Wednesday, May 02, 2018

And That's Why It's Called 'The Cucktator'...

The Spectator with a scorchingly hot take on why Britain's governing party can't get traction in our nation's capital:
London shows what happens to the Tories when [redacted] become a minority
Can you guess what the missing word is? 

Obviously, it's 'homeowners'. That's literally the one thing everyone mentions about modern London: very few homeowners there. Hence all those acid attacks and stabbings: renting makes people cranky.

And, yes, he really does it mean it:
Red London is a preview for the Tories of what happens when enough homes aren’t built.
Yep, that's why there's pressure on housing in London. Not enough supply, that's literally the only reason.

Well, anyway, it's the only reason you're allowed to mention and still get invites to classy dinner parties.

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JuliaM said...

"May’s own position is also stronger than it was in January thanks to her handling of the Salisbury attack."

Wait, what..?

What the hell are they smoking at the Speccie these days?