Monday, May 28, 2018

Princess Leia > Princess MeAgain

It's not all bad news! At least now we have an actual SJW Princess no one can deny the true nature of Social Justice Warriors. She's a princess, but then they're *all* princesses. They're pampered brats sneering at the lower orders for their crude ways. Back in the day, these people sneered at folks who didn't know what knife to use, now they sneer at people who don't know the correct term for a transsexual sex worker from Bangkok. Either way, it's all about the supposedly enlightened, and definitely privileged, mocking the unenlightened masses.

As Aussie writer Tim Blair said about Michale Moore, they're not standing up for the little guy, they're standing up *to* the little guy.

 For further evidence, consider that Social Justice Warriors have now decided to throw their hand in with the perfect example of a Bad Corporation. Hey, has anyone noticed that the US extends copyright law every time Mickey Mouse gets close to going out of copyright? Better question: has anyone not noticed? It turns out that having Congress acting as a fluffer for a big corporation is exactly what 'sticking it to the man' means.

 Unfortunately, back in Realville, it turns out that calling everyone in the world 'Nazis' turns out to be no way to get them through the door. Apparently, people who go to 'Star Wars' movies want to see a 'Star Wars' movie not an SJW nightmare where familiar characters wander in just long enough to hand off the story to empowered super girrls.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Prince And The Ho Girl

Just to clarify for anyone who misheard it the first time, Prince Harry has been made Duke of Sussex, not Duke of Cuckex.

Meanwhile, it turns out that even the supposedly devil may care rebels at Paddy Power aren't taking bets on how long it will all last...although that might not be down to lack of courage so much as lack of anyone stupid enough to bet on it going north of seven years. But this is about much more than another case of our alleged elite assuring us that there are no such things as 'icebergs' while sane people quietly make their way to the lifeboats.

Most political issues are fairly remote from daily life, but this fiasco gets right to the heart of modern culture. Take note of how all the alleged experts agree that Harry is the very model of the modern man. Never mind that sooner or later they will retcon him into the Worst Husband Ever, right now he's the pin up boy for the Guy Doing The Right Thing - and he's doomed.

Of course, it's not all bad news: some people serve as examples to inspire all who come after them, while others serve as cautionary tales. His Grace, the Duke of Cuckex, is firmly in group two but at least there's no room for ambiguity here. This is going to be a train wreck of epic proportions and that being so, soon no one will be able to avoid the elephant in the room.

Some people use a matrix analogy, and talk of blue pills and red pills. They mean in the sense of choosing between the blue pill, aka the comforting lies of modern culture, and the red pill as the brutal truths of modern life. It's a bit like, say, the choice between believing that you can have a successful relationship with an aging slapper who has successively ditched her family, her friends, her husband and even one of her dogs (her dog!), and realizing that, as the philosopher Louis D'Cris once said, you can't turn a ho into a housewife.

To the point, if there's any truth in the pretty lies of our feminized PC culture, then a war hero, nice guy and bona fide *prince* surely ought to be able to have a successful marriage.

There aren't, so he's screwed, and not in a good way.

That's not to say that you need to necessarily present Junior with all three of Rollo Tomassi's books on his thirteenth birthday, but we have to acknowledge that sending out young boys into our toxic culture without at least a basic understanding of red pill principles is a form of child abuse. If nothing else, they need to know enough to avoid women with more red flags than Anfield on match day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Quote Of The Day: Talented Footballer Edition

Douglas Murray with THE perfect summation of the, errr,.....  London situation.
Everyone in New York asks about the knife crime in London. I tell them it won’t be sorted out because we’ve already decided what the causes can’t be.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Everything Is Racisss....

An important philosophical question: if a tree falls over in a forest and there are no white guys around, is it still their fault?

Answer: shut up, you racist! 

Hence, this:
It came as the mother of an aspiring rapper gunned down at the weekend marched to the area occupied by her son's rival gang after a crisis meeting with Mr Khan...

Rhyhiem's mother blamed the police for her son's murder - saying they failed to protect him.
As usual, 'aspiring rapper' does not, in fact, mean a guy who sits at his desk for hours trying to find new words to rhyme with 'ho':
The teenager, who was the 62nd victim to be killed in the capital so far this year, is said to have been a member of the Moscow17 crew from Kennington who are involved in a violent feud with rivals Zone2 from nearby Peckham which has escalated through various YouTube videos.

Last year he appeared alongside Tim Westwood in a YouTube rap video where he was seen wearing a balaclava and a hoodie, waving a spliff around as he spoke about 'splashing' rivals - slang for stabbing someone repeatedly until they pour with blood - and bragged his crew is 'known for capping' its enemies which means shooting someone.
Shades of Theodore Dalrymple's line that as a prison doctor he often met people who claimed to have fallen in with the wrong crowd, but never met any member of the wrong crowd itself.

Also, I going to go out on a limb here, but I'm guessing 'the father was not available for comment'. 

Doubtless, next time the BBC interviews Sadiq Khan't they will ask him to distance himself from this loon, just like they would if Nigel Farage met with someone pushing crazy conspiracy theories about the Manchester bombing... right?

The thing is that Hoody McDead's Godmother makes an actually arguable point:
Yesterday his godmother Lacey Main called for YouTube to take responsibility in a packed public meeting on knife crime attended by local Labour MPs Harriet Hartman and Neil Coyle, along with Tottenham MP David Lammy and Sophie Linden, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

She said: 'Why do they put the music on YouTube? Take it out. You have the authority, all of you sitting down there. Every time they put a video up - shut it down....

All the police know the gangs, they know about these videos, boasting and challenging each other and they know what they lead to...

'I have been telling police about this for three years but they do not work with YouTube, Snapchat, any of them. No one takes responsibility and there is blood in the streets.
Personally, I'm a free speech maximalist, but I'm thinking YouTube should be at least as hostile to homicidal morons as it is to, say, conservative videos.

I'm also pretty sure gang warfare predates the Internet - despite what the MSM would have you believe - and that having thugs out themselves online is not necessarily a bad thing for law enforcement. They probably get some good intelligence from it.

Come to think of it, I'm baffled leftists haven't worked out a way to try and screw this up.


No, spoke too soon:

A generation of young people are being criminalised by a racist and illegal police database, it was claimed yesterday.

Campaigners accused forces of 'stigmatising' young black men with no history of violence or criminal convictions, sometimes on the strength of their social media posts.
It's a mystery why police would be interested in people boasting about committing serious crimes...
Amnesty International said officers are amassing swathes of data about often innocent teenagers that can destroy their life chances. 
As opposed to being hacked to death, which has no impact whatsoever.   
Kate Allen, of Amnesty International, called on regulators to act. 

'This police data sweeps up a much wider group of people than those involved in serious offending,' she said.
Police must be given the powers they need to do their job but they must do it in a way that does not discriminate against people because of the colour of their skin or how they express their identity.
Well, that much is true, except I can't actually find any evidence of Amnesia Intentional protesting about stuff like this.

Or this.

Or even this. 

Boasting about killing people is one thing, but a clear statement of Christian principles is going too far.