the peak of societal evolution - and anyone who objects clearly wants to lynch women, put blacks in the closet and chain gays to the kitchen sink.

Sure, 'Fight Club' takes shots at consumerism, big business and the like - not stuff conservatives ever go all misty-eyed about anyway - but it's a lot deeper than that. Consider Ed Norton's nameless protagonist. Here's a guy employed as a technical expert for a big car company. Fifty years ago he'd be a success, now he's a loser. Hence the attraction of Brad Pitt's Tyler Durdan, a John Galt figure who encourages Norton's salaryman to shake off the demands of a society that despises him.

Of course, it's all played for laughs, but at least it's asking the big questions: what loyalty does the beta male owe to a society that hates him? What does it mean to be a success today? How can traditional morality survive when the social contract has broken down? If nothing else, the film deserves credit for pointing out just how warped modern life is.

Culture War: Cruelty To Dictators Edition

Two things were inevitable following Stallone's successful resurrection of the 'Rocky' franchise. One was that we'd be seeing a new 'Rambo' movie, and the second was that liberals would denounce it as the Worst Film Evah!

After all, liberals have successfully cast the first three movies as the epitome of Reagan-era excess, despite a first film that's a perfect slice of Carter-era angst, and even the supposedly jingoistic second and third movies both being predicated on the idea that the troops can't trust Uncle Sam.

Liberals opened their campaign by claiming that the movie unfairly demonised the Burmese government right up until... well, you know.

Fortunately, liberals are unhindered by a sense of embarrassment so they were quickly able to 'draw a line under' that episode and move onto their next talking point: the movie was just too violent.

True, Spielberg was hailed as a genius for featuring graphic violence in 'Saving Private Ryan', but that was then and this was now.

Actually, the humbug runs deeper. Unlike Spielberg, the violence has an actual point. In a world where seemingly everything is a human right, the violence in 'Rambo' serves to remind us that there are parts of the world where 'oppression' doesn't mean 'not getting a government grant to make sculptures out of horse manure' and the battle for freedom involves more than street theatre.

Or, to put it another way, there's this exchange between Rambo and a representative of a humanitarian group near the beginning of the film:
Burnett: Let me explain our situation - our church is part of a Pan-Asian ministry, located in Colorado. We are all volunteers, who around this time of year bring in medical supplies, medical attention, prayer books, and support to the Karen tribes people. People say you know the river better than anyone.

Rambo: They ain't lying.

Burnett: So what I'm asking is that we compensate you for a few hours of your time that will help change people's lives.

Rambo: Are you bringing any weapons?

Burnett: Of course not.

Rambo: You're not changing anything.
Of course, it would be tempting to dismiss all this as more Hollyweird Christian bashing, but two things soon become obvious: these are the type of Christians who don't actually do any of that religion stuff, and their smug, ostentatious moral preeening that makes them sound like nothing so much as....Hollyweird liberals.

Needless to say, it all goes horribly wrong, and so we meet that most libertarian of libertarian archetypes: the mercenary. A team of them are sent up river led by Lewis, a guy described as 'old school SAS' - and you can tell he's a genuine libertarian 'cause every ***** second ****** word is a ******* obscenity.

They quickly deduce that the loonies have been captured and the area is thick with Burmese troops, and so it's time to go home and count their money, until Rambo comes up with the movie's other key line:
There isn't one of us that doesn't want to be someplace else. But this is what we do, who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something. Your call.
Exactly. Be as libertarian as you want, but you're still going to die. The only question is whether you're going to risk being a sucker, a dupe or a pawn, and do something with your life, or waste it away on sneery, eye-rolling, congratulating yourself on how superior you are to all those 'sheeple' (who actually make stuff happen).

Actually, the movie goes further, drawing parallels between liberalism and libertarianism, for example flagging up the narcissism that underlies both ideologies. But here's the thing: this is not some conservative version of 'American Beauty'. There are no caricatures here. Burnett is a genuinely skilled and compassionate doctor, Lewis is ferociously brave. Stallone isn't saying that these people are necessarily evil, he's saying that their extremism is the problem - they have a role to play, but it needs to be balanced by other people doing their bit. Think Gary's speech at the end of Team America.

To the point: 'Rambo' nails what's wrong with both liberalism and libertarianism - they demand all manner of ends while pronouncing any practical means of achieving them to be evil and/or stupid. All this and lots of guns too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Culture War: Charlton!

The Omega Man opens with Charlton Heston - see, it sounds great already - driving his convertible through the streets, clad in a safari suit and with tunes playing on his 8-track - the epitome of 70s cool. It's takes a few seconds to realise that the streets are kind of trashy, even for LA, then a few seconds more to realise that they're also kind of empty... Say, you don't think a Sino-Russian border conflict has spiralled into global biological warfare, resulting in the extermination of humanity, do you?

