Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pre-Rebuttal Rebuttal

Glad to see the Blogopshere is rising to the challenge and facing down the MSM's wall of noise over the death of the Jacques Cousteau of Boston.

Needless to say, liberals - the people who gave us the post 9-11 Question Time - will doubtless be shocked! by people showing such disrespect for a departed political Titanic... err, Titan. Mocking the dead? How low can you go? Depends on how deep the water is, obviously.

Still, just in case there really are any mythical moderates out there tempted to buy into the left's line that, hey, Chappaquiddick was all a long time ago, he paid a price and we should all 'move on', it worth stating two things: no, The Swimmer didn't pay a price, he weaved away scot free despite despicable conduct, as outlined here and here, and as for 'moving on', all that need be said is that the Senator for Atlantis was the proud owner of a Portuguese Water Dog called 'Splash'. All things considered, he couldn't have been more shameless if he'd hired O J Simpson to track down the 'real driver'.


Of course, Spongeted's role as Captain of the USS Oldsmobile shouldn't be allowed to obscure his open support for terrorism, the sexual assaults, the open borders lunacy, the offers to work with the Kremlin to undermine President Reagan, the cheating on exams, the poisoning of political debate, the nepotism and so much else....

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