Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today's Non-Mainstreaming Story

Like the man says, this case is beyond satire. Still, three things bear repeating.

Firstly, we have another entry for the 'Tory cuts' file. The left keeps telling uas that any cutbacks in government spending means people dying in the streets, then we find that the taxpayer is stumping up for aphrodisiacs for perverts.

Second, there's this from probation service spokesman John McAngus:
We could not and would not restrict the use of prescription medication, be it Viagra or anything else. What we do is our utmost to help sex offenders address their offending behaviour.
Hmmmm.... so absent 'offending behavior' - I think he means child molestation - what would be the other use for Viagra?

I'm kind of getting a mixed message here. We told parents shouldn't worry about known perverts walking the streets because they're closely monitored by Brer John and pals, but now it turns out an unrepentant predator has been stockpiling powerful aphrodisiacs and that's just yawnerooney.

All of which brings me onto my final point: this is a perfect example of liberal projection. You can't open the paper without seeing some hipster douche whining about so-called 'paedo panic'. Well, here we have one of the poor, suffering nonces and it turns out he's not only been allowed to offend again and again, public servants are all but acting as his accomplices. Or, to put it another way, everything the right said was, well, right. Meanwhile, the hipsters are whining about non-existant atrocities committed against paediatricians. Just who's peddling hysteria and myths here?

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