Funnily enough: yes.

Yep, Charlton Heston is the last man on Earth, and the bad news is he's not alone. A weirdo clan of deranged, albino plague victims emerge at night and lay siege to Charlton's pad, while he hunts them down by day, in a movie so conservative, mere contact with the DVD causes liberals to spontaneously combust.

Take Heston's character: he's Colonel Robert Neville, an unapologetic military man who always dresses for dinner on a Sunday. Meanwhile, the deranged plague victims, known as 'The Family', are led by a former MSM news anchor who preaches the dangers of technology and condemns Neville as the 'last of the scientist, bankers, businessmen and users of the wheel' - so apart from the hideous appearance he's just your typical Lib Dem.... wait, that's exactly like your typical Lib Dem.

Of course, in so far as these freaks reject technology, they're kind of at a disadvantage when dealing with a user of the trigger like Neville. Contenting themselves with bombarding his apartment building with giant catapults and attacking him with axes, petrol bombs and even bare hands, making up for what they lack in weapons with numbers and homicidal insanity (geeks: think the castle cultists in Resident Evil 4). Meanwhile, Neville fights back with courage, cunning and lots of guns.

The first act is brilliant, but if the story starts to drift afterwards, the conservatism cranks up a notch when Neville falls in with a group of fellow humans, all slowly succumbing to the virus. What to do? Well, as it happens, Neville has been vaccinated against the virus and his blood could yet save them. So not only are firearms useful when repelling liberals but science can yet save the day. At which point you're wondering if the script writers were competing to see who could annoy the left the most.

Fortunately, as Neville is also a top scientist, he manages to purify enough blood to save a young black kid from the brink of joining the plague-infested weirdoes. At which point Junior decides to sneak off to The Family's lair - in a court house -and pass on the good news: he's been saved, and so they can they be. Oops - as our MSM guy explains from the judges' bench, they're not victims, they're quite happy being liberals mutant weirdoes, and furthermore as a non-freak, he deserves to die - and so another black kid is sacrificed to goofy liberal values.

Anything else? Well, how about Charlton Heston - the guy Michael Moore got a Oscar for smearing as a racist - taking part in the silver screen's first mainstream inter-racial sex scene? Or The Family's even more bonkers Number 2 being an ex-black power dude? Or that the longer the film goes on, the more explicit the Christian overtones? Or the fact that - in a break from Hollywood tradition - the film is based on Richard Matheson's filthy, sleazy, disgusting, nihilistic book 'I Am Legend', yet inverts the meaning 180? Or just the plain respect for the utility of violence and the refusal to enter into slippery '28 Days Later' moral equivalence imbecility?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

If Only We'd Got The Airline Food To Them In Time...

Hey, I'm assuming airline food could have stopped this. After all, the whole basis of 'open borders' is that these freaks will be model New Brit citizens by the time they reach Heathrow, so I guess some pretty powerful mojo must be happening on board those planes.

Let's Check I've Got This Right....

When thousands of violent headcases ,who openly support murderous ideologies, descend on a city - or even The City - boasting about how they're going to close down it down, and go on to wreak a branch of RBS, that's no reason for the Filth to treat them as anything less than pillars of the community, albeit with a tiny minority of criminals in their ranks.

On the other hand, when one of the aforementioned lunatics - someone who believes that terrorism is a perfectly valid form of protest, and large swathes of the population should lose their breathing privileges - claims she might have had a miscarriage (with no supporting evidence whatsoever)... why, siree, that raises all sorts of questions.

Say, it's a mystery why the crime rate round here is so high.

Most Important Operation Evah! Vs Medics Of No Appearance

Yep, it's a mystery alright: a lot of young doctors aren't down with abortion. Gosh, it's almost as if the profession is filling up with folks who don't recognise the imperatives of hipster life.

No wonder these people are cracking up under the strain:
[Chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service Ann Furedi said] Abortion is an absolutely essential, life-saving part of medical care - it may not be the most glamorous medical speciality on the face of it, compared to stem cell research or - but it is seen as heroic work by the women that it helps.

The BBC: Diverse!

Am I the only person who thinks it's hilarious that the BBC's Chief Diversity Inquisitor turns out to be the brother of a Guardian columnist? Imagine that:
'Diversity! Diversity! Diversity'

'What you mean we should hire Cousin Bob too'?
Apparently, 'diversity' is another of those words that doesn't mean what you'd think it means.

Of course, the real give-away is that Pat Younge - and hey, couldn't his job be done by a lesbian - not only feels comfortable advocating overtly racists selection criteria at the BBC, but that there's no one in the whole organisation that thinks this goofy scheme is worthy of comment.