Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Courage Under No Fire Whatsoever

Good news everyone! We've finally found a way to stop leftists hijacking the (formerly) Beautiful Game to push their stupid talking points: 
Senior executives reportedly fear doing so could be 'divisive' and don't want to be seen to be taking sides in the Middle East conflict.
Yep, 'divisive'. Some say cutting the heads off babies is wrong, some say it's a good thing and, honestly, both sides make good arguments. 

Note that they had no problem previously pandering to the feminazis and the gaystapo. 

Never mind asking whether or not there's anything divisive about their individually loony agendas, the FA should see what happens when they get them both together to talk about the whole Transformers thing. 

I may be going out on a limb here but I'm pretty sure the whole scenario where Stevo is playing for a National League side, then changes his name to Chantelle and walks into a Woman's Super League team - let's just say that this may not be entirely controversy free. 

Then consider the flip side of all this. Sports journalists have spent years telling just how plain heroic people like Raheem Sterling are for complaining constantly about racism. We've been assured that multi-millionaire celebrities with huge endorsement deals are courageous for denouncing supposed white supremacy.

Anyone who asks what exactly prats like Sterling are risking is clearly racist. Ditto, anyone pointing out that the MSM's ranting about the supposedly bigoted nature of football fans looks mightily like class hatred hidden behind PC posturing. But now we've got an issue that takes actual courage to speak out about and suddenly..... 

Nope, Sterling hasn't gone missing this fast since the last time he played in the Champions League.